How to Draw Akbar and Birbal Easily

Today we are presenting a detailed Akbar and Birbal Drawing Guide for kids and beginners. With some of the easy-to-draw Akbar and Birbal images, help yourself to make a perfect drawing of Akbar and Birbal.

How to draw Akbar and Birban easily? Well, the answer to this question lies in practice. But with some pro guide, even a normal, non-experience person can draw Akbar and Birbal. So, do you want to know how?

Character drawing is a hard task for beginners. As you are here for an Akbar and Birban drawing tutorial, I presume you are a beginner in the drawing.

To draw Akbar and Birbal, today we will share some secrete tips which are easy to do. All you need is some basic understanding of how to draw and structure and then make your character from it.

Making a cartoon-like Akbar and Birbal is quite easy but before we head to our drawing guide, let’s get some basic idea of who is Akbar and Birbal.


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Akbar and Birbal

Akbar and Birbal is not just a famous TV series or cartoon series. The stories of Akbar and Birbal come from many many years back.

Birbal was the favorite advisor of King Akbar. True intelligence and a helping hand for every situation come to the King. They are tested in many ways but their smart decisions could never let the king down. The stories of their intelligence and smartness are very famous in the world.

So, now you know who Akbar and Birbal were, now keep an eye on what they looked like.


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How to Draw Akbar and Birbal Easily| Beginners Guide

As a beginner, you will surely need a basic beginning for drawing. First of all, take a basic idea of the images given below and try to focus on the outer structure first.

Once you are done with the big noticeable lines, then you can move to the small details and inner parts of the images like ear, nose, eyes, etc.

To draw Akbar and Birbal perfectly, we are sharing some of the easy-to-make Akbar and Birbal images below.

Learn and guide yourself throughout the drawing session. Focus on every part and try to make it the same as it looks. Please use only a pencil on your first attempt.

Easy to Draw Akbar and Birbal Images

Easy to Draw Akbar and Birbal Images

In this photo, you can see, king Akbar and Birbal under his shoulder. This color picture is perfect to make for beginners. As it has a simple outline and basic color, all you need to do is, try figuring out the outer lines. And then simply color the picture with pen colors.

Best and easy Akbar Birbal cartoon drawing

In this image, Birbal is advising kind Akbar which is a very important image of the story.

The whole picture is just so simple to make. First of all, draw the other lines and the structure of the image and then put the right colors in the right place.

pencil drawing of Akbar and Birbal

This is an image made of the only pencil. If you do not need any color picture of Akbar and Birbal and then check out this image of the Akbar assembly.

The whole meeting scene of Akbar and Birbal is quite eye-catching and creative to make.

This image giving you a vibe of cartoon Akbar and Birbal. If you are a kid and want to make a simple but creative image of Akbar and Birbal then this image is just the right one for you.

You can study all the lines of this image and the outer structure of the image. After you are done observing the image, simply make a map in your mind and start making the image from one side.

So, here is a pro sketch image of kind Akbar. With this image, you may have a hard time to make but it is definitely worth your time.

It may be hard but once you learn to make this image, you will always be grateful for the investment of your time for learning to make this one.

Who was

Final words: With this Akbar Birbal drawing guide, and with the help of these images, you will be able to make a beautiful portrait very easily.

Do not forget that drawing is a work of patience. To make your drawing look like an art, take time and don’t stop until you perfect it.

I hope this may help you. Please share and support.

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