How to Set up Starlink Kit and Configure Starlink App

Apart from other known satellite Internet providers, Starlink is on a whole new level. If you also have got the new Starlink Kit then worry not. With this guide, you will be able to learn to Install and set up your Starlink Kit easily. Yes, If you are looking for some professionals to do it for you then you are just wasting time and money. So, let’s not waste it anymore and continue with our guide on How to Set up Starlink Kit and How to set up Starlink App.

Before we start our easy guide for Starlink Installation guide, here is what you should know about the product. With this valuable information about Starlink, your confusion about Starlink kit installation will just go away and you will feel safe during the process.

What is Starlink Kit?

Starlink is a newly released Satelite Internet provider and it is operated by American aerospace company SpaceX. It was launched in 2018 and as of now, Starlink has gained good success around the world.

What is Starlink Kit installation

As we all know SpaceX is a company of Elon Mask, so Starlink is also getting very famous around the globe.

Covering with its seamless internet service for household and business owners, Starlink is available in over 60 countries. Starlink says, its primary goal is to provide seamless internet connection all over the world.

Benefits of Starlink Satelite Internet

There are a few satellite Internet providers like Hughesh Net, Viasat, T Mobile, etc. But Starlink is on another level. However, it’s pricey too. Starlink promises more speed and more data. Its unlimited Data offering better than broadband speed is catching everyone’s eye. Some of Starlink’s key benefits are-

  • More Data,
  • More Speed
  • Availability in fixed and portable locations
  • You can see our complete Starlink Review Here.

Starlink Installation Tips

To optimize your Internet connection perfectly, Your Starlink Dish will require a clear view from the sky, free from any obstructions like trees, or buildings. So, to set up Starlink devices, you need to remember these tips

Here are some Starlink Installation tips.

  • Properly plug in all the cables (6″ power cable+75″ Starlink connection cable) to each other. Every cable will go only one way and make a clip sound when fit. You don’t have to push too hard. Just slide in and you are done.
  • Check before plugging the cable if it has any dust or debris.
  • Place the Starlink router in a good place where there are not many movements.
  • Connect the power cable to provide power. There is a white LED in the base of the router means the router has power.
  • Connect the Starlink dish to the base and place the dish on the ground or on your rooftop where there is no obstacle in the Sky.
  • Set up the 75″ Starlink cable nicely so that you won’t get it tangled while walking around.
  • You can order more attachments to properly install the dish in your area. More accessories are available on Starlin’s Website.

These are some important tips to remember while setting up your Starlink Kit.

How to Set up Starlink Kit?

It is actually very easy and fun to install and set up a Starlink Kit. The whole Starlink kit comes with just 2 devices. One is the satellite dish called Dishy and the other is the router.

All you need to do is insert the 2 cables in the back of your router and insert one cable on the Starlink dish. In the below guide, we will explain How to set Starlink kit step by step

First, get your Startlink Kit then get the Starlink router.

As it is shown in the picture, there are two cable ports in the router. The big one is the power cable and the small one is the cable to connect the router to the Starlink dish.

starlink router installation

Connect both cables as it is shown in the picture below. Then take the power cable to your power adapter or power plug.

plug in cables to the router

The data cable is very long. Now Set your router in a fixed place in your house. Your Starlink Router installation is now complete. It is time to set up the dish. Setting up the dish is a little bit tricky but I am sure you can do it with this simple guide on How to set up Starlink Dish.

How to Install Starlink Dish Correctly?

Starlink Dish installation is just 30% of the total work. After the installation and setting up in the right location, you have to install and configure the Starlink app in order to set up your device for the internet connection. In this guide to Set up Startlink dish you will learn how-

First of all, take the Starlink Dish outside and find the best location. We have shared some important tips while installing Sartlink.

Now, place the Starlink dish on the base shown below so that it can stand properly.

How to Install Starlink Dish Correctly?

Now, find the right place with no obstacle in the sky, and set the Starlink Dish by placing the base and then the stand with the Starlink dish.

You also have to plug in the small head cable that came from the router.

how to setup starlink dish

Now that you have plugged in all the cables and set up Starlink Dish, it is time to configure the whole Starlink kit.

To configure and connect your Starlink kit to the Internet, you will need the Starlink app. The app will automatically set up a Starlink device and connect to the internet by searching for a connection with the Dish.

How to Set up Starlink App

Configuring the Starlink app is also a work of a few taps and clicks. All you need to do is go to the Download and install the app. Go to the app and log into it. Then just enable the auto-configuration. Here is a step-by-step guide to set up Starlink App-

Go to the App Store or Play Store and search Starlink. There might be ads and other apps. Look for this application shown in the image below.

How to Set up Starlink App

Simply install and open the app.

You will see a profile icon on the home page. Just link on it and log in to the app by giving your login ID and Password.

Now after logging in, You have two options on the home screen. One is “Find an Installation Area”, you can go to this option to find a comfortable location for your Starlink Dish. Your phone will scan your nearby location, scan the sky, and give you a precise location to install the Starlink Dish.

If you have already selected a place to set up Starlink Dish that has a clear sky view then you don’t need this option. Simply Click on Start Set up.

In the next window, select your type of Starlink Dish and Confirm.

The next window says, to plug in the power cable, turn your devices on, and place the dish under a clear sky. Just do as it says and Hit the Next Button.

Now your Starlink app and Starklink Kit are configured. It will take a minute to show up the Wi-Fi signal. Open your settings, go to wifi, and connect to your Wi-Fi signal by giving your Login ID and Password.

Connecting to the Satelite

Now that your wifi signal is connected but it doesn’t have an Internet connection.

Again go to your app, Go to Find an Installation Location, and follow what the app says. It will ask you to select your Dish type.

After that, as it says, find an open area. Just go to that open sky area you choose for Starlink dish installation and Click on “I am Ready”.

Now the app will ask you to scan the sky with your phone camera. Simply do it and collect all the dots by moving your camera around the sky. After collecting the sky data, the App will tell you if the place is right or not.

Once you do this, Your Starlink dish will automatically move and find a connection to catch within a few minutes. Now, just go back to your App, Hit next and your app will probably say, Starlink is Connected.

Here is a Starlink App configuration video to understand properly:

Just like that, you are done with the Starlink Installation here and you will be able to use a fast internet connection from now on.

FAQ – Set up Starlink

How to order Starlink Kit?

To order a Starlink kit for your home or business, you have to visit their official website here. Check if the service is available in your area and then place the order.

Is it hard to install Starlink in my house?

No, Installing a Starlink kit in your household is very easy. Just follow a few steps and it should be usable in no time.

Is Starlink Expensive?

Starlink’s satellite Internet connection is a little expensive compared to other satellite networks but it is indeed providing a better Internet connection too.

How to get Starlink for my house?

All you need to do is check if the service is available in your location and then place an order from the Official website.

Final words: We Hope you liked this simple guide on How to set up Starlink Kit and the Starlink app configuration.

We hope this post will help you with Starlink dish installation too.

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