How to Fix Split AC Indoor Unit Water Leaking Problem

Split AC Indoor Unit Water Leaking problem is a common thing. It may occur in both new and old ACs. If you also facing this problem with your Air Conditioner then you are just in the right place. In this quick and easy guide to fix Water Dripping from the Split AC indoor Unit, we are going to explain the common reasons behind the Split AC water leakage and how to fix Water dripping from the Split AC Indoor Unit.

First of all, to stop an Air Conditioner from leaking water, you need to be confident. An AC has many parts that one needs to open to fix such a problem. However, it is quite easy if you understand this guide and watch a quick video, you will be able to perform this quick repair easily. Otherwise, if you are not that confident then you can always call your local service man to fix it.

In this guide, we will share a complete guide to opening your AC Indoor unit and cleaning it one after another to fix water dripping from Split AC Indoor unit.

Why is your AC Indoor unit leaking water? (Common Reasons)

How to Fix Water Dripping from Split AC Indoor Unit

Split AC Indoor Unit Water Leaking problem may occur due to many reasons. There are some problems that can lead to Split AC over time. These problems can lead to blockage, leaks, or overflowing of water inside your Split AC. Here are some common causes that can happen due to longtime use-

  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Blockage In Condensation Drain Line
  • Disconnected Drain Line
  • Cracks or Holes In Drain Pan
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils Due To Low Refrigerant Level
  • Faulty Installation Of The Unit
  • Faulty Condensation Pump

Now that we know about these problems, let’s learn how to fix these problems to keep your Split AC from leaking water.

How to Fix Water Dripping from Split AC Indoor Unit

Split AC Indoor Unit Water Leaking problem can be fixed with some tips and guide. It may happen over time and can be fixed easily at home. After understanding this guide on How to fix water dripping from split AC indoor unit, and watching the video tutorial below, you will understand how easily it can be done.

The most common issue that can lead to water dripping in Split AC indoor unit is some blockage inside the AC due to dust and debris. All you need to do is open your AC Indoor unit parts one after another and keep cleaning everything till the last one is cleaned. If you are still not sure then you can always call a mechanic to do it for you.

Here and the common issues that can lead to water dripping from Split AC Indoor unit and how to fix them-

Dirty Air Filters

Split AC Indoor Unit Water Leaking problem Fixed

While it may seem minor, But dirty air filter is the most common issue in any Split AC. Dirty air filters can lead to the freezing of evaporator coils by impeding the proper flow of air.

This task is quite simple. You can either clean the dirty air filters using a brush and water.

First, you can use a blower to clean extra dirt and then use a soft brush to perform a deep clean.

A little soap water can also be used in the air filters to get those greasy dirt out.

After you are done, wipe everything with a cotton cloth and reattach everything in place.

You can also choose to replace them every four to six weeks, especially during the peak of the season.

Blockage In Condensation Drain Line

Blockage In Condensation Drain Line

The buildup of dirt, sludge, debris, mold, algae, and fungi has the potential to block the drain line. This obstruction prevents the efficient drainage of condensation, leading to overflow and subsequent indoor spills.

To address this issue, gather a vacuum with a hose attachment, a bucket, and a screwdriver then follow these steps-

Begin by opening the front section or panel to access the filters.

Next, detach the front panel and identify the water drainage pipe.

Disconnect the pipes, allowing excess water to collect in a bucket.

Once fully drained, use the vacuum cleaner to suction out any blockages.

After everything is done, simply pour a small amount of vinegar or chlorine bleach down the drain pipes to eliminate bacteria and fungi.

Disconnected Drain Line

The drain line drains the water from the drip pan. it is responsible for removing the water keep drain pan ready for more water. If this line becomes disconnected, it cannot effectively empty the pan, resulting in overflow and causing water leakage indoors.

This issue is quite easy and straightforward to fix. Unlike major issues, this one can fixed easily by any grown-up in the house. Follow these steps to fix the Disconnected drain line-

Simply reconnect the drain pipe to the drain pan.

In case the pipe consistently disconnects easily, consider replacing it entirely to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Cracks or Holes In Drain Pan

The drain pan may develop cracks or holes due to corrosion or rusting, leading to water leakage through the indoor unit.

Simply get a vacuum cleaner for removing standing water, a flashlight, and epoxy glue.

Start by using the wet vacuum cleaner to clear all water from the drain pan.

Once empty, inspect the entire pan for leaks by shining a flashlight throughout.

Seal any detected leaks using epoxy glue. If numerous cracks are present, it might be advisable to replace the entire drain pan with a new one.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator Coils can get Frozen due to low refrigerant level. Insufficient refrigerant levels can lead to the freezing of evaporator coils, resulting in water dripping from the indoor unit of a split AC.

Fixing this problem can be tricky. Mostly this problem is done by professionals. Here is how to fix frozen evaporator coils-

First of all, you have to find the leakage in refrigerant.

Then you have to seal it with proper adequate.

Faulty Installation Of The Unit

Human errors are inevitable. In this context, the installation of your AC might not have been executed correctly. Mistakes made during the installation process could be the cause of water dripping from the indoor unit of the split AC.

Installation is not a thing for a normal person unless you are an expert in electronics items. If you are grown and have watched it before, you may reinstall your AC.

But the better option is to call for the expert mechanic to tell them the problem and let them fix it.

Faulty Condensation Pump

A malfunctioning condensation pump can also result in water dripping from the indoor unit of the AC. This is an issue that cannot be verified independently.

This problem is also tricky to fix. You can simply call an expert to fix it for you. To get expert on Google, Check Here.


Why is my split AC leaking water inside?

A Split AC may leak water due to a blockage in the drain pipe. You can easily clean the drain pipe and fix the water dripping problem.

How do I stop my air conditioner from leaking water?

First of all, you have to open the front part of your Split AC and look for the faults in it. After identifying the problem, you can fix your Split AC water leaking problem.

What is the solution for water dripping from AC?

There are many problems that may occur over time after a long time of use of AC. You have to look for the problem and then perform a fix. We have explained the most common problems that can cause water dripping from AC. You can learn everything from this guide.

Final Words: The most common causes of new AC water dripping problems are blockage in the drain pipe, leakage in drain pain, or blockage in the air filter. You can easily clean and fix water dripping from Split AC indoor unit by understanding it from this guide.

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