How to Burn CRED Coins into Real Cash

CRED is a popular finance app that gives you free money for using it. Users often receive Cred Coins as rewards and they can use these CRED Coins in many ways such as gift cards, and offers, and even it can even be turned into real cash. You may be wondering How. In that case, today in this article, we will tell you many ways to use Cred Coins and How to Burn Cred Coins into Real Cash.

As we are going to share CRED Coins Earning tricks, Here is a quick guide on how to burn CRED Cash and turn it into real cash. First of all, open your app and go to the reward section. There you will see your unlocked Cashback Rewards. Just select one reward, Hold, and Swipe down. By doing that, you will burn your CRED coins to turn them into Real Cash.

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What is Cred App?

Cred is a mobile app. This app can be used to pay bills, rent, buy tickets, and even pay your Credit Card Bills. The app encourages people to pay their bills on time and for doing that, the app gives their users Cred Coins as rewards. There are a few ways you can earn Cred coins which we are going to share in this article today.

But before that, let’s learn about some amazing benefits of using Cred App

Benefits of CRED App

  • You can pay Credit Card Bills and Earn Rewards.
  • Pay other bills and get rewards.
  • Get timely alerts for your Bill Payments.
  • Handle and track other financial status

So, these are some benefits of using Cred App to get rewards, cashback, coupons etc.

How to Burn Cred Coins Into Real Cash?

As I have already mentioned Cred Coins can be used to get real cash. This cash amount is not settled but you can get cashback directly to your Bank Credit card and use it later. Here is a step-by-step guide on How to Burn Cred Coins into Real Cash.

Once you start using CRED Apps to pay Credit card bills, you will earn Cred coins automatically. You can also earn Cred coins by playing spin games etc.

Once you have gathered a lot of Cred coins. You will see Unlocked Cashback Rewards in the Reward Section.

How to Burn Cred Coins Into Real Cash?

Click on Claim and then you will see a floating card. The card will show you how many Cred Coins you will burn with this card and how much maximum cashback amount you can get from burning your cred coins.

Just hold and swipe down to burn the Cred Coin card. It will instantly burn Cred coins and show you the amount of Cashback you earned.

burn cred coins and turn them into real cash

After completing Cred Coin Burning, the cashback will be sent to your linked Credit Card which you can use later.

Burning Cred coins into real cash is one way to use the Cred coins. There are other ways of using cred coins.

Other Ways to Use Cred Coins

Burning Cred Coins and turning them into real cashback is one way to use Cred Coins in the app. There are other ways to use Cred Coins and get many rewards, coupons, and offers with it.

To Use your Cred coins in the CRED App, just visit the homepage of the app.

There you will see Many events Spin games and upcoming reward events.

Other Ways to Use Cred Coins

Each game and event will require a certain amount of Cred Coins to play or perform like 100-1000 Cred Coins for one spin.

play spin games to win cash

You can play all those games using Cred coins and earn branded menswear, Cosmetics, Discouns, Cupons, and many other rewards.

You will see another section in the last that says “Cashback Jackpot“. In that section, you will get direct cashback for a successful spin. Each spin will take 100 Credcoins and you can even earn more Cred coins for unmatched Spin. Or if it matches, you will get cashback on your credit card.

So, these are all the methods to use Cred Coins and earn a fortune.

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How to Earn Cred Coins

To Burn Cred Coins into real cash, you will need to have a lot of cred coins in your app. Users can easily earn cred coins from the app itself. here are some effective ways to earn Cred Coins in Cred App.

The first and best way to earn Cred coin is to pay Credit Card bills with the app. You can add your credit card and use the app payment option to repay the bills. Paying the bills in time will give you Cred Coins.

How to Earn Cred Coins in cred app

Another way to earn Cred Coin is to play Spin games regularly. Spin games can give you a lot of rewards like coupons, gift cards, shopping vouchers, and even direct cashback. To get all that, you have to win the spin, and if you do not win the spin completely, even a 50% match will get you Cred Coins. It is a good way to earn Cred Coins instantly.

Last but not least is to use referral program to earn cred coins. Yes, when you refer Cred app to your friend by using your referral link(You can get it in your Profile), you get a lot of Cred Coins after a successful sign-up from your friend.

So, these are some useful ways to earn Cred coins instantly. You can burn these cred coins into real cash or use them for other stuff like getting vouchers, coupons, etc.

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FAQ – Burn Cred Coins into Real Cash

How much real cash I can get by burning 10,000 Cred Coins?

There is a possibility that you can get 10,000 rupees by burning Cred coins. However, this is not sure as your card says to get up to. In my experience, you can get as low as 3-4 rupees or even as high as 30-100 rupees. Lucky users may get more.

How many Cred Coins I can get from paying Credit card bills?

1 Cred coin is equal to 1 rupee. That means you will get 1 Cred coin for paying a 1 rupee credit card bill. If you pay 1000 rupees as a credit card bill, you will receive 1000 credit coins in your account.

Final Words: Credit card is actually a useful app for those who are active in spending money and using credit card. It can give you a lot of cashback, gift card, coupons, and other rewards. Get a full Cred App guide here.

We have shared all the tips and tricks related to How to earn cred coins and How to use Cred coins. Also, learn how to burn cred coins into real cash in this article.

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