Get Toilet Tower Defense Coins Faster | Pro Method

Toilet Tower Defense Coin tricks are quite viral over the Internet and players are always looking for working tricks to earn coins easily. If you are one of them and you are obsessed with TTD coins then today in this post, we are going to explain a pro method to earn coins faster in Toilet Tower defense. So, let’s check how to Get Toilet Tower defense coins faster.

There are some easy tricks as well but this pro method is going to get you 70 coins in 1 minute. Yes, that’s a huge 1200 coins for winning in one game of Tower defense, excited? Well, you should be.

Before we get to our amazing pro trick to get coins faster in TTD, here is what the game actually is-

What is Toilet Tower Defense?

Toilet Tower Defense is a Roblox game. The game is an old-fashioned tower defense game but with some new twist. Just like other Roblox games, it is also made with blocks and looks like a 2D game. The game is pretty light and made for all low-high-end PCs.

In this game, players set up a defense army by placing their units around the rail. During the game, different enemies come through the door and your unit team will destroy them with their abilities. We have a detailed Tower Defence game guide for Beginners check Here.

Now that we know about the game, Let’s start our Pro trick to Earn Coins faster in Toilen Tower Defense.

How to Get Toilet Tower Defense Coins Faster

Well, if you really need coins right now, you can always go to the store and buy coins with your Robux. You check how to get free Robux in Roblox by just using your PC power. But today we are going to share this amazing trick to get free coins faster in the Toilet Tower defense game.

So, basically what we are going to do is play the game at its best and try to earn coins as fast as possible. There are some tricks that will help you earn coins really fast. Follow these Toilet Tower Defense Coin earning tricks below to earn coins faster

Equip your Best Unit for Toilet City

Go to your game, go to Units, and Equip your Engineer. After that again Equip Money Person. Once that is done, equip the brand new Glitch Cameraman. Last but not least, equip the Tiran Cinemaman, and the Upgraded Titan Cameraman. (If you do not have some of these legendary units then you can also choose the strongest combination according to you to play the game).

Use the Coin Boost

The second step for this method to get coins faster in the Tower Defense game is to use the Coin boost. You should have 1 free coin boost from the update. Everyone will get 1 free coin boost from each update. All you need to do is be online in the game 1 minute before the update and you should have the free coin boost.

How to Get Toilet Tower Defense Coins Faster

Select Hard Mode to earn More Coins

Now that you have the coin boost on, you have one hour left with the boost power. Just jump in the Toilet City in the hard mode that gives you 400 coins for winning 1 game. And you will skip every wave and win the game faster in 17-20 minutes. Just like that, you can play the game 3 times in one hour of boost which will give you 2400 coins in one hour.

play in hard more to win

Do not place your strong units at the beginning of the wave. Start by placing the money guys in the middle and then start placing stronger units throughout the game. Your setup for this level should look like this shown in the picture below.

set up defense to win hard mode in toilet tower defense

PS: You can also play the matches with Nightmare mode to increase your earnings by 200. Just get your strongest team and enter the game in Nightmare mode after boosting your coin earning and if you win the game, you will earn 1200 coins for every match. That’s 3600 coins in one hour.

Quick Tips to Win TTD and Earn Coins Faster

If you are a beginner and do not know much about the game then you can use these tips and tricks to win the Toilet Tower Defense easily

Before you enter the game, Select the strongest Units for the game.

Check your difficulty level and what kind of units are available and then choose the difficulty level. You can not just win hard modes with weak units.

Place your units slowly and carefully. Do not waste your cash, and carefully place your Money guy first. This will increase your money earning and over time you can place stronger units while the waves get stronger.

Plan your units throughout the game and never place your units in the starting of the rail. Always look for middle and corners that cover more area in the reach of your units.

Save money for upgrades and save money for placing a few units at the end of the rail.

So, these are some simple tips you can use to win every wave in Toilet Tower Defense(TTD).

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