7 Ways to Check Sim Owner Name Online with Mobile Number

Do you want to find the sim owner name with mobile number? There are many tricks and tools for Sim Owner Name Finder exist on the web and none of them are genuine. So, today in this guide we will tell you about 7 Methods to Check Sim Owner Name Finder Online with Mobile Number in 2023-2024.

Many times we get anonymous calls and messages. These unknown calls are very disturbing and these fraud people think that no one will be able to find their true identity. In this guide, we will give you complete information for finding the identity of any unknown mobile number owner using some simple tricks.

What are Sim Owner Finder Tools and Apps

Sim Owner Name Finer are some online websites or Apps that claim to give you information for any mobile number owner. According to Sim owner finder, you can check Sim Owner name by using a Mobile number.

There are a few sim owner finder tools and apps on Google-




Are Sim Owner Finders real?

All the Sim owner finder websites and Apps are 100% fraud. They are just some fake tools led by some fake people to bring audiences to their websites.

According to Indian rules and regulations, getting information about any person from an online portal is not legal. This is private information. Thus, to get the sim owner name and information, you can not use any online portal or no online portal can provide you all this information legally.

So, is it totally impossible to get information about unknown numbers? No, You can actually find the sim owner name and details with their phone number, and this is how you can do it.

How to Check Sim Owner Name Online with Mobile Number

7 Ways to Check Sim Owner Name Online with Mobile Number

We have some genuine tricks and methods that you can use to find Sim Owner name online or offline. If you just have the mobile number and need the information about the owner of that number then must have a valid reason for that.

Here are some 7 genuine methods to check the SIM Owner name online with mobile number.

Use Phone Directory

In the good old days, phone directories used to have the names and information about phone numbers. Telephone booths used to have these directories. You can also find these directories online.

Here is the Govt Telephone directory. You can simply go to this link and enter your Telephone number to get information and Check the Sim Owner Name.

You can also search phone directories on Google and check other online phone directories if available.

Contact Mobile Operator

You can contact your mobile operator to ask for the Sim Owner’s name with mobile number. They will probably refuse to give you information but if you can get their trust and tell them your needs then they might help you to get information for that number.

Visit the nearest operator, show them the urgency, and make out their name to get such information related to an unknown phone number.

Contact Police

Police can easily help you to get Sim Owner Information by using a mobile number but you need to have a valid reason. Also, they will only give you such information if you file a complaint FIR.

After registering an FIR, police will track down the phone number and get you all the information you need. Also, the owner of the number will be arrested and judged.

Use True Caller App to find Mobile Number Owner

Use True Caller App to find Mobile Number Owner

True Caller App is the best option you have if you want to find Sim Owner Name online by using a Mobile number. Yes, if you do not have a harassment complaint to file an FIR and you just want to know the Sim owner’s details with their phone number then the True Caller app is the most convenient way to do so.

Simply Install the True Caller App from the Play Store and register an ID. Now Go to the search tab, provide the number, and hit search.

In a fraction of time, True Caller will search its database and find you all the information it has for the given mobile number.

Almost 80-90% of mobile numbers are on True Caller so you have a good chance to find the Sim Owner name by using the True Caller app.

Check on WhatsApp to find Sim Owner Name

WhatsApp is another method you can try to check the Sim owner’s name online with a mobile number. Almost every person creates their WhatsApp account these days and you will be able to find their name if it is available publically on their WhatsApp profile.

So, what you can do is make your own WhatsApp account. Then save the unknown number on your phone.

After that, go to your WhatsApp and refresh the WhatsApp contact list. It will show if the unknown number has a WhatsApp account. If it has, just click on the number, view the profile, and check if it has any information in it.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Social media is also a good way to find Sim information. There is a good chance people create Facebook or Instagram using their mobile number.

SO find their social media account with their mobile number. First, save the number with any name on your phone.

Now go to the Facebook app and allow contact information.

Go to find friends and then go to friend suggestions. You can check all the suggestion that has “in your contact” tag.

This way you will know if the number has social media or not. Then check all the information in it.

External Services to check Unknown SIM Owner

Apart from all these, you can still go and look for some online services that are not publicly open. You can get a secret service from the telecom department, or look on the internet about such services and availability.

As far as we know, getting information about people’s personal identity secretly is not legal. So, you can use all these genuine tricks to check the Sim Owner Name by mobile number.

NADRA SIM owner details

If you are looking to find SIM owner details using NADRA then let me tell you that NADRA is a Pakistani online database for SIM ownership. It is used to store and find SIM owners who are from Pakistan.


How can I check SIM on whose name?

You can not check SIM owner’s name legally unless the SIM owner is a known person to you. It is not legal to get information about unknown numbers. However, you can get help from the police or use these simple and legal tricks to check SIM owner information by using a mobile number.

How do I find out who owns my SIM card?

You can get help from the True Caller app, social media platforms, WhatsApp to find out who owns the SIM card.

How can I know the owner of a mobile number?

You can not know the owner of a mobile number if the owner is not known to you. However, if the number is disturbing you then you can file an FIR and get information from the police directly.

How do I find my SIM card details?

The best way to find your SIM card details is by using the SIM provider app. Just install the Artel, JIO, or VI app and register your account with your phone number. The App will show every detail for the phone number.

You can also check your SIM card details by visiting the nearest SIM provider or Telecom branch.

Final Words: If you are getting threats or disturbing calls and messages from any unknown mobile number then it is a good idea to inform the police and file an FIR. Police will find and give you information about the mobile number in no time.

But if you do not have such a valid reason, and you are just curious then you can simply check the Sim Owner’s name online with mobile number. We have added multiple methods to find information about an unknown mobile number in this guide.

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