How to Fix a Burnt Puff Bar| easy guide

Puff bars are getting pretty popular in some continents. These puff bars are also called E-cigarettes commonly. Many of our subscribers mentioned this puff bar and how to fix’em. Today in this post, we will tell about Puff bars and how to fix a burnt puff bar very easily.

What is a Puff Bar?

Puff Bar is just an alternative to cigarettes. Due to regulation, some governments have banned the use of cigarettes in their country. So, to counter this issue, the disposal of fruity-flavored cigarettes has been introduced to the market.

These cigarettes can be used by charging and each one is disposable after use. Also, they come with different fruit flavors and they are tasty too. Due to its unique flavor and reliability, this E-cigarettes or Puff bar is very famous among Teen-mid aged people.

But there is a problem. People have been asking if they can fix a burnt puff bar or not. In this case, I say everything is possible. In the below guide, we will share a simple trick that has been shared on YouTube Video.


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So, How do we do it?

How to Fix a Burnt Puff Bar

How to Fix a Burnt Puff Bar

The first thing is, can we really fix a burnt puff bar? the answer is yes. A Youtuber called ChillBros has uploaded a video telling how he fixed a burnt puff bar taste on his own. He also showed the simple trick which we are going to share in this post.

A burnt Puff bar can be of many stages. It can be completely burnt which is of course not possible to fix. However, if you accidentally burn some part of it, well it depends on how you got it burnt.

If you see that it can be fixed then it may be possible that this trick works.

Follow these steps to fix a burnt puff bar-

Follow these steps to fix a burnt puff bar-

First of all, take your Puff Bar/E-cigarette and remove or burn parts with a brush. Do not force to break just simply brush off the burnt parts.

Now, check all sides and find the leaks in it. Once you have found out the leaks, you should be able to tell the problem.

First, check if the issue is with any electronic device in it or it is just the plastic body that got leaked.

If it is only the body, simply use plastic superglue and glue. Then melt down a small piece of plastic and attach it with some glue.

Or if it is an electronic issue, then you can surely take it to a mechanic and ask them to find the problem. They have the meter which they use to find issues in electronics boards.

Or try this Youtube method to fix a Puff Bar Burnt Taste-

Fix Puff Bar Burnt Taste Guide

How to fix a Puffbar Burnt Taste?

To fix a Burnt Puff Bar taste, first of all, take a tooth stick and sharpen it so that it can fit into the small hole of the puff bar.

Now, in the next step take your buff bar hold it steady and insert the stick into the hole.

Now simply press the stick against the puff bar. Press it harder as it will take a little more pressure to it. As soon as the stick goes all the way in, take it out and do the same process 2-3 times.

When you are done simply give it a try and check if that fixed your E-cigarette.

So, this is how we can fix a Burnt Puff bar taste with a tooth picker.

Final Words: We do not recommend using any kind of cigarettes e-cigarettes or Puff bars as they are extremely harmful to kids and adults. So, it is better to get rid of this harmful stuff and live a healthy life. However, if you are just trying for the first time for the experience then it sure can be fun.

Check this guide to learn how to use a Puff Bar and How to fix if your puff bar got burnt.

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