Kodeeswari Registration Guide 2023: How to Apply for Audition

Tamil Kodeeswari 2023 is soon going to start and if you want to know How to Apply for Kodeeswari in 2023 then you are in the right place. Applying for the Kodeeswari Audition is easy. The show gives the opportunity for the audience to appear in their show. To participate in the audition, all you have to do is watch the show and answer their question.

Today in this article we are going to share every bit of detail about the Tami Kodeeswari Serial. Including how to apply for Kodeeswari Audition, How to get selected for the Audition, the registration date, and other details.

Kodeeswari is a Tamil version of KBC(Kaun Banega Crorepati). The show comes on the Colors channel and many people from south India like the Kodeeswari serial very much. Just like Who Wants to be a Millionaire or KBC, Tamil Kodeeswari is quite famous in the region. Soon, a new season is going to start and it will be hosted by Mrs Radhika Sarathkumar. So, if you also want to participate in Kodeeswari 2023 then check this complete guide on How to Apply for Kodeeswari below.

How to Apply for Kodeeswari Audition in 2023

How to Apply for Kodeeswari Audition in 2023

The Tamil version of KBC, Kodeeswari Audition 2023 is soon going to start. To Apply for Kodeeswari Audition, you will need some information and then follow some rules of registration.

First of all, interested candidates have to watch the entire show on Colors Tamil.

In the show, you will get a question asked only for the viewers. If you are interested then you have to answer the question and send it to their official number by SMS.

After sending the SMS, if your answer is correct, you will receive email confirmation of your selection and you will also get the registration date, application form, and other details with the email.

After getting selected for the audition, you will be eligible to apply for Kodeeswari Audition 2023.

To appear in the audition you have to go through some process of verification.

Before we start the guide, here is the complete Application procedure for Kodeeswari Audition.

Registration Process Details

To appear in the Kodeeswari Serial in 2023, you need to follow and make your way through these manners-

Online Registration

As we have mentioned, participants need to answer the question asked in the Show and send it by SMS to Kodeeswari. After getting selected, people who want to participate in Kodeeswari can start by filling out a form online they will be getting in call later or Email. They can do this on the show’s official website or mobile app too.

Wait for a Call from Kodeeswari

Once you finish registering, the Kodeeswari team will select their participant by looking at their form and eligibility. if you’re eligible, the show’s producers will call you and invite you to the next selection round.

Document verification Process

If you become eligible which is very rare, you will get a call. At this stage, a participant has to send their valid document for the verification process to the Kodeeswari team. Also, they have to send a written letter and do video verification with the team.

Meet in Person with the Team

After doing all that procedure, the Kodeeswari team will call for you to visit them. In this stage, you have to visit their site in person and meet them for further assistance. You need to get ready for Kodeeswari Audition at this stage.

Apply for Kodeeswari Audition Step-by-Step guide

As we have mentioned the full procedure to register and apply for Kodeeswari Audition 2023. Now, we are going to share a step-by-step guide on How to Apply for Kodeeswari Audition in 2023.

The main process of selection for Audition in Kodeeswari Serial is to answer their question and send them via SMS, here is how to do it to be eligible for the audition-

First of all, watch the show every day. In each season, Kodeeswari serial asks you questions.

You have to answer these questions and Send it Via SMS.

To send your answer via SMS, all you have to do is type “KOD <Space> <Option A, B, C, or D> <Space> <Age> to 509093. Example formate: KOD C 25 to 59093.

Apply for Kodeeswari Audition Step-by-Step guide

You can see the format in the official image from Kodeeswari. After sending your Answer Via SMS, you can now sit and relax and let them audit your answer. If you get selected for the Audition, then you will get notified via email or call later. You should receive the registration date, application form, Documents to submit for Kodeeswari, and other details with the later.

After completing the first step by answering questions, Now is the first you have to do the online registration. As Kodeeswari is a reality show of the Colors channel, you can apply for Kodeeswari Audition on the official website of Colors which is Voot.

Visit the official Voot website or collect the form from Call later.

Look out for the registration link, which will be available soon after you get selected.

Fill out the application form with your name, date of birth, valid contact number, email address, and home address. Make sure all the information is accurate.

Don’t forget to upload a picture of yourself, but make sure it’s not larger than 2 MB.

Once you’ve submitted your application online, wait for a call. Selected candidates will be contacted by the organizers.

Required Documents: Apply for Kodeeswari

Applicant Four recent passport-sized color photographs

Identify Documents: PAN Card along with the Birth certificate, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, or UID / Aadhar card

Any of the following as Identify Documents.

Valid address proof

Landline Phone / Electricity Bill, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, Ration card, or, UID / Aadhar card.

Any of the following for address proof.

You also have to submit Two recent passport-sized color photographs of your phone of your friend partner and video calling candidate. They will also talk to them and verify their identity. Also, your partners need to be at least 18 years old, and Indian citizens to be eligible.

Kodeeswari Audition Eligblity

To be eligible for Kodeeswari Audition 2023, you have to fulfill these conditions below-

Age: Applicant must be over 18 years of age.

Applicant must be an Indian Resident.

Applicants must be Indian citizens.

Applicants must pass their eligibility criteria to be a participant in the audition process. They also have to appear in a written test and interview.

Applicants also need to have all the valid documents for identity and address verification.

You need to be physically and mentally active and fit to participate in the Kodeeswari show.

Eligible candidates must sign an agreement and agree to the rules and regulations of the Colors channel and Kodeeswari show.

How to Prepare Yourself for Tamil Kodeeswari Audition

How to Prepare yourself for Tamil Kodeeswari Audition

Preparing for Tamil Kodeeswari Audition is not going to be easy. A big TV brand like Colors is not going to select just any guy. If you want to get selected for Kodeeswari Audition, try following these tips-

Be a real confident person. Believe in yourself, be logical, and do not hesitate when giving an audition.

Grow your General knowledge. Now, getting selected for a Crorepati game is not going to be easy. As the game is based on general knowledge. So, you have to brush up on your knowledge as much as you can.

Always watch the show and learn what kind of questions they ask the participants.

Practice quiz sessions with your family and friends. Be hard before you go for the audition. Yes, practice with everyone around you. Ask them to ask you questions based on any general knowledge so that you can go hard on your knowledge.

Be you and be confident is the last thing to do. Never hesitate to be the kind of person you are.

How to Get Ready for Kodeeswari 2023: Tips

If you are getting selected then you can follow these tricks to become harder on yourself and learn more about the Kodeeswari 2023-

Be really hard on yourself and study general knowledge books for 15 hours a day. Just like you are preparing for a big exam.

You won’t be able to by heart all the questions answer. So, make a pattern to remember all the questions.

Do not just remember, learn about the topic. We all know that KBC or Kodeeswari gives you multiple answers. So, you can follow the answers and make a match to the right answers. Thus, you do not have to by heart everything but study and learn the topic well.

Be confident and wait for the hardest question to use helplines. Yes, only use helplines when you are damn sure that you do not know the answer.

How to get selected in Kodeeswari Audition 2023?

I have listed all the important factors in the above paragraph for how you prepare yourself for the Kodeeswari Audition 2023. Follow the guide and prepare yourself to get selected in one go.

Final Words: By following these steps you will be able to participate in Kodeeswari audition and get selected for it. Learn how to register online for Kodeeswari and How to apply for Kodeeswari audition from this guide. Then you can get started with the preparation for Tamil Kodeeswari 2023.

We hope you will be helpful from this guide and be able to apply for Kodeeswari. Visit How2guide for more guides and Tips.

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