How to Get free Anime Characters for VTube in 5 minutes

Looking for an Anime character for VTubing? Well, you are just in the right place. There are actually many ways to make anime characters for VTubing but as a beginner, you should go for the easy way to do the Job. So, without causing you much confusion, today in this article, we will give you an easy guide on How to Get Free Anime Characters for Vtuber fast without breaking a sweat.

As we all know Anime characters are 2D or 3D cartoons. As a VTuber, you need such a complete body character as your Virtual presence. To get free Anime characters as a beginner, you can use many methods like using Photoshop, or other photo editing or drawing software. You can even draw an Anime character by yourself. But there is an easier way to do it.

VTube Avatars

Every VTuber needs an Avatar for their online presence. They create a nice unique 2D or 3D cartoon character then create a live version of the character with VSeeFace or other motion tracking software for Windows.

After creating their live character, they use these characters as Avatar on their live streams to make their appearance. These characters behave exactly the same as the real person sitting in front of the camera with the help of motion-tracking software.

So, without any more delay, lets us learn How to get Free Anime Character for Vtube.

Important: However you are going to make an Anime character, to be able to use it on motion tracking software like VSeeFace, you have to save the Anime character file as a .vrm file on your PC.

How to Get Free Anime Characters for Vtube

How to create Free Anime Characters for Vtube

To start as a Vtuber, you first need an Anime character. Don’t worry, you can easily get a free anime character without breaking a sweat. As a Beginner for your Vtubing session, There are multiple ways to create Anime characters for free in 5 minutes.

The first method is drawing your Anime character for free.

Draw Anime Character

Draw Anime Character

Yes, drawing an Anime girl or boy can’t be that tough. An average person can draw such a character easily. So, you can try drawing some amazing characters for your Vtube and test them on Motion tracking. If you draw your own character you can even share your experience with your audience, right? So, Good Luck!

Drawing can also be done efficiently on tablets with mobile drawing apps like Art Flow, Infinite Painter, bamboo paper, Paper Color, etc.

The next method is to create free animated characters using Photo editing tools

Create Anime characters for Vtube with Photo Editing Tools

Create Anime characters for Vtube

Yes, you can even create Anime characters for Vtubing by using tools or software on your PC or Tablet.

Some of the easy-to-get drawing or Photo editing software are Photoshop, Microsoft Pain, GIMP, ArtRage, Print 3D, etc.

Refer to their official website, download and install the software, and start creating Anime characters for Vtubing.

However, these are some methods that are not used by many. If you are a beginner and want your first free anime character as quickly as possible then you have to choose the Free Anime Character Creator website.

Use Free Anime Character Creator Websites

Yes, there are a lot of websites available on Google called Online Anime character creator websites. To make free Anime characters online in just a few moments, You can go to these Free Anime Character Creator Websites and Create Anime characters online for free by simply clicking their 100s of customization options.

Use Free Anime Character Creator Websites

All you have to do is choose whatever character you like from their inventory. They have a lot of ready-made Anime characters available.

After choosing one, you can instantly export the character file as a .vrm file. If you are using VSeeFace then you have to make your character save that file as .vrm file on your computer to later upload it.

So, now you understand how to create and save Anime characters, these are some famous Free Anime Character creator websites for Beginners-

  • avatar.viverse com
  • Wifulabs
  • Cartoon Me Now
  • character creator Org
  • Avachara com
  • Rinmarugames com
  • Custom Anime
  • Kartunix

Simply Go to these Free anime character creator websites for beginners and start creating Anime characters for Vtubing.

These 8 Online free Anime character creators are very easy to use. All you have to do is visit the homepage and there you will find a beginner guide too.

Just choose a ready-made anime character and start customizing it to make it look different and unique. Websites like Character Creator and Avachara has also different types of Cartoon characters like funny Anime characters, or emoji characters, and a lot more to choose from.

You can read our list of 21 Best Free Anme Character Creator Websites Online in 2023 Review here.

Use AI Tools

Use AI Tools to make anime character for vtube

These days AI is getting popular. Because of its efficiency, everyone likes to work with AI and Even you can use AI tools to make amazing Anime Characters for VTube.

ZMO AI is an amazing Anime character creator tool available for free and purchase. All you have to do is visit the official website and click on Generate Anime Character.

On the next page, you will get a page where you can write and explain what kind of character you want. Just add the prompt and explain how you want your character to look, hair body, and everything else, and Hit Enter.

The AI Tool will generate a list of amazing Anime characters for you within a few seconds. You can download your favorite character and make it usable for VTubing.


How to make Avatar for Vtube?

There are many ways to make a live avatar for Vtube. You can self-draw your avatar or use photo editing tools, or if you are a beginner, you can go with free anime character creator websites to create anime characters online for free.

Final Words: Many Beginner Vtuber get confused about setting up their journey as a Vtuber. We have a different guide on How to become a Vtuber. If you are interested in Vtubing then first you are going to need a unique Anime character that represents yourself.

So, make a cool and unique Anime character first by using this guide for How to Get Free Anime characters for VTube for Beginners. Then you can refer to the VSeeFace guide to make your character live.

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