Make Christmas Tree with Paper at Home| 2 Methods for Kids

Christmas is on its way and it seems like the world itself getting prepared for it. Among the presents, parties, and decorations, Christmas trees are the most important of all. Every house is going to have them but let me tell you that you can make your own Christmas tree with paper. By making such small decorative items, you will find this is a great idea after watching these cute small Christmas tree-making with paper. So, today in this article we will share with you the best way to make a Christmas tree with paper at home.

In this Easy guide of Christmas tree-making, we will give you two basic designs that will look perfect for small decorations in your house. So, let’s get started with our Paper Christmas tree making for kids.


Many of us want to make Christmas Trees at home in different methods and ideas. I agree that making such decorative items is great but not all of us can afford expensive decorative items for this. 

By making these easy to make paper Christmas trees, you will be able to make many cute-looking small Christmas trees with paper.

Also, you will be spending very little money to make such Christmas trees at home.

You can decorate these paper Christmas trees in any way you can think of and you can use them in every corner or in the garden of your house.

How to Make Christmas Tree with Paper at Home

To make this Easy Christmas tree with paper at home, you will need some of the very basic items. In this quick guide, we will explain how to make it. For that, we will need the materials mentioned below-

  • Materials Needed for Paper Christmas Trees
  • Glue gun or Paper Glue
  • Different color Art Papers
  • Glitter At papers
  • Decorative items (sponge balls, stars, decorative chains, and jewels)

Christmas Tree Making with Paper for Kids (Method 1)

Christmas Tree Making with Paper for Kids (Method 1)

So, in this first method of Easy Paper Christmas tree making for kids, we will make with the most simple way. Follow these steps exactly to make this easily at home-

First of all, take a color art paper and cut it into A4 size. Now fold the paper in three parts horizontally. Again make three folds in every fold. This way you have to make a total of 24 folds just like shown in the picture.

how to make Christmas tree with paper

Now cut them and make 4 strips of 10.5 cm long. After making these strips, join them all together and make a long strip. 

Fold every corner of these paper strips like it is shown in the image. After making the folds, loosen the folds and make them inside out just like they did in the image.

make small christmas tree for kids

Now make a round shape with long strips while keeping the fold side out and join the inside with paper and glue.

After that, make more round-shaped paper with the sizes mentioned below-

  • 9.3 CM and 3 Strips
  • 8.1 CM and 3 Strips
  • 6.9 CM and 2.5 Strips
  • 5.7 CM and 2 Strips
  • 4.5 CM and 2 Strips
  • 3.3 CM and 1.5 strips
  • 2.1 CM and 1.5 strips

After making these stars, we have to join everything together. To join them, take 7 A4 size paper and make a thin roll from it. Now Make 7 round coils with these paper rolls. These round coils will go in between the stars to connect all the stars and make a Christmas Tree.

Simply connect all the stars by placing these coils in between. Use Glue to fix them in one place.

fold the paper in round shape

And just like that, your Paper Christmas Tree is ready to shine. You can also make Paper stars to place it at the top. 

Just take a small paper cut and cut two-star shapes. Join them together and place them on the top with paper glue.

If you liked this method of making a Christmas tree at home then must try making it and let us know your experience. We have added the video tutorial to make this Paper Christmas tree. Please watch for a better understanding.

Make a Small Christmas Tree for Kids (Method 2)

Easiest Small Christmas tree making with Paper (Method 2)

This one is the easiest Christmas tree you can make with paper and cardboard. Even kids can make this Paper Christmas tree with paper. Just follow these simple steps to make one-

Take Black art paper and make a sweet cone shape to make your small Christmas tree with paper. Also, cut a round cardboard and glue it in the base of the cone to make it stable so that it doesn’t become flat and stays round.

Now take 2-inch glitter paper cuts and cut them like these to make a leaf design for the tree. Make more such papers with green paper. You can also use other colored papers to make different ideas.

Just like shown in the image, attach them on the cone sides with glue.

Just like that, your Christmas tree is now ready. You can take some colorful sponge balls glue them on the sides and add a glitter star on the top.

Here is the video where I found the easiest method to make a paper Christmas tree for kids. Watch it to understand the full DIY tutorial.

Final Words: Christmas tree making with paper is very popular among kids. Unlike big fancy Christmas trees, you can make these cute small Christmas trees with paper and decorate your house with them and you won’t believe how cool it looks when you have these colorful decorative items in every corner of your house.

So, make these 2 easiest Christmas trees with paper at home and surprise your close ones. We hope you like this post, Visit How2guide again for more guides like this.

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