How to Build a PC under 5000 rupees in 2023

Looking for a PC Build under 5000 rupees in 2023? These days PC parts prices are going really high and people can’t think about a good PC under a decent price range. Even an average Desktop Computer is going to cost you 40,000+ rupees. But today in this article, we are going to tell you how to build a PC under 5000 rupees in 2023.

Cheapest PC build under 5k is possible but with some consideration. If you can manage with these conditions then you can definitely build a low price desktop under 5000 rupees. You should know that this PC is not for gaming but if you just want to learn your first PC then this one is perfect for your next 1-year Computer training PC.

How do we exactly build a PC under 5000 as the PC parts prices are skyrocketing? Letting you all know that, we will only use new PC hardware to build a PC under 5000 rupees and all the PC parts are available on Amazon and Flipkart. You can directly visit the link to avail the best deal there is.

Required PC Parts for 5000 rupees PC build

To build a PC under 5000 rupees, we will need this PC parts mentioned below-

Ant Value H61MAD3-N mATX Gaming Motherboard– The cheapest motherboard with a 1-year warranty(1,690/-)Amazon*

INTEL Core i5-3470(2,899/-)amazon*

Or Intel Core i3 i3-2120 Dual-core(790/-)Amazon*

Consistent 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Desktop RAM (699/-)Amazon*

500GB Hard Driver(2 years warranty(680/-)Amzon*

Zebronics 450 Watt power supply (699/-)Amazon*

Zebion Computer Case Cabinet(979/-)Amazon*

So, these are the hardware you will need to build a PC under 5000 rupees in India 2023. You are going to need a PC cabinet and a monitor too for this PC build. I have included an average Desktop cabinet under 1000.

Many of us already have an old monitor in our homes. You can use them or you can buy a new one. A cheap monitor will cost you under 2000-3000 rupees. However, you can get it second-hand from OLX.

Check OLX Link for Cheap Monitor

Now, without delay let us begin How to build a PC under 5000 rupees guide.

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5000 Rupees PC build Guide (2023)

So, in this 5000 rupees PC Build guide, we are going share which PC parts are good for this budget desktop. We have already mentioned all the PC parts that required. Now let us know a bit details about these hardware. So that you can choose the best for you.

If you want your budget desktop PC to be both cheap and capable then the first thing you should look for is the CPU and Mobo. To build the cheapest PC under 5k, you have go with Intel I3 CPU and supported motherboard.

Intel I3 CPU for PC under 5k

5000 rupees PC build Guide in 2022

As we have mentioned Intel I3 CPU is the perfect CPU for a PC build under 5k. Why? Because it is the cheapest CPU from Intel in the market. We Also have mentioned a budget I5 CPU that comes under 2500rs. It is totally depends on you, if you want to get a better quality CPU.

Another reason to get this CPU is that you will get all the basic benefits from this CPU. I can assure, that you won’t need more than this CPU as a beginner.

Remember, Better CPU means handling handling load and it will create less pressure on your PC. Less Pressure means Long Lasting.

Ant Value H61MAD3-N mATX Gaming Motherboard

Here in this post, we have chosen the Ant Value H61MAD3-N mATX Gaming Motherboard which is the cheapest but good quality motherboard available in the Amazon.

How to Build a Computer under 5000

Check out a detailed review of the Ant Value H61MAD3-N mATX Gaming Motherboard by ANT. ANT is a reputed brand in terms of Computer parts.

This budget Motherboard is quite capable of handling lot of things. Even a little gaming is suitable for this mobo. It supports all the Intel CPUs from I3 to I7. And it also has rest of the features that a Desktop Computer need.

Consistent 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Desktop RAM

Time for the RAM. Every PC will require RAM to operate. If you ask me about the RAM for this low price PC build under 5000 rupees in India then i will simply ask you to get the Consistent 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Desktop RAM. Why?

Because, considering the CPU and motherboard and for our low budget PC build, this 8GB RAM is perfect. Here is the Consistent 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Desktop RAM on Amazon. You can get it without a second thought.

Last but not least is the Hard Disk

500 GB Hard Disk

According to our budget and low price pc build, we can choose a 500 gb hard disk under 1000 rupees. Here is a direct link to amazon for a Hard Disk i recommend. GEONIX 500GB Desktop Hard Drive | ‎5400 RPM comes with 2 years warranty which is great a for Desktop under 5000 rupees.

You can also go with 128 GB m.2 ssd. It will fast your computer to 30X but you will get low storage. A windows 7 can easily run on this storage. You won’t be able to use much on this PC under 5k. So, a 128 gb storage is also enough for this. Here is the direct link to Amazon: PremiumAV Green m.2 SSD, 550MB/s

Zebion Computer Case Cabinet

In this budget, you will also need a cabinet for this build. Zebion Computer Case Cabinet is just the thing you need. It is the least priced Desktop cabinet available on Amazon. You can also look for a cheaper one in the local shops.

Monitor is not included in this build.

Now that we know the secret about a 5000 rupees PC build, all you need to do is get these PC parts and assemble them nice and good.

It may take 1-2000 rupees more to build it by a professional but trust me you will do just fine if you just follow this guide mentioned below-

How to Build a Desktop PC under 5000

As we know what components we need to build a computer under 5000. You can visit any local store and ask them to build a PC with this PC hardware. If they refuse, you can still order these pc parts online and ask them to build them for you. Or you can build a PC by yourself.

Assembling a Desktop is easy and exciting. But you have to learn and study some basics first.

Follow these simple steps or watch the video guide to proceed-

First of all, take your Motherboard out of the Box and place it on a flat surface. Also, keep the motherboard manual to your side.

Take out the CPU slowly and carefully, place it on the CPU socket and close it. Watch the video first to perform the task. After that, take the CPU Fan place it on the CPU, and tight the 4 screws on it. As soon as the fan is fit, take the fan wire and connect it to the 4 pin CPU fan connector on the motherboard. Watch the video nicely, also check your mobo manual to clear your doubts.

After the CPU, take your RAM and place it on the RAM DIMM Slots. A video guide is given. Watch and learn how to place a RAM. After placing the RAM. Now move to the next step which is placing the Motherboard on the PC cabinet.

Find the screw hole on the motherboard and Simply and slowly place them on the screw holes on your cabinet. They should match exactly on all corners. Do not forget to place the IO shield(still, the plate comes with the mobo. It doesn’t have a screw, simply place it and press it to lock it in its place). After that, first insert and set all the USB and output/input ports in the Io shield, then place the screw and tighten the screw.

Your PC build is almost done. On this next step, get your PSU(power supply and take a good look at the wires it has. First of all, it should have a 20pin or 24 pin Connector. The motherboard has 20 Pin. So, take the 20 pins and gently plug them on the connector on the motherboard.

After this place your Hard drive in a good place of cabinet and connect it to a SATA Cable for power and another SATA cable will connect from the HDD to Motherboard. You will see ports well written as SATA.

After that, connect your USB port cables to the right destination. To do it well, watch the video tutorial and read the Motherboard manual to know which is the audio port, power port, restart port, and USB port. After you get them, simply take each cable from the PC case, and simply connect to the motherboard ports.

Video Guide

As we do not have a GPU(graphics card), our PC build is now done. Now take a VGA cable and connect one side to your monitor and another side to your IO shield in the back of your PC. Then connect all the input devices such as mouse and keyboard.

Lastly, take the PSU cable from the PSU Monitor cable, and connect them to your electrical plug. Then nicely switch one PSU switch and start your PC with a Cabinet power switch.

This should perfectly run your PC and this is how to build a PC under 5000 rupees in 2022. If you get stuck in any situation, you can join our Telegram Page How2Guide and Text one of our Admins for guidance. No need to worry about anything because How2Guide is always here to help.

FAQs: Build a PC under 5000

What is the best Computer under 5000 rupees in India?

In this year 2023, you can only get a custom build PC under 5000 rupees in India. All you need to do is get the PC parts mentioned in this post and assemble them yourself or get help from a local expert or shop owner.

Can i Really build a PC under 5000 rupees in 2023?

Yes, you can build a Desktop PC under 5000 rupees in India. We have mentioned a details guide to build a 5000 rupees PC in this article. You can even go cheaper by selecting a cheaper Motherboard and CPU.

Both are available on Amazon. You can comment below to get suggestion from us.

How to Build a PC under 5k?

First of all get all the pc parts mentioned in this post. then You can simply watch the YouTube video to assemble a your PC under 5k.

What a low budget PC capable of?

You can do all the basic things from typing to surfing internet with a low Budget PC under 5000 rupees.

Can I Build this PC with a lower price?

Yes, you can get all the parts 2nd hand from OLX and build the same PC under lower price.

Final Words: This 5000 rupees PC build guide is perfect for kids and absolute beginners who do not have an idea about computers. Learn how to build your first computer for under 5000 rupees with our best guide and get started with your digital life.

I hope you all liked this post. Consider sharing and subscribing to our page.

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