How to Increase Eraser Size in MS Paint

You can easily change the size of the eraser in MS Paint by simply clicking on the Size button right next to the eraser icon. MS Paint is a very popular painting software and kids really love to create their first painting on PC with MS Paint. But sometimes it gets tricky for beginners. Today in this article we are going to learn how to increase eraser size in MS Paint.

What is MS Paint?

MS Paint is a simple computer graphics program that comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows. It allows users to create and edit basic drawings and images using tools such as pencils, brushes, and shapes. With MS Paint, users can also manipulate the color, size, and position of their creations. Although it lacks the advanced features of professional graphics software, MS Paint remains a popular and accessible tool for casual users who need to create simple graphics or make quick edits to images.


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How to Increase Eraser Size in MS Paint

We can increase eraser size in MS Paint within the 4 different flat line options on the right side of the eraser icon. You can know with the drop-down menu with 4 different lines of different thicknesses. The thickness indicated what size level you are in.

If you haven’t found it yet, then this picture guide on How to increase eraser size in MS Paint will help you find the eraser size increase icon.

Follow these steps to increase eraser size in MS Paint-

First of all, open your MS Paint.

Draw anything using a pencil.

To erase the drawing, select the eraser option from the bar. (To select the Eraser option, Look for tools and select the icon that says eraser).

Now to increase the size of the eraser, on the right side of the toolbar, look for Size written below or a drop-down menu with 4 lines with different thicknesses.

These lines define what thickness or size you need for the eraser.

Letting you know that this sizing tool works for every brush, eraser, box, pencil, etc. And this is how easily you can increase or decrease eraser size in MS Paint.

MS Paint and its Features:

MS Paint is basic graphic editor software that Microsoft added to its free stand-alone painting software in Windows. With the basic idea of graphic editing, MS Paint became the most popular app for painting on computers. However, this cool old app got backed up with time.

MS Paint provides a range of basic features for creating and editing images. Some of these features include:

  • Pencil, brush, and eraser tools for drawing and painting.
  • Shapes such as rectangles, ovals, and lines.
  • Fill the tool for coloring areas with solid colors.
  • Text tool for adding text to images.
  • The color palette for selecting and customizing colors.
  • Resize and crop tools for adjusting the size and composition of images.
  • Selection tools for isolating and editing specific areas of an image.
  • Zoom tool for focusing on specific parts of an image.

How to increase or decrease the size of the pencil or brush in MS Paint?

It’s the same. Every resizable tool like a pencil, eraser, or any kind of brush is resizable. To increase or decrease the size of any tool on MS Paint-

Select the tool(pencil, eraser, or brush). And then choose from the four different thicknesses on the drop-down menu.

Also, another thing to know is that you can not change the size of the paint, or any other tool expects the three drawing tools I mentioned).

How to show the Toolbar?

How to increase or decrease the size of the pencil or brush in MS Paint?

Not sure where the toolbar on MS Paint is? Well, sometimes it is done by mistake. Beginners mess with the settings and they disable or hide the toolbar on the top of MS Paint. To get your toolbar back-

Open the MS Paint.

Look for a small drop-down icon at the top of the MS Paint windows(check on the image below).

Click here and dis-select the last option that says Minimize the Ribbon.

Just like that, you can now click on the Home or View tab to directly see the easy access bar on the top of your MS Paint.

Final words: So, this is the complete guide to learning how to increase eraser size in MS Paint. With the size tool in the app, you can easily change, increase, or decrease eraser size freely and easily.

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