How to Earn Money by Writing Quotes, Poems, & Stories

Are you an expert in making quotes? Do you think you have a specialty in thinking new Shayari, quotes, short jokes, etc? Well, then you can make a lot of money with your talent. Today in this post I will be telling you how to earn money by writing quotes, poems, and Stories.

Not many people are talented enough to create shayris, quotes, etc. It needs a sharp mind, creative thinking, and a lot more knowledge about words. If you think you have a special talent for creating good quotes then there are a lot of ways to earn money by writing quotes.

These ways are not confirmed tricks but if you are confident about your work then with your hard work and patience, you can definitely earn a lot of money with the quotes you will make.


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So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with our topic

How to Earn Money by Writing Quotes

First of all, let me tell you that this guide is a foolproof work-for-home idea. It’s all about how much time you give to your work at home. If you can write more quotes and create more content then it is more likely to gain success more quickly.

Now I will explain every trick one by one-

Write Quotes on Partner Websites

Write Quotes on Partner Websites

Yes, We can find many websites to write quotes, jokes, and poems for them. These websites also pay a good amount of money to those who provide unique and passionate work.

Simply search on google about writing quotes and you will find websites or apps that allow you to write quotes, poems, jokes, and even articles for them. At first, your posts will get rejected but if you have patience and passion then you will surely get success and earn money by writing quotes.

One of my favorite platforms to create and sell any of your products whether it is digital or physical is Gearbubble. Gearbubble allows you to set up an online store and you can sell your quotes, poems, and stories to your audience.

Once you start your work there, you will start gaining an audience as your fans. Then you can promote your work. For a better understanding of how to create and manage an account on Geabubble, here is a video guide.

The next idea is the Social Media Platforms-

Earn money byWriting quotes, Poems, on Social Media

How to Earn Money by Writing Quotes

Social Media is at top of everything these days. Gaining an audience and convert your audience to money is an artwork. Out of the Billions of people, you will find at least a million who are going to be interested in your quotes and poems. But first, you will have to get to them.

You can simply create accounts on your favorite social media account and then right or create your thoughts in a portrait or image. and then post them regularly. You have to be patient with this because social media works really slowly. Just post your work every day for a long time and don’t quit. You will start earning money very soon with your own written quotes, poems, and stories.

Another better thing than these two is publishing your work on your own website. How?

Publish your Poem, story, and quotes on your Website

Publish your Poem, story, quotes on your Website

This can get tricky for you if you do not know how to handle a website but if you can manage to learn and create a website of your own then it will be a very easy and well-maintained profile of yours. Who knows many people get famous with their work.

All you have to do is first create a website and then write your beautiful thoughts. Then create your quotes, stories, and poems shayaris with photoshop or an online page designer and then you can post them on your website. You can also write them directly on your website and publish as a page.

Ranking a website takes time but when it will get ranked on google, thousands of people are going to visit, read and interact with your work. Roughly in one year, you will be able to earn money by writing quotes, poems, shayaris, and even stories. Cool right?

If you don’t have any idea on how to make a website then you can simply contact us and follow our guidance or you can also pay our clients to make one for you.

How much we can earn by writing quotes online?

It is not certain but working hard can get you from 30000 rupees to 50000 rupees per month from your quotes, poems and stories.

How to Create Quotes to earn money?

You can search online quote maker where you can choose a beautiful thumbnail and write your quote and save the image on your local folder.

Which types of quotes do people like?

People like every type of quote and poem. It can be funny, serious, sad, etc.

Final Words: Writing quotes and stories is a work of a philosopher. So, if you think you can do this then just go for it and do not waste your talent. I have mentioned a well-fitted guide for how to earn money by writing quotes, poems, and stories in this post. Use these tricks to gain success with your talent.

I hope you liked this post. Please let us know how you feel about these tips in the comment.


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