How to Draw Doraemon Easily for Kids

Doremon is not so easy to draw but if you follow our tricks and tips then it will be very easy to draw Doraemon for beginners. If you are not so good at drawing then this Doraemon drawing guide will help you find the best tips for easy drawing.

Doraemon is a cartoon character and kids love it very much. This cartoon character is a robot cat that has a round-shaped head, a round-shaped belly, 2 arms, and 2 legs. If you are familiar with Doraemon then you already know how Doraemon looks.

In this Doraemon drawing tutorial, we will take you to a step-by-step guide to learn the best way to draw Doraemon for beginners. We have made this guide based on the easiest drawings. Also if you are a beginner you might get some trouble shaping all sides which are going to be our first priority for making the drawing perfect.


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How to Draw Doraemon for Beginner

Now we will be going to take you through the tutorial for drawing a Doraemon drawing easily. This will include a few steps which are very easy to follow.

Simply follow these steps to draw Doraemon-

First of all, watch the image of Doraemon very carefully and try to visualize it in your head. Now you will need to figure out how big you want your drawing to be.

After you have done figuring out the image, you can take your pencil and start drawing. The easiest way to draw Doraemon is by making it with a simple concept which is “O”.

Choose a place and draw 2 O-O for the eyes of Doraemon. You can see it in the image. Just like that, two Os connected for the eye. Also, you have to draw two small “o” inside the big O.

How to Draw Doraemon for Beginner

Just like that another small o inside the O again. It may be confusing but you can see in the image, how easily we can finish up drawing two eyes with just drawing some o inside the O. Cool right? Now moving to the next step.

Another circle will be drawn in between the two eyes as shown in the image. This one is the nose of your Doraemon. Now draw a small straight line and draw a Curve shown in the image for its mouth.

doraemon drawing for kids

Now for completing the mouth, draw a bowl shape connected to the curve. It will be its mouth completed. If you have done any mistake and then watch it from the image and correct it. Also, to make its tongue, make a half heart shape in its mouth just like in the image.

Now to complete the face, first draw 6 whiskers 3 on each side. Then draw a circle from the sides of the eyes. You will also need to draw another circle but this time covering the whole face including the eyes.

easy drawing drawing for beginners

Now it is time for the body. Carefully observe the image and make the collar and then there will be a drum shape for its middle body. After you have done making the body shape, draw all the details like the pocket, bell, the border around the pocket, etc.

Carefully observe the image and make the collar and then there will be a drum shape for its middle body.

Lastly, draw the small paws from the body like it is shown in the image. After that, you can add the arms on both sides. Drawing these curved arms may not be easy for you. Simply take a pencil and draw very lightly so that later you can erase and correct the wrong parts.

complete drawing nobita doraemon

So, in this Doraemon drawing guide, you have learned simple ways to draw one for yourself. If you still got problems then here I have found this youtube channel called DrawSOCute. This channel uploaded this amazing video that shows how to draw Doraemon easily and perfectly.


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How to Color Doraemon Drawing

How to Color Doraemon cartoon Drawing

We all know that Doraemon is a colorful character. It is a white and blue-colored Robocat and it belongs to the 2050 century.

So, we have just made this Doraemon drawing and it needs it’s an original color combination to look real. As you can see in the image, Doraemon has a simple blue color in the outer layer and White color in its inner body. It also has some red color parts such as nose and corler. You can simply follow the color pattern from the given image.

When did Doraemon start its show?

Doraemon came to its first appearance in 1970.

Who is Doraemon?

Doraemon is a fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series. He is a male robotic cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a preteen boy named Nobita.

Final Words: Doraemon is not so hard to draw. Kids love to watch Doraemon cartoons and it is very joyful for them to learn to draw Doraemon. If you also want to learn how to draw Doraemon or you want to teach the best easy way to draw Doraemon then this post will surely help you.

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