How to earn Salvage in COD Infinite Warfare

Salvage point is a very demanded item among the players of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Players always try hard to get more COD Infinite War Salvage Points by playing the game but it is not that easy task to do. So, today we are here to guide you with the topic. I am going to explain how to earn Salvage Fast in Infinite Warfare.

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What is Salvage

Salvage is basically what you are required to craft weapons in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. If you visit quartermaster prototypes, you will be able to see all the weapons including common, rare, legendary, etc.

So, we need these Salvage points to build up to those. You will also need keys or crypto keys to open the supply drops. 10 keys are equal to 1 common supply drops.

Supply drops provide you with variants, calling cards, and they also give you salvage points back.

So, how do we get Salvage faster? Well, according to the COD Infinite Warfare community, there are 5 ways to get salvage point. Which we are going to discuss today.

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5 Tips to Earn Salvage Point Faster in Infinite Warfare

5 Tips to Earn Salvage Point Faster in Infinite Warfare

These 5 tips are researched and verified in the game and all of them work fine. If you try them then definitely let us know how did they work for you. So, here are the 5 tips to get salvage point faster in Infinite Warfare.

Always Play Mission Team

Always Play Mission Team

The first way is going to be the mission team rewards. This is basically the main and the fastest way to gain Salvage in Infinite War. So, the mission team is all about the 5 teams you have in the game. Basically, those 5 teams you have to select for multiplayer mode.

When you play and complete levels with the mission teams. it will give you random points every time you complete a level.

Also, every time you play with the mission team and you complete a mission team level, you get salvage points as a bonus.

How do we get and complete the mission is very easy. Every time you start a game, you will see a list of missions in the lobby. Just select missions you want to complete and boom. Another point to remember is, even if you failed to complete missions, you will get 1000 mission points.

Another way to complete the mission team and get mission exp is to play TDM and other fast game modes.

TDM Mode to earn Salvage in COD

The fast game modes are way above the tricks. The more game you play the more point you earn right. In that case, 5-minute matches like TDM, and other short game modes are the most compatible for you to earn more Salvage in COD Infinite Warfare.

In these game modes, you will always find more missions to complete. More missions mean more exp and Salvage points. So, if you want to earn more salvage points fast then play more TDM and fewer long matches in COD warfare.

Open Only Rare Supply Drops to Earn Salvage

Open Only Rare Supply Drops to Earn Salvage

After the main point, now you can do is open rare supply drops to get more salvage. If you play team missions you will also get exp for supply drops. Keep those points safe and get rare supply drops. Open the drops and boom. You will definitely receive salvage instantly.

Daily Log in Bonus

Daily login bonuses are kinda trash but it is also very useful your those tiny extra salvage point matters. Daily Login bonus doesn’t always give you salvage but if you try your luck daily you will be able to find salvage at least 1-2 times a week.d

Turn Duplicate items into Salvage

Turn Duplicate items into Salvage

The first way is the duplicate items burn into salvage. We all know that duplicate items can be dismantled and can be turned into Salvage. These items must be from supply boxes.

This is also another reason to open more supply boxes. So, whenever you open the supply box, you get items, If you have one item more than once then you can turn it into salvage.

This can be another cool way to gain salvage fast in Infinite Warfare.

Final Words: COD Infnifnte warfare is quite old but people still keep asking how to earn salvage points. So, here is a guide I have prepared to explain how to gain Salvage in COD Infinite Warfare for more amazing custom weapons.

I hope you all like this post.

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