Cheapest PC Build under 3000-4000 rupees

Looking for a desktop PC at a really low Price? well, It sure is possible. Building a Low Price PC Under 3000 rupees in 2023 is possible. But surely you have to consider some drawbacks from your budget PC. So, without delay, let’s get started with our PC Build under 3000-4000 rupees.

In the world of technology, everyone wants a computer that works well and doesn’t cost too much. As 2023 begins, building a good computer within a budget of 3000-4000 rupees in India is an interesting challenge. This article explains how to put together a cheap but effective desktop computer under the cheapest price possible. It covers everything, from what you can expect from this kind of PC to the parts you need to buy to build it. We also have shared a detailed guide on How to Build PC under 3000-4000 rupees.

How to Make the Cheapest PC Under 3000 Rs in 2023

Making a desktop under 3000-4000 rupees is possible but with some consideration. If you are good with these considerations then you will be getting a fresh new Budget PC under this price range.

To make the cheapest PC under 4000, we will be guiding you with the cheapest PC parts that are available on Amazon. You can easily get them from Amazon and get your build done in no time.

I have seen many YouTubers talking about buying used PC parts from OLX but it is very confusing. We have made this guide on Budget PC build under 3000 rupees for our valuable readers so that they can make this 3000 rupees budget PC without any problem and confusion.

Creating a frugal yet functional PC demands strategic decisions. Opt for a balance between performance and price, choosing components that offer optimal value. In the below section, we are going to hunt for budget-friendly processors, like Intel I3 which is good for average homework, a budget-friendly video card such as Intel UHD for casual gaming and multimedia tasks. DDR3 Ram, low-price Hard Disc, Required Motherboard, etc.

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What to Expect from this Low Price PC Under 3000-4000 Rupees

It’s really important to know what to expect when you’re buying a budget PC under 3000-4000 rupees. Budget PCs aren’t as powerful as expensive ones, but they’re great for regular stuff like browsing the internet, working on documents, and playing some games. They might have trouble with really demanding programs, but they’re perfect for everyday things you do on a computer.

With this 4000 rupees PC build, you can only do basic homework using Microsoft Office, typing, doing excells, average coding, playing browser games like Mario, etc. Do not keep high expectations with this PC. You should never put a high load on this budget PC as it can be damaged quickly in the future.

Pros and Cons

When we talk about budget computers, there are good things and not-so-good things. The good part is they are cheap, so more people can use computers. They also use less energy, which is good for the environment. But, they can’t handle fancy graphics or do a lot of things at once. If you want to play high-quality games or use complicated software, these computers might not be the best choice.

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How to Build a PC Under 3000-4000 Rupees in India

How to Build a PC Under 3000-4000 Rupees in India

It’s not that hard task to do. All you need is a little confidence and some basic knowledge. If you want to build this cheapest PC under 4000 rupees on your own then I would suggest you watch some Intel PC building tutorials on YouTube. After this, you will have enough knowledge about all the PC Parts and what they do.

Then you can simply read the Motherboard and Cabinet Manual and follow the manual to assemble the PC parts nicely without any mistakes.

Now, To build this Budget PC under 3000-4000 rupees, you need to get the cheapest PC parts. We have hunt down the best quality PC parts for this PC build under 3000-4000 rupees. Check below-

Simply get them from Amazon and get started with the build.

Required PC Parts

Processor: I3 2ND GEN 2100 Processor 3.10Ghz 2 CORES 4 Threads ( ₹540)

CPU Fan: Processor Cooling Fan for i3/i5/i7 (₹279)

Motherboard: Consistent DDR3 Motherboard CMB-H61 (₹1,699)

RAM: Consistent 4GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz Desktop Memory (₹399)

Storage: GEONIX 500GB Desktop Hard Drive.(₹769)

Power Supply: Zebronics 450 Watt Economy Series Power Supply SMPS (₹620)

Casing: Zebion Computer Case Cabinet ( ₹979)

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PC Build under 3k-4k in 2023 | Guide

In this detailed guide, we’ll show you how to build an affordable computer in 2023 under 3000-4000 rupees. We’ll explain everything, from picking the parts to putting them together and installing the software. Don’t be afraid to try it out! Follow our instructions, and you’ll create a powerful and budget-friendly computer that suits your needs perfectly.”

Step 1: Take Motherboard watch it very carefully. Locate every position where your other parts will go. Now take the Motherboard manual and watch and try to figure out everything before you start building your PC.

Caution: Always be static charge-free while touching any PC Parts. You can touch any steel rod to be static charge-free or just wear rubber gloves.

Step 2: First of all, you have to attach the CPU. Unlock the CPU case on Motherboard, Slowly place the CPU and close the case again. After this, place the fan and screw the 4 corners.

Step 3: Install the RAMs. Now it is time to place the Motherboard in your Cabinet. Watch the Manual carefully place the Motherboard and fit it well.

Step 4: Now you can place all the wires in their place. First of all, place the SMPS power supply in its place and then take the 20-pin power cable and attach it to the motherboard. Just like that, take the 4-pin cable, SATA cable, and cabinet power cable and plug it in.

Step 5: Place the hard drive and connect all the wires with it to the motherboard.

Now pretty much all done, you can now plug the HDMI port. After this, all you have to do is, plug in the Monitor Power cable and Desktop Power cable. Switch it on and just like that you are done with your Cheapest PC Build under 3000-4000 rupees.

PC Cabinet is an extra material in this guide that is going to extend the budget of 4000 rupees. If you want to cut the cost and stay under the budget then you can get a used PC cabinet for 300-500 rupees from any local computer shop. Rest of the PC parts you can buy new ones from Amazon.

We Hope you liked this guide on Cheapest PC Build under 3000-4000 rupees. This Desktop PC is going to be perfect for beginners to try and train with the small works or for the kid’s homework.

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