How to Calculate Antilog in Mobile Calculator

Finding the Antilog of a number using a Mobile calculator is very easy. It is just a work of a few seconds. All you have to do is go to your Calculator App and use the 10^X formula where X is the number and you will get the antilog of that number. But to learn How to calculate Antilog, I would suggest you learn the complete definition of Ani log and How to find anti-logarithms with formulae and Antilog table. In this detailed guide, I will share with you the two simple methods to calculate Antilog using both the traditional way and a calculator.

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What is Anti log?

The Antilog, or Anti-Logarithms, is the opposite of finding a logarithm. If x is the logarithm of a number y with a certain base b, then y is the antilog of x with the same base b. For example, if log base b of y equals x, then y equals antilog x.

How to Calculate Antilog in Mobile Calculator

How to Calculate Antilog in Mobile Calculator

Whether it is an Android mobile calculator or a normal calculator, to find the Antilog of a number, you need the formulae. After you understand the formulae, you will be able to find any number’s Antilog using any calculator or Antilog table.

To learn how to calculate Antilog in a mobile calculator, follow these steps considering this number, 2.6251-

Step 1: Divide the given number into its characteristic part and mantissa part. In the example provided, the characteristic part is 2, and the mantissa part is 6251.

Step 2: Understand the Base. When doing numerical calculations, the base is consistently 10. So, when calculating the antilog, always use base 10.

Step 3: Find 10 times the number X. If the number’s decimal part is 0, this step is straightforward. Just take the number and multiply 10^2.6251 by X using a calculator. The result is 421.8

To do this quickly and simpler process, you can do it on a calculator-

Calculate Antilog Using Calculator

First of all, Open your Android mobile calculator.

Now click on the lower left corner slider button. It will open more functions in your calculator.

Calculate Antilog Using Calculator

Now type as mentioned in the above guide. Just type 10^X where X(2.6251) is your number to find the antilog for.

Click Enter and your Antilog will be 441.7.

So, this is the most simple way to find Antilog in a Mobile calculator. Also, you can do it in the traditional way. In the below guide, I am going to share the 2nd method of finding antilog using the Antilog table.

How to find Antilog using Antilog Table

In this second method, we can also find antilog by using an Antilog table. This method is the traditional way and it is taught to the beginner or students to completely learn the Antilog.

Follow these steps to find Antilog using Antilog table

Separate the Number: If you have a number like 2.6251, break it into two parts: 2 (before the decimal) and 6251 (after the decimal).

Use the Antilog Table: Look up the table to find the value for .6251. In this case, it’s 4217. Also, find the value for .02 (from 2), which is 2.

Add the Values: Add the two values you found: 4217+ 2 = 4219.

Insert the Decimal: Since the original number had a 2 before the decimal, add 1 to get 3. Place the decimal after 3 digits: 421.9.

So, the antilog value of 2.6251 is 421.9. You can refer to this Byjus Blog post for more reference.

Antilog Table in English

This is how we can find the antilog of a number using the Antilog Table.

Final Word: Finding Antilog is quite easy. With some knowledge and understanding, it is just a work of seconds. To learn more about Antilog Visit Here.

We have mentioned the 2 correct methods for finding antilog. Learn how to calculate Antilog using a Mobile calculator and learn how to find Antilog using Antilog Table here in this article.

We hope this article will help you to understand about calculating Antilog easily. Find more guides on How2guide.

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