How to Draw India Map for Beginners?

India map drawing is one most important things for our students. It is important for every Indian kid and teenager to learn about India Map and study about it. It also includes learning to Draw it. Every school kid gets this homework to draw a nice India Map. So, if you are looking for a way then today we are here to provide you with a well-suited guide on How to Draw an India Map.


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India Map Drawing Guide

So, as we already know that we are here to learn how to draw India Map as easily as possible. Drawing an India map is not something you can learn from a web page but we will try our best to give you every India map drawing trick for the best easy method.

So, here is a simple India map drawing without any marks or details in it. It is just the outline of the map of India.

Now that you know the overall size and shape of an India map. To give you a proper guide and the easiest way to draw a map like this, let’s explore how we can make an India Map in 5 minutes

How to Draw an India Map

To draw an India Map, first, you need to look at the map and observe it very carefully. After you have done looking at each corner and every angle.

Now you need to visualize the map in your head and start drawing by following the given tips.

For beginners, I would like to recommend this simple trick. The trick is to draw any structure, first draw the outlines with a light touch of a pencil. This way the lines won’t go dipper and you will be able to erase small parts and correct them without leaving a mark of your previous mistake. Drawing like this also gives you an idea of what is going wrong with your drawing and help you to visualize the right structure of your drawing.

Now that you know it, start your drawing very slowly and patiently by following these step by step guides-

First of all, take these measurements for drawing India Map. If you want to draw a bigger portrait of the map then simply double or triple the measurement and try to draw. But for the first time, I will recommend you to draw this size only.

India map drawing measurement

Now that you have drawn the lines and measured them, add the following lines to it. These lines also should be exactly the same measurement on the image.

how to draw India map

After you have done it, now simply try to draw the image with the help of the image below. This will be helpful for you to draw the image as simply as possible. Simply connect the rest of the body and you are done.

complete drawing India map and correct the mistakes

It will take time and effort. DO not expect to draw your first Map with less effort. Take your time and lightly draw the outlines. First, draw a quarter part then try to find the mistake. Erase the mistake and try to perfect it.

Now that you are done with the outlines, watch this image below and carefully draw one at a time. These lines are the borderlines of the states of India. There are 28 states.

draw states on India map

This is the most important step and you need to draw the lines as lightly as possible because it will be some mistakes with the size of the states. You can not measure the size of each state.

So the trick is to draw all of them at the same time with a very light touch of your pencil. Visualize every state outline and size before you start. After you finish drawing them. Check which one is small or bigger and try to correct them.

So, this is a simple guide to drawing an India map for beginners. I have found this Youtube channel called Just Draw It uploaded an easy guide showing how to draw an India map. Check the video for the best knowledge.

Final Words:

India map is not so hard to draw even if you are a beginner. Such a simple map can easily be made with some practice. The only important tip you need does not to give up. Try and practice and soon you will know how to draw India map easily. Good Luck!

I hope you liked this India Map drawing guide. Follow for more.

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