How to Celebrate Teachers’ Day: 21 Different Ideas for Teachers Day

How to Celebrate Teachers’ Day? This may not be so complicated but for the kids, it is somewhat confusing. So, are you out of ideas to celebrate the upcoming teachers’ day? Who doesn’t want to make their teacher happy? Check out our 21 different ideas to celebrate Teachers Day and make your teacher proud.

Teachers’ day is a special day for everyone, but students and teachers have a special excitement for this day. Teachers’ day has become a worldwide celebration to mark the teachers’ work and contributions over the world.

On this day, people can show their appreciation for the teachers’ hard work and dedication put in with their students. Many students try to celebrate the day with different ideas. So, today we are here with some ideas for how to celebrate teachers’ day.

But first, why do we celebrate teachers’ day?

Why e celebrate teachers’ day?

Everyone knows about teachers’ day, but we should also know that why we celebrate teachers’ day in India. Teachers’ day has its own origin in India. On that day, there was Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary in India.

At that time he was the President of India. He honored the teachers’ contributions all over the country and raised the issues of educational infrastructure and funding for better education for the poor people of the Nation.

The President raised the issue of improving the educational infrastructure as he realized the importance of teachers shaping the Nation’s future. It was after the launch of that Day that Dr. S. Radhakrishnan passed away.

Why we celebrate teachers' day in India

A week later, on September 7, the Nation came together to observe the death of a great educator, whose work had made a massive difference in the life of millions.

Teachers’ Day is one of the important annual events in India.

This is a very special day for all teachers to gather with their students and give them a day off to explore and enjoy their friends’ company.

They can spend it together talking about what has happened in the classroom during the past few days. This is also a time to share their fun stories and positive achievements with each other and to encourage each other to keep going.

This day should be about giving respect to others and learning more about the student’s lives and problems. Teachers must take a better interest in the students themselves, instead of concentrating only on a problem or how their classes are performing. They also put their efforts into making the students happy.

So this is the duty of students to make the teachers’ day special too. They have to organize parties and events for their teachers. So for that, we have shared various ideas to celebrate teachers’ day and make it a fun day for all.

How to Celebrate Teachers Day-Online/Offline

There are many ways to satisfy a teacher on a Teachers’ day occasion. However, there are some better ideas to make our teachers happy on their day. Here are some ideas to celebrate teachers’ day.

“Party is a formal way but you can organize a better party than a normal one”

21 Different Ideas to try on a teachers day

For students:

So, students can do this stuff to make their teachers happy during a Teachers’ day event. Follow these ideas to celebrate a perfect teachers’ day.

Organize a party

organize a party for teachers' day

When budget is not a problem, organize a party. You can organize a party in your classroom or in your school for teachers. Remember to choose a leader and host for the party. You can also make contributions to the party. Just plan a fantastic party, and this will make your teachers happy, and they will also enjoy their day at its best.

Bring food, gifts, and music also. Because on this day, you are not only going to appreciate their work but also enjoy the day as a friend with your teachers.

Play party games, perform to show what you can do, have lunch together, etc.

Decorate your class

You can also decorate your class. Even I strongly recommend you decorate your class. Because it creates a special feeling and we feel that today is something special. You can decorate your class with balloons and some lighting. You can also make some posters with a quote on teachers’ day and stick them on your classroom walls.

This is the best thing you can do to make your teacher feel special on a teachers’ day occasion.

Plan everything in advance

As we know, good things take time to execute, so it is essential to plan everything in advance. You have to choose a good leader so he/she can take care of all the tasks, like assigning different works to different students and everything.

Only this way, your party is going to mess up and all are going to end perfectly.

Choose a host for your celebration

You also have to choose a host for the program that you are going to arrange. Like, choose a host to appreciate your teachers or to do commentaries during the program.

A host can help you in many ways in case of a teachers’ day party. Students also going to need a host to call off their names in case they want to perform for their teachers.

Prepare greeting cards for all teachers

prepare hand-made greetings card for teachers day

You can also design or purchase some greeting cards for your teachers. You can write something special on the card to show your gratitude to the teacher. Even your host can read these greeting cards to the teachers. It will put a more memorable impact on your teachers.

For the best idea, I will recommend you to prepare hand-made greeting cards.

Make Paintings

If you have painting skills, then you can also paint pictures of your teacher or a memory of you with your teacher. It will probably be the best and most precious gift for your teachers.

You can also hire a good artist from Fiverr to make a painting of your teacher. You can apply this idea once and see the happiness on your teacher’s face yourself.

Bring a Gift for your Teachers

Bring gifts for teachers on teachers day

You can also gift them with some fantastic stuff. Like you can gift some expensive pens to your teachers. You can also gift them some other things like clothes and things like that. You can also gift your teachers their favorite things that you know.

Things that you can gift your teachers
  1. Keychains
  2. Coffee mugs
  3. Stationery
  4. Personalized gifts
  5. Flowers
  6. Some good books
  7. Greeting cards
  8. Gift hampers
  9. Clothes

Organize and prepare some events

You can also organize some fantastic events like dances or speeches which match the theme of the celebration. Ask your host to write some fantastic commentary to make the celebration more amazing. You can also ask your teachers to sing or dance, so he/she can also enjoy the celebration and make their day memorable.

Click a group picture with your teachers

You can also click some group pictures with your teachers so that later you can print them and hang them in your class. It will become a sweet memory for your teachers and yourself also. It is a must-do thing that you have to do.

clicking group picture on with teachers

Show your gratitude to the teachers

I advise you to prepare some speeches to show some gratitude to your teachers. After all, teachers have a significant role in our life. They guide us to the path of success, so it is our duty to show some gratitude to your teachers. This way, your teachers also feel that they are very much essential to you too.

Set up some surprises

As we all know, everyone loves surprises. So you can also plan some fantastic surprises for your teachers. Like you can surprise your teachers with some unique gifts or other things.

These are some of the best things you can do for your teachers on teachers’ day. If you feel these ideas are marvelous, then tell me in the comments, or if you have any other idea for celebrating teachers’ day, you can drop that also in the comments.

For people who have a teacher as a friend or in family

Take them out for lunch or dinner

If you have a teacher as your friend or family, it is your duty to make their teacher’s day special. So you can take them out on a ride or to a good restaurant for lunch or dinner so they can enjoy their day without any worry.

Appreciate their work with proper Speech

You can also give them a greeting card and also boost their confidence by showing them that they are doing a great job. This will give a great impact on their mind.

Also, try to appreciate their works with a nice piece of speech.

Some unique ideas to celebrate teachers Day online

As we know Teacher Day is celebrated throughout the Nation on September 5 with great enthusiasm in colleges and educational institutions to celebrate the birth anniversary of philosopher and academician Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Each of the schools is closed because of March as a result of the lockdown to reduce the spread of this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Teachers and pupils moved online at that time. If the rest of the festivals are celebrated on the internet as a result of the pandemic, why not Teachers Day?

We’ve recorded some ideas about how to celebrate Teachers Day online for the unsung heroes of COVID.

wish them online with pictures and videos

A shout-out on social media?

The best thing you can do for your teachers on teachers’ day is to give them a shout-out on social media. This will create an incredible impact on your teachers. It will also feel your teacher special. This is an easy task, and everyone must do it to show their gratitude toward the teacher.

Surprise them in the online class

You can also plan some surprises for your teachers with other students. Like you can make greeting cards and show them in the online class. This is very easy for you, but it is very special for your teachers.

Make some e-greetings

You can also design some e-greetings for your teachers and send them personally. Designing an e-greeting card is very easy nowadays. You can go to and design one easily for yourself. You can also get various pre-designed templates there and customize them according to you.

Get on a video call and thanks to them

You can also set up a video call with your teachers on teachers’ day and thank them for their hard work. You can also show them some great posters to thank them. This is a good and easy idea that you can follow.

Design handcrafts for your teacher on a teachers' day

Design some handcraft

If you are a creative person and design some excellent handcrafts like posters, Greetings, or anything else, then you can design that and show that to your teachers at a live meeting. This shows that you really care about your teachers and respect them.

Gift them something

As we discussed above, we can also give our teachers some gifts as we want to celebrate teachers’ day online we can order the gifts at our teacher’s addresses directly. You can also opt for gift packing while ordering the gift. This will also act as a surprise for your teacher. This is the best practice if you want to give a special surprise to your teachers.

Surprise Them by doing their favorite activity

People have different interests. Many teachers like to read and they also like to listen to good readers. You can try reading a good part of a book.

You can try one of the many co-curricular activities that may surprise your teacher or make them happy for you. This way you can also show them how much you care for them.

Invite them to your House

Inviting your teachers for lunch or dinner is the most respectable thing to do on a teacher’s day. Because people do all the normal things on a teacher’s day but inviting your favorite teachers to your home and giving them a big dinner party with your parents is on a whole new level.

So, invite and feed your teachers with the best homemade delicacy on the upcoming teachers’ day.

Give them a memory Present

What is a memory present? It is not just a photo or an album. How creative can you be? I have seen people making amazing crafts and they include all the amazing times from their past memories.

You can also make a beautiful memory tree with beautiful moments like your teacher teaching you, or beating you, or showing something important, or the best moment whichever it is.

Last but not least-

Give your Teacher Love from bottom of your Heart-

Everyone does the formalities on Teachers’ day. But only some do real celebration and show love and gratitude towards their teacher. So, the most important thing to do on Teachers’ day shows the love you have for them.

Do whatever you want but do it from bottom of your heart. This will make your teacher the happiest and they will remember you forever.


I hope you like the above ideas. Tell me in the comments about your favorite idea. You have to make teachers’ day special for your teachers because they will work every day for you. They only wish you success. To understand the value of your teachers and show them some gratitude.

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