Fix Call Ended Problems on Android | 12 Quick Tricks

Call Ended problem is one of the most common issues in our mobile devices. If you regularly make calls and your call gets disconnected automatically then you may have some issues to fix. Today in this guide, we will discuss many causes of Call Ended Problems and How to fix call Ended problems on Android devices.

Additionally, we will also share some tips and tricks to quickly fix call ended problems for Jio, VI, and Airtel sim users.

Call Ended Problems on Android

So, what exactly is this Call-ended problem? Many times, when we are talking to someone over call, suddenly our call gets disconnected automatically. This call disconnection happens again and again giving us a really hard time talking to someone.

Some may think that the problem is occurring because of poor network but sometimes calls are very unstable even if our phone has a full network. So, why exactly this problem occur in the first place?

Causes of Call-Ended Problems

Except for the poor network, there are other reasons that may have caused the Call Ended Problem. In such a state, we can’t even connect calls. Here are some common causes of Call Ended problems

  • Unstable network connection area.
  • Insufficient recharge to make calls.
  • Humidity of your area
  • Device problems like short connection
  • Non-usable network
  • The problem could be on the other end
  • Call Baring Option causing the problem
  • Software Glitches
  • Hardware Problems: Faulty Components

How to Fix Call-Ended Problems (Quick Fix)

Apart from many problems and their fixes, most commonly we get call disconnection problems because of the poor network because of dense humidity. People often face this problem on winter days because of the dense humidity, the network connection gets really poor. Simply get to a higher location for a better connection.

Sometimes we also face Call Ended problems due to electricity problems. When electricity gets cut, our mobile network gets really poor, In that case, just wait for the network recovery and try again.

Most of the time, the call gets disconnected because of not having a good network or because it is a problem with your SIM provider. If these fixes do not work, quickly call your SIM provider and register a complaint.

You can register a complaint by simply asking them to register a complaint that you are not getting a good network connection in your area. They will ask for some details like area, pin code, etc, and then register your complaint.

This should fix your Call Ended problem in 30 days. However, if you think that is not the case, you can try these Quick Fixes for Call ended problem on Android below-

12 Quick Fixed for Call Ended Problems on Android

Check your Network Strength

The problem might be from the SIM provider’s end. Sometimes our call gets disconnected because of a poor network signal. In that case, you can quickly check your network strength by checking your Network bar on the top of your mobile screen. To check it properly do as below-

To check your phone’s network strength-

Simply go to settings>About Phone>All Specs.

Scroll down and go to status. There you select the SIM and you will be able to see the full details of your SIM card with dBm signal strength.

call ended problems solutions and causes
calculate network signal strength

Understanding signal strength might get complicated for you, So, refer to this Article to understand How to Check Network Signal strength on Android.

Try Calling from Different Locations

In many cases, we get problem because of the location. So, changing the location to a higher one or lower one may fix call ended problem. In that case, you can try calling from different locations.

Sometimes we do not get enough network strength even if the phone shows a full network. Simply trying calling from a different location may fix the problem too. However, you can still register a complaint for not having a good network connection in your area.

Turn On Airplane Mode

In some cases, you might see a really poor network like 1 or 2 bars in your device. This can be happening because of poor network strength but sometimes it happens for no reason. So, For a quick network fix, turn on Airplane mode and wait for a few seconds then turn it off.

Turn On Airplane Mode to fix call ended problem
turn on/off airplane mode

I used to face call problems where I did not get any call even if it showed full network on my device. When someone tries to call me, it says out of reach. If you are also facing the problem, simply turn on airplane mode and turn it off again to fix call ended problem on Android.

Reboot your Phone

Any Android device problem can be fixed by rebooting your phone. If you are facing call ended problem and you think this might be happening because of your Android mobile, Here is how you can reboot your phone-

turn on and off air plane mode

Simply press and hold the power button.

Some options will pop up including power off.

Choose and click on the Reboot option and it will quickly reboot your phone and restart it. Rebooting a phone can fix most common problems. If it doesn’t fix the problem, here are some more fixes for call ended problem for you.

Check if you have a valid recharge

Sometimes we forget about our recharge plans and we get worried about not being able to call. Mostly, calling someone will tell you that you do not have a recharge but you should still double-check before you try other fixes.

Simply open your Sim Provider app and check on the homepage. If you do not have a valid recharge, the homepage will show “Plan Expired”.

Optimizing Network Settings

This problem used to happen in the 2G time. When we used a 2G connection, we had to make the correct setting of our SIM network in order to get a proper connection and network strength. These settings are still available on our Android devices for 4G sim. If anyone forcefully changed these settings, you can reoptimize your Network setting. Here is how-

First of all, go to your Network settings and then Choose SIM card.

Go to the Access Point Names and Edit Access Point. Then tap on APN then type Jionet on the blank field.

Optimizing Network Settings for better network
fix call ended problem

Now click ok and your network provider APN setting is set for Jio Network. This way you can also ensure better internet speed.

You can ask your network provider for other APN settings or you can get it here for Airtel and Vodafone.

Change from 2G to 3G to 4G

Changing from 4G to 2G or 3G can also give you a pretty good idea of your Network connection. Sometimes, we do not get a proper 4G connection in our area. In that case, changing your network to 3G or 2G can help. Here is how you can do it-

Change from 2G to 3G to 4G for call ended problem
manually select network

Go to SIM Card and Mobile networks

Tap on the selected SIM card.

Go to Mobile network.

Turn off automatically select Network and then it should allow you to manually select Network type.

Choose 3G or 2G in the next step.

Try Calling from another mobile

You can also try to call another number to check if the problem is on your side or not. Also, try calling from a different mobile to your phone to check it properly.

Check SIM card to fix call ended automatically

SIM cards may cause problems too. The problem may happen with your SIM slot or with the SIM card itself. To make sure your SIM SLOT and SIM card are working properly, here is what you can do-

First Open your sim card from SLot 1 and insert it into slot 2. If it doesn’t fix the problem.

Get a different SIM card and insert it in your phone. You can also try inserting your SIM card into another phone to see if it is working properly or not.

Turn off the call bearing

What is called bearing? Many do not know about this feature. Call barring is a feature designed to prevent unwanted incoming or outgoing calls on your smartphone by blocking them, ensuring you have control over your communication preferences.

If you have turned it on by mistake then turn it off to get calls, here is how you can do it-

Open Settings, then go to apps. Then select System App settings.

Turn off the call bearing to fix call ended problem on android

There select the call settings then Advanced settings.

select the call settings then Advanced settings.

In the advanced settings, you will find the Call Bearing Option.

Now search for all incoming and outgoing call options and turn them off.

That is all for call-bearing settings to fix call ended problem in Android.

Update Your Phone

Outdated phones can also cause many types of problems that you do not know about. So, if your phone is really old then it needs updating to work properly. This can be an option for how to fix call ended problem on Android. To update your phone-

Update Your Phone to fix call ended problem

Go to phone settings,

Click on system updater.

Tap “Check for Updates“.

If there is an update, your Android device will detect it and ask your permission for the update.

Pro tip: You should have a stable wifi connection while updating your Android device.

Re-Install Calling App to fix call ended problems

Re-Install Calling App
google calling app

Sometimes calling apps can cause problems too. I used to have an old phone and its storage was really full. Because of that, my calling app wasn’t working properly and I couldn’t make calls. Sometimes i face a call ended problem automatically, sometimes I can not disconnect my phone, sometimes my calling app doesn’t show calls and other errors like this.

So, after I cleaned my phone uninstalled the calling app, and reinstalled it, everything started working properly. You can also perform a clean for your Android device. Simply remove all the junk file, and unnecessary apps, delete big files, and more importantly uninstall the call app and reinstall it.

Fix Call Ended Problems (Advanced Tips)

Fix Call Ended Problems (Advanced Tips)

These advanced fixes do not require a problem like calls getting disconnected automatically. 90% of the above fixed for call ended problem work, but if it still not working then you can try these methods for final repair-

Factory resetting the Android device could fix the problem. Here is Reset Factory reSetting for Android

Try Flashing custom ROMs or firmware updates.

The last option is Seeking assistance from the manufacturer’s customer support. If there is a serious issue, then only customer support can help with it.

We hope you liked this blog on How to fix call-ended problems on Android. Get more quick fixes on How2guide.

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