How to Earn 5 rupees Online Everyday

How to earn 5 rupees in India? 5 rupees is not a big deal, right? If you are here to earn 5 rupees without doing anything then you are just in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best trick to earn 5 rupees in India.

5 rupees can be a savior sometimes. If you want to try our trick then first of all you have to believe in and start with 100% security in your mind.

This is not a scam. It can be hard to believe that this simple post can get you 5 rupees in your bank or online wallet. But let me tell you, if you do each step mentioned in the below guide, you will surely earn a one-time 5 rupees credit in your online wallet or bank account.

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  • This is NOT FAKE.
  • This is NOT a full-time JOB.
  • THIS is only a one-time earning of 5 rupees in India.
  • This is for testing our Client Advertising Performance.

Well, people are always in trouble. In many situations, we get stuck without recharge expiry, or any such financial work because of money. So, if you just in case need these 5 rupees in your bank account then we are here to provide you that amount in exchange for a few clicks or page visits.

Our Website is totally safe and has encryption to it. No user should worry about their security or personal data as we only ask our visitors to subscribe to our website and join our Telegram Channel. In the below guide we will explain how can you successfully earn 5 rupees from this post and also get more new opportunities in the future.

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How to Earn 5 Rupees

Now that you almost know about our trick, It is time for us to get to the final point. In the below guide, you will see a few steps. Simply follow these steps and you will get your First 5 rupees online without doing anything.

Well, to earn 5 rupees in India, all you have to do is click on the First-Time-Five link at the end of this post. It will take you to an article. Scroll down and click on Credit#1, then Click on Credit#2.

It will take you to the next page. Enter your Email and Hit Subscribe. Now, on this page, again click on Credit#3 and then Credit#4.

On the next page, Scroll down to the end and click on Credit#5. It will redirect to a page where you will see a form. Enter your Bank Details or UPI or Online wallet address or phone number connected to Phonepay, GooglePay, or PayTM.

Boom You will get 5 rupees in India after this.


As we already mentioned that this is an advertising experiment. We are giving our fellow subscribers and Telegram Followers an opportunity to earn 5 rupees from this post.


Read and understand each step and do it one by one(This does not include any Application installation)

Follow these steps to earn 5 rupees online

First Click on the First Time Five-link at the End of this post.

It will take you to a page, read the post or Click on Credit#1 then Credit#2.

Now you will a Credit#3, Click to get to the next page.

On the next page, you will see a NewsTeller, Enter your Email ID and Subscribe to our website.

Now Scroll Down and Click on Credit#4 then Credit#5

Click on any ADS then Scroll down.

Find and click on Complete First Five on the next page.

On this Next Page, you will see a Form.

In this form Submit your UPI or Bank Account(AC NO, IFSC CODE, Bank Name).

That is all, you will receive 5 rupees in your Bank account in the next 3 hours.

(Our Employee is working hard, Pardon if the amount transfer takes more timeā€¦..MAX 24 HOURS)

What can we do with 5 rupees

5 Rupees maybe not be much but for an average Indian, this money can help in a lot of ways. Many times, people want to recharge, or they are just 5 rupees short which you will get from here.

Without installing or doing much work, just follow these simple steps to get a 5 rupees credit into your online wallet or bank account directly.

Our Goal: We are building a team for the AD campaign and sharing an amount of credit with our subscribers. Our Telegram Channel is active, Join for more earning opportunities like this.

get 5 rupees on your online wallet

Final Words: 5 rupees can be earned in many ways. You can always get this minimal amount of money from your friends or family. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get such help in an emergency. So, we are here for you. Just follow this guide and learn how to earn 5 rupees in India.

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