How to Remove Safe Mode in Redmi Phones

Safe Mode is a very handy feature in Redmi Phone. If you are also a Redmi user then you may have got safe mode activated automatically. So, If you are here to learn how to deactivate or remove safe mode in Redmi phones then you are just in the right place.

Many times our Redmi phone activates safe mode itself. Well, this doesn’t happen automatically. To remove safe mode from Redmi mobile, all we need to do is restart, reboot or restore your phone. It all depends on why safe mode is activated on your phone.

Today in this article we will know, how to activate safe mode, how to remove safe mode in Redmi, and why safe mode is important for smartphones.


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What is Safe Mode

Safe mode is a very popular term when it comes to our computer devices. Basically, every operating system has a safe mode for rebooting or analyzing a glitch or malfunction issue in it.

Safe mode in android phones is for finding out any corrupted app or reason for any misbehavior of the device.

What safe mode does is disable all the unnecessary app and start running the phone only on the system apps. This way, you can see, if there is an app that is causing you trouble using your phone. Many times it happens due non trusted apps on phones.

How to Remove Safe Mode in Redmi Phones

Well, if you have accidentally enabled safe mode and do not know how to remove safe mode in your Redmi phone then you can simply follow any of these two steps to make your phone in normal mode from the safe mode.

Reboot your phone:

How to Remove Safe Mode in Redmi Phones

Safe mode is just for keeping your phone safe to use. This way one can not do any wrong to your phone or any unwanted app can not harm either. To remove safe mode in Redmi phone with reboot-

Just click and hold the power button.

Choose reboot from the multiple power option like restart and Power off.

Again click on Reboot.

Rebooting your Redmi device will simply restart your phone get it to the normal state.

Restart to remove safe Mode in Redmi

Restart to remove safe Mode in Redmi

Just like the reboot option, you can also restart your Redmi device to deactivate safe mode. To restart any Redmi device-

Press and hold the Power button.

Click on the Restart and do it again.

Now your phone will turn off and take a restart. After the phone gets turned on, you are good to go with the normal mode on your Redmi Phone.

Factory Reset to exit safe mode

Factory Reset to exit safe mode

Sometimes we really get into some un-trusted third-party app that causes our phone not to work properly. However, you can always get your new phone back by simply restoring it.

Sometimes it gets necessary because of some defective app, your phone goes into safe mode and without restoring your phone, it won’t work. So, without going with the restart or rebooting-

Simply go to settings

Look for System Restore.

Click on Factory Reset and then all reset.

Caution: This will remove all the data from your phone leaving your phone as new as it was before.

So, here are all the 3 easy ways to remove safe mode in Redmi Phones.

How to activate safe mode in Redmi

Actually, there are two basic ways to activate safe mode in Redmi phones. You can either do it while powering off your or you can also do it while turning on.

How to activate safe mode in Redmi

First of all, simply hold the power off button and again click and hold on the power button.

Whenever the first skin blinks, press the volume down button simultaneously.

This will activate the safe mode on your Redmi phone.

Uses of Safe Mode in Android devices

What is the safe mode in android? Well, the safe mode is a simple concept which allows your android device to run on the essential programs only.

Deactivating all the external apps, the phone will run only on its pre-installed applications and system applications. While using the safe mode, many of your phone’s features will also get deactivated.

Safe for is for monitoring any bug, lags, battery life, or any other mobile hardware or software issues.

Final words: Safe mode is important when something goes wrong with your device. Sometimes, safe mode can also be used for other reasons like kid mode. You can activate the safe mode to fool your kids that your phone does not have any games in it as safe mode deactivates all other apps on the phone.

So, here is a detailed guide on how to remove safe mode in Redmi phones. Follow the guide carefully to enable or disable safe mode in Redmi.

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