How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Kit for the First Time

Prega News is the famous pregnancy testing kit. It is an Indian brand and a very good solution to make sure if you or your loved ones are pregnant or not. Today in this article, we will cover some of the important facts, knowledge, and how-to-use guides for first-time users. Read the article to learn How to use Prega News Pregnancy Testing Kit for the first time.

Not everyone is a Doctor, right? Many females have never used Prega News which might confuse them about this testing kit. This can be dangerous for inexperienced beginners. So, to clear all your confusion, questions, and doubts, today we will explain every little detail, pros/cons, dos. and don’ts about Prega News for first-time users. Well then, let’s learn How to use the Prega News Pregnancy Kit for the First Time.

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About Prega News

We all know about Pregnancy Kit. Women use them to confirm if they are pregnant or not. Prega News is an Indian brand that is known for its amazing product Prega News Pregnancy Kit. With the help of this kit, women can easily take a test at home to make sure about their pregnancy.

In a Prega News Pregnancy Kit, we get a Dropper, A Prega News pregnancy tester, and a Silicon crystal to keep moisture away. Using this Pregnancy Kit is very easy. It is just a one-way use and everyone can do it. But there is some information you need to know, in case your test gets failed or you are not sure about the results.

So, let’s know how to use Prega News Pregnancy Kit for the First time

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How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Kit

How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Kit

Using the Prega News Pregnancy Kit is quite easy and simple. Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to use Prega News as a Beginner.

Step 1: In the morning after you wake up from bed, your bladder gets full of urine. Go to your toilet and take some of your urine in a container.

Step 2: Now with the help of the dropper, take 3-4 drops of your urine.

Step 3: Now, take the Prega News Testing Kit and find the round space in the kit. It is called “Sample well” as shown in the image. Put a few drops of your urine in the sample well.

Step 4: You are all done. Now wait for straight 5 minutes to view the correct result on the Result Window(the rectangle-shaped area.
If you are a first-time user then I assume you don’t know about the resulting pattern either. There are three result patterns to know if you are pregnant or not.

Prega News Kit Result Pattern

After dropping your urine sample to sample well, notice the Pink lines in the result window-

Pregnant Confirmed: If you see two Pink Lines in the Result Window, Consider that the kit is confirming your pregnancy. You should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Prega news pregnancy confirmed with 2 pink lines

Not Pregnant: If only one pink line is detected near the area of C in the Easy Read screen of your testing kit then it is confirmed that you are not pregnant.

Prega news pregnancy kit how to use guide

A light pink line on the T: If you see a light pink line on the T then you need to take the test again in a few days. It means your pregnancy hormone is not in the required amount. In that case, wait for 1-2 days and take the test again in the morning.

This is how you can know what does the Prega News Kit means in the result screen.

So, all these are basic result patterns in the Prega News Pregnancy Kit. However, there are some dos and don’ts. Make sure you know them well

Dos and Don’ts (Prega News for Beginners)

First of all, After you put your urine on the “sample well”, remember to wait at least 5 minutes to get the correct result in your Prega News Pregnancy Kit. So, be patient and wait for the result.

Do you think you are taking the test too early? You should know that the test should be taken within 7 days after your missed period date. It means if you missed your period on 1 January then take the test on any day from 2 Jan to 8th Jan.

Have you taken the test and it is negative but you are still not getting your period? In this case, you should consult with your doctor or health care professional.

If the urine sample spills over, you can use the silicone gel packet to wipe off the drops of urine from the kit.

Now let’s learn something extra. I am talking about the unusual signs that indicate pregnancy-

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some common symptoms indicate the possibility of pregnancy. If you are not getting any one of them, it is still normal. Also, these signs vary according to people-

  1. Missed Period or Delayed Period.
  2. Tender breast, light bleeding, notion vomiting.
  3. You can also feel cramps or feel tired every once in a while.

People who get irregular cycles can have doubts if they should take the test or not. Well, it depends on the person. However, if you think there is a chance of pregnancy then you should take the test after 36 days of your last mensuration cycle.

FAQ: Prega News User Guide for Beginners

What is the C and T in Prega news?

In a Prega News Kit, the C Line means Control Line which shows us that the test has worked properly. The T means Test Result and it indicates the Positive result of pregnancy. Both lines will become red if your result is positive.

How do I know my Prega news is positive?

After putting the urine on the “Sample well”, wait for 5 minutes and check the result screen. If the result screen shows 2 red lines on C and T points then your prega news is positive.

What if T is darker than C?

It simply means your result is positive. This means you are in your fertile window, and you’ll likely ovulate within 36 hours.

What if C line is dark and T line is light?

It doesn’t matter if the C Line is darker than T Line. If both C and T Line is active and showing even the lightest color on it then your result is positive.

What if one pink line is very faint?

Even if you see the T link is pink and very faint you hardly can see it. It still means that your pregnancy result is positive.

Does 2 lines always mean pregnant?

Yes, if you see both the C and T line has appeared then your pregnancy test result is positive.

What does C mean in pregnancy test?

C means Control line. The C simply means that the control line is activated indicating that your test is a success but it doesn’t mean you are pregnant. Now if the T appears to be active then the result is positive. If not then the result is negative.

Does a very dark line mean twins?

No, very dark lines in any pregnancy kit don’t mean twins. These kits cannot tell you that. It simply means you are fertile.

Can a pregnancy test be wrong?

Almost 99% of pregnancy test kits show the correct result. It is very rare to get the wrong result from the Prega News kit.

Can a pregnancy test be negative 3 days after a missed period?

Yes, sometimes periods can be irregular. So, even if you have missed your period for a few days doesn’t mean you are pregnant.

Final Words: Prega News Pregnancy Kit is a very famous and trusted brand. You can find this Kit in any medical store for 40-50 rupees price or you can buy Prega News Pregnancy Testing Kit for 50 rupees from 1MG1mg.

If you are going to use a pregnancy tester then Prega News is the best for you. Read this full guide to learn how to use the Prega News pregnancy kit for the first time as a beginner.

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