Best Zebronics Wifi Adapter Reviews and Guide

Looking for the most affortable wifi adapters for your PC? Some Adapter does not come for a cheap price but Zebronics which is an Indian company proved this wrong. They provide some very good quality wifi adapters at a low cost. So, today this Best Zebronics Wifi adapters review, we are going to know which adapter is the best one and why?

The online market has some different types of Zebronics Wifi adapters to offer. So, with this review, we will know which adapter is best and why others are not compatible with you.

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Best Zebronics Wifi Adapters Review

In this Review of Best Zebronics Wifi adapters, we do not have many choices. There is mainly 2 kind of wifi adapters that Zebronics has. One of them is called a mini adapter and the other one with an antenna.

So, first of all, I am going to list up all the Zebronics Wifi adapter there is on the Amazon and explain all of its features to you. After we are going to know which adapter is the best and which one of you should go for which ones.

Zebronics ZEB-USB300WF 300Mbps

With a compact and professional design, the Zebronics Zeb-USB300WF is the fastest and good quality wifi adapter you can get. This Wifi adapter can give you up to 300Mbps internet speed wirelessly.

The beautiful black design and its small size is also one of the biggest reasons that this wifi adapter is on the first list of Amazon.

This product comes with this wifi adapter and a CD driver to install Driver for Zebronics Zeb USB-300WF. It is very easy to install a driver from the CD or you can check How to use a USB Wifi Adapter on Windows.

The security and service of this product is also very good. It comes with both WPA and WPA2 data encryption. It ensures that no other can connect to your wifi with any apps or gadgets.

With the USB 2.0, Zeb300wf can give you up to 300mbps network speed. Also with IEEE 802.11b, and USB data link protocol, you can connect this USB device in many ways.

This USB driver can also create a Hotspot from your windows PC and it also provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Similar to the previous wifi adapter, this one is called ZEBRONICS Zeb- USB150WF. It is capable of transmitting data networks at a speed of 150mbps.

It is comparatively small in size from the Zeb-USB300WF and comes with a USB 2.0 model. Small but strong, this product comes at a cheaper price on Amazon.

USB150WF comes under 400 which is very cheap. The product offers a CD drive for driver installation and the USB itself.

This wifi adapter is very easy to use. Just get your USB and plug it into your PC or Laptop. Insert CD and install the driver on your Windows.

Now just remove the USB and insert it again. Your PC will detect a USB adapter and you can set your password and connect to the internet. For a detailed guide on using Zebronics Adapter, check the above link.

In case you are having a problem while connecting to your USB Adapter then you are most welcome to read our guide on How to use a Wifi Adapter on a PC.

Last but not least, this adapter comes with WPA/WPA2 security and 1 year of carrying into a service center warranty.

Zebronics ZEB-USB300WFD

Another 300mbps wifi adapter but a different design from Zebronics. This product called Zeb-USB300WFD comes under 500 rupees only. Its price on Amazon is 499.

The antenna looks pretty cool with the adapter and it also gives you a longer and stable wifi connection compared to the other two.

Zeb USB300WFD also comes with USB2.0, 300Mbps internet speed, and WPA/WPA2 advanced security. Besides that, Zebronics has its own reputation for these wifi adapters. They are durable and long-lasting

Made of pretty strong plastic material and it also has 1 year of carrying into service center warranty. This means if it gets broken, you can bring it to your nearest Zebronics service center and get it fixed for free.

Another cool thing is, if you do not like the antenna then you can simply remove it from the adapter.

How to Download drivers for Zebronics USB Wifi Adapters?

Zebronics USB Wifi adapters come with a CD disk for downloading drivers. But sometimes we lose our CD. In that case, these drivers are always available to download from Zebronics’ official website.

  • If you ever need drivers for your adapter, follow
  • First, confirm your Zebronics Wifi adapter model.
  • Then Go to Zebronics Driver Downloads(This Link).

Then choose the right driver from the list. You will know the model number of your adapter. Or you can simply follow these links to download them directly.

Download: Zebronics wifi USB mini adapter driver Zeb-usb150wf1

Zebronics WiFi adapter not working

What we are going to do if our Zebronics Wifi adapter stops working? Well, there can be various reasons behind it. If it is a hardware problem that means your adapter is broken or something, you can always bring it to the nearest mobile repair shop or Zebronics Service Centre.

Or if it is because of the software or your Windows, your Zebronics Wifi adapter is not working then you can follow our guide or just uninstall the driver, restart your PC and reinstall it. It will surely start working again.

Which Zebronics is best for you?

Well, it depends on you. Only these three adapters from Zebronics are available on Amazon and all three has different size and features.

As for the requirements, I would recommend those who have XP or Vista to go with the USB150WF. It has a decent 150mbps speed and two of the major points are its price and driver.

The ZEB-USB150WF is the cheapest Zebronics Adapter available and the driver is also available directly on Zebronics Website while drivers for the other two are not available online.

If you do not care about drivers, you can surely go with the first one for a few rupees more. USB300WF seems to be a better choice than USB300 WFD.

What is WPA/WPA2 security in Zebronics wifi adapters?

WiFi Protected Access or WPA was introduced in 2003. This security system is weak than WPA2 and uses the TKIP method. In this security, we set up a shorter password. It is especially useful for personal use.

On the other hand, WPA2 was introduced later with a strong security system. With this enable no one can easily access your wifi with any apps or software. You can set a longer and stronger password with this security enabled.

Conclusion: So, here are all the details you need to know before buying the Best Zebronics Wifi Adapter for your PC. This review will ensure that no buyer is buying the wrong product. Please check the full Zebronics Wifi adapters review and choose the right one among the three products.

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