How to Fix Mirror Scratches at Home

So, how to remove scratches from a mirror? This problem can occur in any house as all of us have mirrors in our homes. Mirrors help us in many ways but not when they are scratched. But a scratched mirror is not completely destroyed. If your mirror has a scratch in it then think again before you throw it into the garbage. Yes, we can use a few easy home methods to fix a scratched mirror. So, let us learn how to fix Mirror Scratches permanently.

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What is a Mirror Scratch?

A mirror should always be clean and with no scratches in it. If you do have lines or small marks in it, you can call’em scratch. These scratches can occur for many reasons such as being done by a cat or done by you in an accident. However, these scratches are fixed with very little effort.

Today in this post we will learn how to remove Mirror scratches and also learn about how to keep your mirror clean for a long time.

So, let’s get into the topic-

How to Fix Mirror Scratches

How to Fix Mirror Scratches

Small scratches in your mirror can really ruin the look and the use of the mirror. Minor scratches on a mirror done by pets or little accidents can be fixed with some items available in the house. In this below guide we will mention 4 different home remedies to fix these kinds of small scratches in a mirror.

Letting you know that this guide is only for small scratches, big scratches or cracks are not applicable with this method as they will need glass experts to fix or replace with a different one.

There is a lot of product that promises to fix mirror cracks. We have reviewed and shared a guide on How to Fix Mirror Cracks here.

Tips to Fix minor scratches from a mirror-

Tip 1: Take some toothpaste and rub your scratch in the mirror with it. The chemical in our toothpaste can observe micropollutants and give a polish to smooth surfaces. So, toothpaste can remove Mirror scratches nicely.

Remember that first apply a layer of toothpaste on the mirror scratch and then let it rest for 2-5 minutes. As soon as it starts to get hard, take a fiber cloth or cotton will do. Nicely wash off and give it a nice polish with a dry side of the cloth.

Tip 2: Nail Polish is also a good polishing agent to remove those minor mirror scratches. As it also has distinct chemicals for polishing smooth surfaces such as nails. Nail Polish can also be used to remove minor mirror scratches. Simply take some nail polish on your cotton cloth and slowly start polishing.
It will surely fix the scratch from your mirror.

Tip 3: We can also use a mustard/vinegar paste. If you’ve got dry mustard and white vinegar in your kitchen then you can make a remedy to fix Mirror Scratches. Simply combine it and spread the paste mixture on the mirror.

Now rest it for 1-2 minutes to work it out then nicely polish it off. Always remember to give a nice long rub to polish your mirror.

Tip 4: This trick is not so handy as you will need a jewelry polishing compound. Jewelry polishing compound or cerium oxide is not something you keep in your house but if you can make it available then it can also help with some deep scratches on your mirror.

Just like the nail polishing agent. Take some amount of Jewelry polishing compound on your cloth and apply on the scratched place. Let it rest for a few minutes give it a nice rub and polish it well to fix Mirror Scratches at home.

So, these are the 4 techniques that experts use to fix minor scratches from a mirror. Big scratches or cracks are not something to fix, you can simply remove them and replace them with a good one.

Final Words: Scratches can occur in your nice clean mirror which is really annoying. We have shared these general tips which people often use to fix their mirrors whether it is a home mirror car mirror or any other mirror you have.

So, use these simple tricks on your good old mirror scratches with a wash of those marks in no time.

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