Download and Play Hitman Blood Money on 32 bit Windows

Do you still own a 32-bit Windows PC? If yes, then I am here with a cool Hitman Game from 2006. This game is really ahead of time and you will be able to play this game even on your old 32-bit PC. Cool right? Well then, let us learn how to Download and Play Hitman Blood Money in 32 Bit WIndows PC.

Hitman Blood Money is a favorite game of many 90s kids. If you also played this game once then you definitely know about this game and today we will share with you a full guide to playing Hitman Blood Money on 32 Bit Windows PC. If you also do not have an expensive PC then worry not.

About Hitman:

Hitman is an assassin game based on a super agent called Agent 47. Agent 47 does the task for their clients even if it includes killing and assassination.

The game was released in 2006 and it became popular right away. Kids from the 90s were so fond of this game and as the game is from the old times, it is very low in graphics quality and other features. Thus, the Hitman Blood money can be played even on 32-bit Windows PC with really low category RAM and Processors.

Hitman Requirements:

Intel Core Duo

2-4 GB RAM

5-20 GB C Drive storage.

DirectX Upto Date

How to Play Hitman Blood Money on 32 bit Windows PC

It is not that complicated to download and install Hitman Blood Money on a 32 Bit Windows PC. If your Windows Computer is a 32-bit PC then I assume you have Windows 7 installed on it.

Windows 7 can run all the required files for playing Hitman Blood Money easily. So, simply follow this step by step guide to download, install and play Hitman Blood Money on 32 bit PC without any errors-

Guide to Download Hitman on 32 bit PC

Step 1: Visit this Link to download Hitman Blood Money Demo for a 32-bit PC.

Step 2: Open the downloaded EXE setup file and Hit Next.

Step 3: Choose file location(C Drive) for the installation. Make sure that the chosen drive has enough free space.

Step 4: Click on Install to begin the installation.

After this, the installation will take a few minutes. Once it is done Click Finish and boom. Just like that, your Hitman Blood Money is successfully installed on 32 bit Windows PC and ready to play.

Important: As we all know, Hitman Blood Money is an old game, and it can show errors sometimes. In the below paragraphs, we will discuss two errors that are common in hitman.

Error is- D3dx9.dll is Missing-

D3dx9.dll is a file that can be found in your C drive system file. Sometimes, old PCs get outdated and this file is along with it. When you try to open Hitman Blood Money, it may show that the file D3dx9.dll is missing. To fix this issue, you need to download the file and replace it with the previous version.

If that doesn’t work then we will update or install the Directx End User web installer.

First of all Visit this Link and Download D3dx9.dll for 32-bit.

Now Unzip the downloaded file and copy the D3dx9.dll.

After that, visit the System 32 folder in your C drive and paste the file.(System32 folder can be found in the C drive. It may vary according to the Windows version you have. Look for the System32 folder in program files or the Windows folder.)

Now paste the file and provide permission by clicking on Continue.

When the file is copied, restart your PC and try to run the game. It will fix the Hitman Blood Money game.However, in my case, I have faced another error which is-

Hitman Blood Money Demo Error MSvcr71.dll is missing

This file called Msvcr71.dll is a file required in the Hitman Blood Money after installation. For some reason, it automatically gets removed. So, if any error message appears showing that msvcr71.dll is missing then follow these steps to fix the problem-

First Go to this LINK and download msvcr71.dll.

Once you downloaded the latest version, unzip the file and copy it to your clipboard.

Now Go to Desktop and right-click on Hitman Blood Money and Click on a show file location.

It will open the location where the Hitman is installed in. Simply paste the copied file into this location and boom. Your Hitman Blood Money demo is all ready to play on 32 bit Windows PC.

Final Words: Hitman Blood Money is an old game released in 2006. People still love this game. SO, if you are one of them then, I strongly recommend you to follow this guide and learn how to play Hitman on 32 Bit Windows PC.

If you have 64 bit PC then you can follow this guide to learn How to Play Hitman Blood Money for free.

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