VCop 3 Download and Installation Guide for Windows PC

Do you want to play VCop 3 game on PC? VCop is a popular game of the 90’s era. After the release of VCop 2 game for Windows PC, it became very famous among the young and new PC gamers who used to play such small games on their Windows XP or 7 PCs. If you are one of them then you would love this next level of VCop game and have a nostalgic experience. So, today in this guide, I am going share the VCop 3 Download and Installation guide for Windows PCs.

After the release of the Vcop 2 game in 1996 specifically for Windows PC it became quite famous and right after that Sega released a better version of the game VCop 3 in 2002. Both are light gun shooter games with pretty cool features, gun, aim assistance, and a pretty easy gaming experience, especially for kids and Yes, we 90’s kids absolutely loved the Virtual Cop 2 game.

However, many of us didn’t get to play the Virtual Cop 3. This one has better graphics and really cool boss-fight gameplay. So, are you interested? Let’s learn how to download and Install VCop 3 game on Windows PC

How to Download VCop 3 on Windows PC

VCOP 3 was released for PC in 2003 and soon after release the game got more famous than its previous version which is VCOP 2. To play VCOP 3 on a PC, you have to download the game first.

How to Download VCop 3 on Windows PC

First, go to this Link to Download VCop 3 for Windows.

Click on the download Button and the file will be downloaded on your PC.

If your Chrome browser pauses the download then go to download and allow downloading unverified files from the download list.

After downloading the file, we installed the game to play Virtual Cop 3 on Windows PCs.

How to Install VCOP 3 on a Windows PC

Installing the VCOP 3 game is just like putting some butter on bread. It is just as easy as it was when downloading. All you need to do is follow these few steps and your game will be ready play on your PC.

The file is already in .EXE installation file.

How to Install VCOP 3 on a Windows PC

Just go to the downloaded location and double-click on the EXE file for VCOP 3.

Now the installation wizard will open. Simply Click on NExt.

Complete installation

In the next window, Click on Decline as this window asks to install an ad product.

After that Click on Run to execute the installation of VCOP3.

After that your game will be installed on your Windows PC successfully and you will be able to play VCOP 3 without any error.


Just like the previous version, this VCop 3 is pretty much the same. Get ready and start shooting at the enemies as soon as they appear on your screen. As it is more of a XBOX game, players have to point the gun the enemies and start shooting as the aim moves around. While they can adjust the aim but still players have to match the timing of when the aim points at the Enemy.

With better graphics, the game comes with better gameplay with different guns, power-ups, and boss fights. However, you have to be very quick to play the game without dying.

Final Words: After releasing VCOP 3, it became more successful than VCOP 2 game. If you haven’t got to play the 3rd release of Virtual COP game then you can download it and play VCOP 3 from this guide.

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