How to use Zinda Tilismath for Cold

Zinda Tilismath is a multi-purpose herbal ayurvedic is magical herbal medicine. It can be used for many sicknesses like cold, cough, headache, body pain, etc. Many of us already know about this amazing remedy but very few know how to use Zinda Tilismath for colds and other ailments.

Today in this article we are going to cover every ailment that Zinda Tilismath is used for and how can we use it for different types of sicknesses. Zinda Tilismath can be used both internally and from outside too.

What is Zinda Tilismath

Zinda Tilismath is a specially formulated Unani (Greek)/ herbal medicine. It started its journey in 1920 the Spanish flu pandemic began.

This herbal medicine is a unique blend of essential oil and natural herbs. After researching for ages, this pure blend of wild herbs and medicinal was made for those in need. It is a trusted Herbal Medicine that is used for common ailments like cold, headache, vomiting, cough, throat pain, body pain, stomach disorders, ear pain, and tooth pain to name a few.

All are made of pure herbal and ayurvedic ingredients and have no side effects. We can use both internally and externally.

It is basically a liquid medicine. All you have to do is add some drop on hot water or tea-like drink or to use externally, simply rub it in the right position.


Eucalyptus Oil

Antimicrobial Activity of Eucalyptus.



Alkanna Tinctoria


Treats body pain, headache, vomitings, stomach disorders, Dysentery throat pain, ear pain, tooth pain, Cholera, BREATHING TROUBLE OF CHILDREN, Ear Trouble, Scorpion Sting.

Made with 100% herbal and natural ingredients.

Very safe and has no side effects to use.

User friendly for both kids and adults.

Zinda Tilismath| How to Use

Internal Use of Zinda Tilismath

Throat Trouble

Throat troubles like tonsillitis, Hard Breathing, and pain while Swallowing, add 20 drops in two to three glasses of boiling water and inhale vapor through the mouth. Take a swab and dip it in Zinda Tilismath. Now softly brush it into your mouth and throat and cover the medicine well.

Stomach Trouble

For all types of stomach problems like Indigestion, Constipation, Flatulence, Loud Eructations, Bilious Retching, and loss Motions, take 12-14 drops of the medicine mix it with 1 oz water, and drink.


Mix 12 drops with 10 grams of butter and 50 grams curd. Mix it well and take it twice a day on an empty stomach till the motions stop. Also, try not to drink water too much.


Mix 12 drops with water or soda water and rest it well. After 5 minutes take the mixer in every 15 minutes till relief. Also, remember not to eat or drink anything else except Sabudana and Ganji during the treatment.


3 years or below children can face breathing problems due to cold. In that case, take 2 drops and mix it with mother’s milk, and let drink. Also, take 6 drops of ailment on a warm cloth and cover your chest with it.

How to use Zinda Tilismath Externally


Take 5-6 drops of Zinda Tilismath on your palm and rub them on your head. You can repeat it every 2 hours if needed.


Zinda Tilismath can also give you relief from toothache. Take 6 drops of cotton and keep it on the aching tooth. Repeat the process every 2 hours.

Ear Trouble

First of all, wash the affected ear with warm water. Take 6 drops of Zinda Tilismath and mix it with warm coconut oil. Now put some oil in your air and plug it with cotton.


If any of the following parts such as hands, feet, back, knees, etc pain, we can also use Zinda Tilismath for ease of pain. Take 5 drops of Zinda Tilismath and rub on the affected part and foment with a warm cloth. If the pain is chronic, mix Zinda Tilismath oil with an equal quantity of kerosene oil and rub slowly twice a day morning and evening, foment with warm cloth and bandage.

Itching & Eczema

Itchy skin can occur for many reasons. If you feel itchy or rashes on your skin then just take 3-4 drops of Zinda Tilismath mixed with petroleum jelly/emollient or moisturizing cream and rub the solution to the place. It provides instant relief.

Scorpion Sting

Zinda Tilismath can cure Scorpion Sting. Take 8 drops of ailment and apply on the place of stung. Also, apply some heat from the amber for quick relief.

Final Words: So, With this guide, you will be able to use Zinda Tilismath at its best. Whether it is an internal problem, external, or just some normal cold, this universal ayurvedic medicine will get you better in no time.

Learn how to use Zinda Tilismath for all the ailments mentioned above.

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