Teacher’s Day Ideas for Nursery Class

Looking for Teacher’s Day ideas for nursery class? Here is a short post with many ideas to solve your confusion.

Teachers are like a pillar of our life. If they don’t do their work, we are going to be an only waste. They work hard to teach us and even though we do not show interest, they forcefully make us learn about life and passion. We all know that teacher’s day is coming. So, on this special occasion, I am going to share some of the amazing Teacher’s Day Ideas for Nursery Class.

I already have made some posts on Teacher’s day games, celebration ideas, etc. But I haven’t thought about Nursery class activities for teacher’s day ideas for nursery class. Just like any school or college, Nursery schools are important too. Even the nursery classes are very important as the little kids just start to learn about life and what’s coming.


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So, If you are a Nursery Class Teacher then here are some ideas you can use to make this coming Teacher’s day cool and interesting.

Teacher's Day Activity Ideas for Nursery Class/Kinder Garden

How to Celebrate Teacher’s day in Nursery Schools

Even though it is a kinder garden or nursery school, celebrating teacher’s day is a must. So, to clear out your confusion and get your work done, here are some ideas on How to Celebrate Teacher’s day in Nursery schools or Kinder Gardens.

Teacher’s Day Activity Ideas for Nursery Class/Kinder Garden

Tambola: The Game

Tambola is a big group game, and this game is very much suitable for a lot of people or a class full of kids. At parties, this game is very famous and you can try it at your Nursery Class Teacher’s Day party.

But I think you do not know anything at all about this game. In that case, Here is a short description and a link to understand more about it.

To play this game, first, we have to create some tickets and themes for this game. You can choose any theme. You can also buy these tickets from the stores. After that, you can check here for more details on How to Play Tambola.

Musical Chair

Again this is famous and very interesting among the kids, Musical Chair is perfect for kids in nursery class. If you are up to some party on the coming teachers’ day then you will need some entertainment before your kids eat their lunch. In that case, the Musical Chair is one of the best options for Teacher’s Day activity ideas for Nursery Class or Kinder Garden.

Teachers’ Day Ideas for Nursery School.

Dumb Charades

Divide teams of teachers and students into two groups and go. Dumb Charades is really an interesting game for the big groups such as the Teacher’s day party.

Kids love to play this game a lot. Free to play this game only needs to big groups. So, on this teacher day get your two groups and have an interesting session on Dumb Charades in your Nursery Class or Kinder Garden. It is one of the funniest games suitable for a large number of people at the party.

Letter Fun Game for Teachers’ Day Idea for Nursery

Letter fun is another unique and fun-to-play game for kids in nursery class. Very easy to play this game is a must to play on this upcoming Teachers’ day. Make some slips(parchi) and write some Hindi alphabet on them, like च, ब, ल, ट, म, etc.

Now, what to do is call each member of each team. Then he or she has to pick a slip and look at the alphabet in it. Then she/he has to tell the class a story, an essay, about her mom, father, friend, brother, etc.

Before we start to talk about our favorite person, we have to tell everyone about what we are going to talk about in our session.

Flip The Pencils

Another interesting one. In this game, first of all, keep 10-12 pencils on the table. Players have to pick two pencils. The participant will keep the pencil on the back of their hand.

Teachers’ Day Ideas for Nursery School.

A guide will keep a whistle and wait for him/her to balance the two pencils on the back of their hand. Once they are keeping it well, the guide will blow the whistle and participants will have to flip their hand and catch the pencil with that single hand.

If he successfully catches the two pencils he wins the game and moves to the next round.

Male Vs Female

Every time it is not about the student’s rights. If your Nursery school has a lot of teachers then you can also get a little busy with your colleague with this game.

In this game, what we have to do is one has to do a task in 30 seconds. You can choose any task you see fit to your group. Maybe folding a Saree in 30 seconds for the male and knot a tie in 30 seconds for the females.

Just like that the game will continue and enjoy.

Longest Pencil Flake Maker

Another cool game for kids and grown-ups on this teacher’s day. This game can be played with 5-6 teachers and a few students together. First of all, Give one sharpener and pencil to the teachers. All They need to do is sharpen the pencil. But only sharpen but very carefully so that there should not be any breakage in the flakes. The longest time they can continue without breaking the flake is the winner.

Teachers’ Day Ideas for Nursery School.

Draw the Target for Teachers’ Day ideas for Nursery School

A blindfold game. Cool right? In this game, one will draw a dot on the blackboard. Once they are done then a participant will come forward and stand at a distance of 1 meter from the blackboard.

Someone will blindfold her and spin her a few times. Then he will be given chalk. He will walk straight to the board and draw a circle. If he can draw the circle around the dot then he is the winner.

If no one is able to do the task then the closes circle to the dot is the winner. Yayyy.

Cool right?

Check Some more in the Video-

Final Words: All these Teachers’ Day Ideas for Nursery class is very amazing and right for the kids in your nursery class. You can easily perform them with your little students without giving much effort. Also, these Nursery class game ideas are free and won’t need a penny to get ready for the game. So, Enjoy!


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