How to Use Internet During Call in Any Sim

How to use the Internet during Call? This one question is tricky but very easy to solve. If you are using a Vodafone or Airtel sim then you may have experienced internet cutoff during your phone calls. This can happen to any sim. Whenever a sim provider doesn’t support VoLTE then you can not use the internet while you are calling someone. Today in this article, we are going to solve this very problem for our Indian mobile users.

Many times we talk to our friends, families or lovers for a very long time. During these long call sessions, much important work we get which are also related to the internet. Sending messages, or emails, or doing any other work.

However, many of us already experience this problem that whenever they are on calls, their Internet gets cut off. It happens to Airtel, Vodafone, and even with the JIO sim. So, in this article, we are going to explain why this issue occurs and how to fix the Internet connection while in a call with any SIM.

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Why Internet Turns off during phone calls

It has an explanation that is very normal and easy to understand. We all are using VoLTE SIM. Even if we are using VoLTE SIM which stands for Voice Over LTE, we are only able to use LTE on it.

There are a few excuses behind this issue. The first one is you may be using a phone that doesn’t support VoLTE in it.

There also can be possible that your APN setting is blocking the internet or it doesn’t have the right setting.
Last but not least, is VoLTE is turned off in your SIM. Remember VoLTE can also be turned off from your phone.

So, how do we fix internet turns off during calls? In this guide, we will go through 3 solutions to solve and use the internet during calls in any SIM. Stay tuned.

How to Use Internet During Call in Any SIM

To fix the internet during the call in any sim, we are going to use these methods mentioned below.

Each of the methods is different. And if one fixes the internet during calls then you do not need to move to other settings.

How to Use Internet During Call in Any SIM

Set APN Settings to use Internet during call

To fix the internet during phone calls, what you can do is change the bearer setting in your sims APN(Access Point Names) settings.

To Change bearer name in your APN settings-

Go to Settings

To Change bearer name in your APN settings-

Then WIfi and Internet-

sim and network for using internet during call

Now Click on Sim and Networks

Select your Sim and Scroll down.

open access point names

You will see an option called APN.

change bearer

Open this setting and Scroll down to find Bearer.

Click on the bearer and select LTE(change it from unspecified to LTE).

This will enable your calls over a Volte connection and you will be able to use the internet during calls.

Now restart your phone once and try to use the internet while you are talking to someone on a call. If it still doesn’t work and your internet connection gets cut off while in a call, then this next solution can solve your problem.

Enable Volte on your phone

In the newest version of Android Phone, it is very easy to find Network settings related to VoLTE. Every brand provides us slightly different setting menu. Still, you can just do it right by going to settings>Sim Network> Select Sim>Prefered Network Type-change to LTE. And then look below if there is an Enable VoLTE option. If there is, simply turn it on.

Enable Volte in Mi phones-

Go to Settings

Sim Card and Mobile Networks.

Select the first sim.

Prefered Network Type-change to LTE.

Back to the previous menu, turn on Use VoLTE.

This way you can turn on VoLTE on any phone and use the Internet during calls.

If it still doesn’t work or you are not sure how to do this to fix the internet during a call from any SIM, then this last method can really get you in the right spot.

Call Customer care for Help-

Yes, Customer care of the specific sim has all the solutions. If you are facing a problem of Internet cutoff during calls then the last thing you can do is call the customer service provider and ask them to solve the issue.
Tell them that your internet connection gets turned off every time you are in a call and they will definitely help you with it.

Here we are providing Customer care numbers for every SIM provider in India-

  • Airtel- 121
  • Jio- 198
  • Voda- 9085000198
  • Idea- 199

If you are using any other SIM, then you can always search customer care numbers for the specific sim on the internet. Also, if there is any confusion left in your mind, please feel free to comment down below and wait for our reply.

Final Words: So, here are a simple and easy guide on fixing an internet connection while on a phone call. Follow these methods to enable the internet during the call to use data connection during a call from Any SIM.

I hope you all like this article. Share and Support How2Giuide.

That is all my friends, your Android phone will now be able to use.

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