DooFlix App for Android: How to Download and Install

Ever heard about the App called Dooflix? It is one of the best Apps for streaming many types of movies such as Hindi and English. If you are also tired of using those piracy websites full of ads and spammy pop-ups then today I am going to give you the best platform to stream all types of Hindi and English movies for free. Yes, if you have tried and failed to find and download then this guide is for you. Check this step-by-step guide to learn how to download Dooflix Apk.

Yes, just a few days ago I came across a new Android mobile app that is not available on Playstore. At first, I thought that this app was going to be just like others with full spam ads but when I used it to watch the latest movies, I realized that it was like nothing before.

What is DooFlix?(Review)

You may have heard about the mobile apps that are used to stream or watch Movies, series, and TV shows. Dooflix is the same kind of app but you do not need to buy any subscription in it.

It is completely free and provides its users a free, convenient, and reliable way to watch high-quality movies on their mobile devices. You can watch Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, the latest Web series, Sci-fi series, TV shows, and much more in this streaming app.

Dooflix is not just here for the movies and series. You will find a lot more than that. Such as Twitch content, YouTube content, and other gamer and streamer content in one place including Live TV Channels.

Not only that, you can also make a personal request and the Dooflix team will make your content available on the app in no time.

Amazing right? Well, if you already know all these about the Dooflix App and want to know how to download the Dooflix app and Install the Dooflix App on mobile then here is a short and sweet guide to do so.

How to Download Dooflix App

Dooflix app is a movie streaming app where you can watch amazing movies for free. However, this app is not available on the Play Store. To download the Dooflix App, you have to go to their official website. If you are not sure how, Here is a complete guide for How to Download Dooflix app for free.

Go to Dooflix Official website from this link. Or you can simply search Dooflix on Google and visit Dooflix link on the 1st position.

How to Download Dooflix App

Now on the homepage, Click on Download Dooflix.

dooflix downloading guide

Again click on Download Dooflix for Android v5.8.

It will take you to a different page. Scroll down and Click on Download APK.

It will take you to a different page. Scroll down and Click on Download APK.

Dooflix MOD APK"

On the next page, scroll down a little and then click on “Dooflix MOD APK” and then a Blue Button will appear. Click on the APK(19M).

Again on the next page, for the last time Click on the big Download(19M) button.

Click on “Download Anyway“, and It will simply start the downloading of the latest Dooflix apk version.

After the download is complete you can install it on your phone now.

How to Install Dooflix App on Android Mobile

After you have downloaded the Dooflix Apk file, it is time to install it. Installing Dooflix is not that simple though. You have to allow permission to install apps from unknown sources to install it on your mobile phone. Here is how you can do it.

How to Install Dooflix App on Android Mobile

First of all, go to Chrome Download List. Tap on the 3 Dot in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser then tap on downloads.

There you will see the downloaded Dooflix Apk file.

Dooflix Apk file

Click on the app and it will show you a notification. Click on Settings.

allow app from unknown source

Turn on the allow apps from the Unknown source button shown on the image.

accept terms

Click on accept terms and Click on like shown in the image.

install dooflix app

Now click on the Back Button. After you come back to Chrome, Click on Install.

This will successfully install the Dooflix app on your Android device.

Download Dooflix APK features

  • No Advertisements
  • Premium Access for free
  • Reliable Security
  • New Movies and Series
  • Diverse Content Selection
  • Multilingual Support

Final Words: Dooflix is one of the best Android mobile apps to give you premium access to all the amazing old and new, Bollywood and Hollywood movies to watch. You can watch all the content in multiple languages. So, enjoy Dooflix after this simple guide to learn How to Download and Install the Dooflix apk on Android.

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