How to Remove Feviquick from Hand

How to Remove Feviquick from hand? This is one of the major problems for our everyday people. If you are also want to know how to get rid of Feviquick after it gets on your skin then you are in the right place. Today we are going to share with you the best guide to easily remove Feviquick from your hand without hurting yourself.

What is Feviquick?

Feviquick is a super glue that sticks to any surface(mostly plastic) in seconds. This quick glue is very useful for cars, plastic, ceramic, etc. But it can be very problematic if it sticks to your hand.

This glue can be used safely but many times it gets on our hands and it is very hard to remove. Sometimes people remove their hardened skin to remove the glue which is dangerous.

So, today we are here to provide you with the best way to remove Feviquick from hand with a home remedy.


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How to Remove Feviquick from Hand

Feviquick is a water-like superglue and it becomes super hard as soon as it gets on an open surface. Sometimes it creates an even worst situation when it gets on our hands and our two fingers stick to each other. You do not have to get scared in these situations because it may look hurtful to remove that hardened Feviquick but after reading this post, you will know how to remove Feviquick from hand easily with a home remedy.

To remove Feviquick from your hand, all you need to do is follow these simple methods. I will be sharing 3 simple methods. All the methods can be done with certain things that can easily be found at home-

how to remove feviquick from hand with nail polish

Tip One: Remove with Nail Polish

The first and the most useful method to remove Feviquick or any kind of glue is with the nail polish remover. Nail Polish removed contains alcohol which is the best chemical to remove Hardened Feviquick or any kind of glue from skin.

Removing Feviquick with nail polish is totally harmless and painless. So, if you are ever got stuck with Feviquick on your skin, do not try to remove it with any steel tool, or do not try to eat your skin off. This might cause a skin infection. Instead, follow these steps

  • Get a nail polish removed on a small piece of cotton.
  • Rum the liquid generously on the place.
  • Let it rest for a minute then try to remove it by rubbing. (DO not add water, it will harden the glue more)
use lemon juice citric acid to remove glue from skin

Tip 2: Remove Nail Polish with Lemon

We can also use Lemon juice to remove Feviquick from our hands. Lemon Juice contains acetic acid which also can remove the glue. Lemon is the best home remedy for removing glue from your hand. If you do not have nail polish in your home then simply get a piece of lemon and start rubbing it on the surface of your skin.

After doing it for some time, the acetic acid of the lemon juice will start melting the glue and it will start to brush off the skin slowly. It may take some time to remove Feviquick with lemon but it will surely give you a painless solution for removing Feviquick.

surgery spirit or alchohol based solution

Tip 3: Try Alchohol to Remove Feviquick from Hand

Alcohol! It may be a bit rare for household items but Pure Alcohol can also remove Feviquick or nay super glue in minutes. If you can not manage alcohol then there are some other alternatives available in the market like Hand Sanitizer or Surgical Spirit.

All of these contains 70% or more alcohol and it can easily remove a few quickly from hand without pain or causing any damage to your skin.

Simply apply any of the following solutions with the help of cotton.

Start rubbing and rub it till the hardened Feviquick starts to get off from the skin. You have to keep rubbing the solution until all the hardened few quick get off from the skin. Also, you need to remember that do not try to scatch skin to remove any part of the glue from your hand.

Final Words: Superglue like Feviquick is harmful to the skin. Even if you can remove the glue from the skin by biting or pinching, do not try to do it. It may work with hard skins but you can never know, some skin even can bleed and lead to infection. Instead of doing foolish things, try these three best tips to remove Feviquick from Hand. I am pretty sure it will remove glue painlessly.

I hope you liked this post. Please follow up for more.


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