How to Find/Spawn LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruit is a great game and many enjoy it playing. Recently the game has released its 20th Update and everyone is talking about the new LEVIATHAN Boss. This one might be the most popular of all as players are very happy with the update. Well, if you are too, then today in this article, we will share a quick guide on how to spawn LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit.

Yes, let’s get to our quick and easy tips to find LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit.

How to Find LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit

How to Find LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit

So, finally, the new Blox fruit update 20 has brought the LEVIATHAN Boss and everyone is asking how to find it. To find the LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit game, all you have to do is go to a special location in Sea 2.

While you exploring the Sea 2 and searching for the island, you must have a boat and at least 5 people exploring with you on your boat. Then only you will be able to enter the secret island.

There you will find a secret island on the map and you have to find it by searching here and there. On the way to island, you have to fight the terror shark but that isn’t the LEVIATHAN Boss.

Once you find The Island, gate keeper will open the gate for you but to open the gate there is one condition. You must have atleast 5 people exploring with your on your boat. Only then the gate keeper will open the gate.

On that island, there will be a Spy NPC standing near a tree. You have to pay 1500 fragments to SPY NPC(non-player character) in order to find the boss.

secret island of leviathan boss in blox fruits

In the below step-by-step guide, let’s learn with pictures how to spawn LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox Fruit Update 20.

How to Spawn LEVIATHAN Boss step-by-step guide

Follow these step-by-step guide to Spawn LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit update 20

First of all, go to this building or location shown in the picture below.

How to Spawn LEVIATHAN Boss step-by-step guide

Then go the Spy NPC standing on the top of the building.

talk to spy npc

Now, go near him and talk to him.

After talking, you will be asked to pay 1500 fragments.

pay 1500 fragments

Now, simply pay him 1500 fragments to spawn LEVIATHAN Boss in the game.

Note: To spawn LEVIATHAN Boss, you will need at least 1500 fragments and pay it. After paying the fragments to the SPY NPC, he will tell you about spawning the Leviathan Boss.

How to get 1500 fragments to spawn LEVIATHAN Boss?

You can earn fragments in Blox fruit game by completing different tasks, participating in fights and hunting, etc. To get an easy 1500 fragments to spawn LEVIATHAN Boss, try these tricks while playing the game-

  • Grinding various Raids.
  • Farming Raid Bosses like Cake Prince.
  • Hunting down Sea Beasts.
  • Completing Ship Raids.
  • Opening Fragment Chests on Mirage Island.
  • Buying random items from Death King.

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Blox Fruit & Update 20

Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game created by the user group “Go Play Eclipsis.” In this game, players can explore different islands, defeat enemies, and complete quests to level up and gain new abilities. One of the main features of Blox Fruits is the ability to become a pirate or a marine and engage in battles with other players or NPCs (non-player characters). Players can also obtain different types of fruits, each with unique abilities, by finding them on islands or buying them from the in-game shop.

Recently the game has finally released the much-awaited update 20. The update has brought many cool and exciting things like different-looking dark blades, Mammoth fruit, and even some existing fruits that are different-looking. Also, the LEVIATHAN Boss is finally in the game.

What is LEVIATHAN Boss?

The LEVIATHAN Boss in Blox fruit game is a new Boss. It is basically a raid boss which players fight to defeat. Players have to spend 1500 fragments to spawn this boss in the game.

We hope you liked this quick guide and got help in finding the newest LEVIATHAN Boss. Search for more amazing guides on How2guide.

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