Top Pikashow Alternative App in 2024

Looking for a website like Pikashow? Well, Pikashow does have an official website but it is an Android application. With the Pikashow App, you can stream and download many amazing movies. But do you know there are other apps like Pikashow? Yes, and today in this article, let’s find out more about Pikashow Alternative Apps in 2024.

Before we explore the better and amazing free movie streaming apps like Pikashow, let’s learn about the Pikashow App for Android and Why it is a better platform for enjoying some free movies.

What is Pikashow?

Pikashow is an Android application just like OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, etc. However, you do not have to buy any subscription or pay for movies in the Pikashow App. You can watch or even download any videos, movies, or web series, directly from the app for free.

Features of Pikashow

  • The first feature to mention is Pikashow is completely ads free which is a lovely thing for free movie lovers.
  • You can choose from many subtitles in Pikashow while watching foreign movies.
  • The app itself is very safe to use and it won’t ask for any permission from your device.
  • You don’t need to root your device to use this app.
  • The app always provides new and updated content.
  • Another good thing for Pikashow lovers is you can download movies from Pikashow.
  • Watch Live TV with high quality.
  • There is a favorite list to add your favorite movies and series.

These are some amazing features that Pikashow provides. If you want more variety and features, you can try these apps like Pikashow.

Pikashow Alternative Apps in 2024

Pikashow Alternative Apps in 2024

In this section, we will list such apps that work the same like Pikshow app. You can watch movies, download them, and access 1000s of movies for free in these apps. So, let’s begin our hunt for Best Pikashow Alternative Apps in 2024.


THOPTV is the most popular TV app we can say because of its huge fanbase. We can also watch free movies and web series on this Android apk. All you have to do is visit the THOPTV official website download the apk and install it on your Android device.

THOPTV is a good alternative for Pikashow app lovers because of its handy features and stylish interface. It is handy because of its premium player and easy-to-search library which is full of amazing movies that are specially chosen by the users.

You can also request special movies that are not available on the app. Get subtitles, dubbed movies, multi-audio support, and seamless streaming with THOPTV: A Pikashow ALternative App.

Dooflix | Pikashow Alternative App

My personal choice is Dooflix App. Dooflix is an amazing movie streaming app specializing in Hollywood movies and it has an easy-to-use interface. Other movie streaming apps may let you down at different times for different reasons but the Dooflix App is an amazing Pikashow alternative app because of its all-time working facility.

Dooflix also has some amazing features that you can not ignore such as low to high picture quality, thousands of movies and series in the library, many adult movies, All the 90s anime and cartoon movies, and much more. You can even use the subtitle or most of the movies are already available in Hindi and English.

You can also use Dooflix on your Laptop and Dooflix Mod without ads. Learn more from our guide.

OnMovies App

The Onmovies App stands out as a highly successful application, offering free access to the latest movies and TV shows wherever you go. This app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and PC devices, this app provides a seamless viewing experience without any cost.

Users can enjoy tons of high-quality content, and all that’s needed is a stable high-speed internet connection. Whenever boredom strikes, the Onmovies App proves to be the most dependable solution to alleviate it, ensuring an entertaining escape.

YouCine Apk

Another Enjoying and easy-to-use free movie app for Android is YouCine Apk. Unlike the Onmovies App, this Pikashow Alternative app only supports Android platforms. But its diverse content including movies, series, TV shows, Live TV, and game content will leave you with Zero consideration.

Also, it has very high-quality servers for hosting the movies directly on your device. So, even if you have a low internet you will be able to watch movies with very less buffering. Another thing to mention is the different picture quality of this app.

As it has low picture quality in the built-in player, you can still watch movies in low quality while using very little data and having 0 buffering.

Final Words: Pikashow is a well-known movie streaming app and it has a huge user base too. The app specializes in anime content as well as Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Despite being a good movie app, it also has some drawbacks. So, we have shared some excellent quality Pikashow Alternative apps in this blog which you can use in case Pikashow is down or show any error.

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