How to Earn Money from Home in Bangalore without Investment

Well, if you too want to earn money without investment then this article can help you to learn some easy ways to earn money from home. In this article, we are going to explore some genuine ways and learn how to earn money from home in Bangalore without Investment. But first, you should know that there is nothing like Free Money and if you really want to earn some money from home then you got to be hard working.

Now, many of us do not know that we can actually earn money without investing. In this new era of the internet, there are many opportunities that provide us our value. You can easily get a platform for work or look for work on the internet.

From Freelancing to self-business plans, all you are going to need is an active mind and hard-working flesh. So, today in this article we are going to discuss 5 simple ways to earn money from home in Bangalore without investment.

These methods include many ideas such as easy as taking surveys to hard to a freelancing service, or web management. So, let’s learn in a short note, how we can actually earn money from home in Bangalore-

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How to Earn Money from Home in Bangalore

Well, Bangalore is a pretty amazing place and I suppose everyone has their mobile phone and internet on it. Internet is a real place to earn without investment. All you need to do is catch a platform and stick to it. Today I am going to tell you about these simple methods on the internet which you can use to earn money from home in Bangalore without Investment.


become a freelancer

Freelance is the most genuine way to earn some easy money from your client. But you need to have some talent first. What freelancing is, is an open platform where everyone can join and offer their service to you million of customers seeking some expert to do their work for them.

There are thousands of niches you can join. Choose from simple article writing to high-paid work such as graphic design, video editing, and much more.

We have multiple platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. All you need to do is join any of these platforms (Fiverr is good if you are from India). Then create an account and post your gigs.

Remember to build your gig nice and transparent. This way your gig will rank on top after some time and it will start getting responses from the clients. Talk to your clients and make a deal about the job. Take an order, do the job, and get paid instantly. If you have any special skills then this is the best way to start earning money from home in Bangalore without investment.

Article Writing

write product review articles to earn money from home

This is one way you will not find it anywhere else. To do this job, you will need some really basic English writing skills. Because to write a simple product review, you do not need any high-performing English skills.

Yes, you can write a blog article or product review articles for big bloggers. How to find them? Easy, there are lots of groups on Telegram for digital marketers. They always need an article writer. Find some groups on Telegram and join them.

Soon, you will start receiving messages from clients seeking product review articles. If you don’t, simply send a message about your gig to every group. Article writing fee can go from .15 paisa per word(PPW) to 30 PPW.
This means you can earn from 200 to 500 for a 1000 word article. Cool right. This way you can easily earn money from home in Bangalore even if you do not have a PC, you can do it with your phone or tablet too.


earn money from home by taking surveys in Bangalore

Not looking for any hard-working job? These two were the most genuine job you can get in a short amount of time. There are 100s of ways to earn money from home but many of them are time-consuming.

But this one on the other hand is very fast but not so genuine. Taking a survey is no work. If you are looking for some basic pocket money earning because you are bored then you can also do this from Bangalore without investing any money.

Surveys are so simple. All you have to do is answer their questions. There can be 30-50 questions related to your or others’ lifestyle. For completing each query, you will get gift cards worth 25$-50$.

In your free time, just sit and visit your favorite survey site and participate in any existing survey. Each survey will take 150-20 minutes. Do not answer directly without thinking. Each question should be answered relevantly and correctly. Also if you do not have an answer and you are choosing others then remember to provide one.

Some famous Survey Platforms-

Survey Monkey


Final Words: Earn Money from Home In Bangalore

So, this is how to earn money from home in Bangalore without investment. Choose any of these three methods to learn and earn money from home in Bangalore without wasting money.

I hope this will help find ways to earn money from Bangalore without investing.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Ahamed I want to Know And (Earn) About Part time Earning Like Survey, Data Entry And Bookkeeping. Currently I Am doing course In Accounting Field And Working As Intern So i need to Eran money As a part time Kindly Let me know About Prat time Work Which You are providing…..

    • If you are trying to be a scholar then good, best is to get a degree first and you can surely do part-time work for some pocket money. I would suggest you write articles for others. This can be the easiest thing to do for you. Join Fiverr or look for pro bloggers or digital marketers groups in Telegram. Tell them you can write an article/blog post. They will provide topics. Each article provided will get you 200-500 rupees. Good Luck!


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