How to use Zinda Tilismath for Cold

how to use Zinda Tilismath for cold

Zinda Tilismath is a multi-purpose herbal ayurvedic is magical herbal medicine. It can be used for many sicknesses like cold, cough, headache, body pain, etc. Many of us already know about this amazing remedy but very few know how to use Zinda Tilismath for colds and other ailments. Today in this article we are going … Read more

How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Kit for the First Time

how to use prega news kit

How to use Prega News? Prega News is the famous pregnancy testing kit. It is an Indian brand and a very good solution to make sure if you or your loved ones are pregnant or not. Today in this article, we will cover up some of the important facts, knowledge, and how to use guide … Read more

How to Make Green Gram Powder/ Scrubber for Bathing

how to make green gram bathing powder easily at home

How to make Green Gram powder for bathing and facewash? Well, this is a very easy-to-make yet healthiest body scrubber you will ever use. So, let us know this amazing Green Gram Body Scrubber Recipe. The Green Gram Powder is very healthy and everyone should use it on a daily or weekly basis. This Healthy … Read more

How to Make Beetroot Lip Balm at Home

how to make bitroot lip balm at home

Beetroot Lipbalm making is very easy and very useful. Amazing homemade things like this should be used by everyone. Making Lip balm using beetroot is very popular in Indian households. So, here is a full guide with pictures on how to make beetroot Lip Balm at home. Tired of using unhealthy and chemical used lip … Read more

3 Easy Teacher’s Day Card Ideas to Make at Home

happy teachers day cards ideas home made

Everyone gets excited every time for teachers’ day. Just like every year, every student celebrates Teachers day by wishing, treating, gifting, and mainly saying thank you to their beloved teachers. A thank you card or Greetings card for your teacher is a great way to wish them their day and if you are here to … Read more

How to Clean a Plastic Bucket| 3 Easy Tricks for Cleaning

how to clean a plastic bucket

We can easily clean Plastic buckets and Mugs at home with commonly used materials. We can use binding agents as Soda, Lemon, Vinegar, etc to make soap solution to clean water strains in plastic buckets. Today we are here with a detailed guide on how to clean a plastic bucket easily at home. Withing the … Read more

Akbar and Birbal drawing Guide: How to Draw Akbar and Birbal Easily

how to draw akbar and birbal

Today we are presenting a detailed Akbar and Birbal Drawing Guide for kids and beginners. With some of the easy-to-draw Akbar and Birbal images, help yourself to make a perfect drawing of Akbar and Birbal. How to draw Akbar and Birban easily? Well, the answer to this question lies in practice. But with some pro … Read more