How to Check Amaron Battery Warranty Online

Want to Check Amaron Battery Warranty Online? Do not worry even if you have lost your battery warranty card because today I am going to share with you this quick trick for how to check Amaron Battery warranty online without a warranty card.

Most of the two-wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles come with the Amaron battery. This battery is one of the most used batteries in India. If your vehicle also has the Amaron battery then you need its warranty card for repair or exchange purposes if anything goes wrong.

Amaron batteries come with different types of warranty periods. Bigger-capacity UPS batteries come with a longer warranty period. Car and Bike batteries come with a shorter warranty. Whether it is an inverter battery or a vehicle battery, to avail of the warranty, you have to show the warranty card at the service center or to your dealer.

Many of us sometimes lose our warranty card and can not get the free repair of our Amaron battery. So, if you want to avoid facing this same problem, then here is how you can check Amaron Battery Warranty Online.

How to Check Amaron Battery Warranty Online

How to Check Amaron Battery Warranty Online

Most of the Amaron batteries come with a 2-year warranty. You will get the warranty card when you buy an Amaron battery. Make sure that you check if the warranty card has a dealer stamp and all the required information in it.

However, if you lose the warranty card then you won’t be able to get a replacement of the battery if the battery becomes defective. So, it is essential to register your battery with your mobile number to avail of the Amaron Battery warranty online.

How to Register Amaron Battery for Online Warranty

Yes, Only if you register your battery with the serial number, Vehicle number, Purchase date, and Mobile number then your battery warranty details will be saved online on the Amaron data base. After that, you won’t need the paper warranty card anymore.

Here is how to register your newly purchased Amaron battery online-

First of all, go to this link and Download the AMARON KONNEK App on your Android.

Then open the app and Click on the Battery option.

Click on the Two Wheeler or Auto Mobile option(whichever is relevant to you).

Then on the next page, Enter the Battery serial number(Ex-FBGA233***). Then input the purchase date, vehicle registration number, and customer Mobile number.

Also, add more optional details for the better.

Click on Agree terms and conditions and Click on Register.

And just like that you have successfully registered your battery. Your warranty card copy will be sent to you via WhatsApp and you can also check the Amaron battery warranty online from this app.

Get Amaron Battery Warranty Details Online

If you have already registered your battery on the Amaron Konnek app then you can easily check the warranty of Amaron battery from the app. Follow these steps to check your Amaron Battery warranty online.

First Go to the Amaron Konnek App.

Click on the Status Tab on the top.

Provide the serial number, registered Mobile number, and Vehicle registration number.

Click on Check Status.

After that, the app will show you all the information related to your amaron battery including the warranty card details.

You can show this online warranty card copy to get the benefits of the warranty.


How do I claim my Amaron battery warranty?

You can claim your Amaron battery warranty by showing it to the dealer or from where you purchased your bike. Also, make sure you have filled all the details in the warranty card by the dealer with their stamp.

Is the Amaron battery warranty period 48 months?

Yes, the Amaron Battery warranty period is 48 months or 2 years.

How do I check my car battery warranty?

First of all, check your card guidebook. There you will find your car battery company and serial number. Then, you can check the battery warranty online with the serial number from the official website.

What is the price of an Amaron 12v 35AH battery?

Amaron 12V 35AH battery price is 3000 rupees on amaron. Here is the purchase link you can visit and check yourself.

Can I claim a warranty for the battery?

Yes, if your battery comes under warranty you can easily claim the warranty with the warranty card.

Can I claim a battery warranty without a warranty card?

Yes, You can claim your battery warranty without a physical warranty card. If you have an Amaron battery and it is registered online. You can simply check the warranty card from the Amaron Mobile App.

Final Words: Amaron Batteries is the most popular battery company in India. Most of the vehicles use this battery. If you are buying a new vehicle or inverter or anything from Amaron. Ensure you have the warranty card with proper details and dealer stamp.

Also, register your battery with proper details on the Amaron mobile app. By doing this you can check Amaron battery warranty online without a warranty card.

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