3 Easy Teacher’s Day Card Ideas to Make at Home

Everyone gets excited every time for teachers’ day. Just like every year, every student celebrates Teachers’ day by wishing, treating, gifting, and mainly saying thank you to their beloved teachers. A thank you card or Greeting card for your teacher is a great way to wish them their day and if you are here to learn to make teachers’ day cards then here are some easy Teacher’s day card ideas to make at home.

Today in this article, we are going to list some beautiful homemade teacher’s day cards that are very easy to make. As a beginner, you can really try making these cards to let them know how much you love them.

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Tips: Try to make these cards with newspaper or rough paper, when you perfect it, you can try different color paper. You can also take art paper and use your own drawing to decorate it.


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How to Celebrate Teachers’ Day

Best Teachers’ Day drawing for kids

Easy Teacher’s Day Card Ideas to Make at home

Homemade Teachers day card or Thank you card for teacher’s day. Whatever you call it, you will need some materials to make one. We will show you some thank you card designs for teachers’ day and also give you some intel about how can you make these cards easily at home.

3 Best Homemade Thank you cards

1. Make this easy and beautiful card for Teachers-

This teacher’s day card photo you are watching is very unique and easy to make. All we need to make this thank you card at home is 3 different color of paper.

1. Make this easy and beautiful card for teachers day at home-

So, if you like this card then here is how you can make this card at home-

First, take 2 different colored papers and cut two same sizes circles out from one single color paper. There should be 4 circles.

Now place one on top of the other. After you have done it. Simply fix the bottom side with glue and let the top side open.

Take another white paper that should go in the envelope. Now take the white paper and glue it into the envelope. This is where you are going to write your message to your teacher.

The card is almost complete.

Now for the band, first we are going to make a flower bow. To make one, simply take one ribbon and shape it like a bow tie and glue it well.

Now take another ribbon and attach the flower bow with a glow. Now, this round belt is going to close and open the envelope.

So, this is how you can make a thank you card for your teacher’s day very easily. Also, you can follow this video as a reference guide to make perfect teacher’s day card ideas at home easily.

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2. Blue Pink Teacher’s day card with flowers:

This one is another simple to make a teacher’s day card. To make this card, you will need 3 different color cards. This is not an envelope or anything. The Simple idea is to write a message on paper and decorate it well.

Blue Pink teachers day card with flowers

Follow these steps to make this homemade Teachers day card easily-

First, take the pink paper and cut it into a square size. Whatever shape is right for you.

Now take another blue paper and take the same shape cut. Now, cut the blue paper in half and rotate the edges like it shown in the image. Also, glue them well on the pink paper as soon as you make the shape.

Now the card is almost ready.

To make a flower that goes on the top of the card, cut a flower shape of paper and glue it on the top. Now, it is the turn for the marvel balls. Take and fix them with glue on the paper just like in the photo.

Now you can write your message on the blank side of the card. It is a very easy and simple style but a very attractive teacher’s day card idea to make at home.

Please take this video guide if you need more details on making this card.

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3. Teacher’s day card-making idea for beginners:

This one is just another very easy-to-make and cute-looking Teachers day card for making at home. This homemade thank you card for teachers’ day will definitely make your teacher happy and proud.

Teacher's day card making idea for beginners:

This homemade teacher’s day card is just like the last one. An open book where you can write your message and decorate accordingly.

Please follow every step carefully to make this card perfectly-

First of all, take one color of paper and cut it into a square size.
Now take another same-size paper but different color and make a criss-cross pattern like shown in the image. After making the pattern, simply take the card and glue it onto the first square paper.

Now, attach the white paper to the blank part of your card.

Also, cut out flower-size paper and put it on the card as shown in the image.

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Your card is ready and looking beautiful. You can always change its look by making different flower shapes. Try to put some small marvels to make it look even more beautiful.

Final Words: Teachers’ day is important for every kid and student. Every year, students spend so much of their effort to make their teachers happy and proud. So, to make your effort better, you should choose a handmade thank you card instead of buying one.

Try these easy-making homemade teacher’s day cards at home. Your teachers will definitely be proud after seeing your homemade thank you card.

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