BGMI Error Code Restrict Area: How to Fix Easily

Despite being a great game and a great alternative to PUBGM, the BGMI is also becoming an emotion for many battleground players. But the game is showing many errors and server busy problems recently. If you also sometimes experience BGMI Server is busy Error Code Retrict Area then you are just in the right place because today in this article, I am going to show you the easiest method to fix the Error Code restrict area in BGMI.

Before we get to our method to solve this issue, let’s learn about this problem and why this restricted area server is a busy problem that occurs in BGMI in the first place.

What is Server is Busy Error Code Restrict Area?

Well, this is a server glitch from the BGMI side. In this glitch, when player tries to play or open BGMI games from their emulators such as Bluestacks or Gameloop, BGMI shows “Server is Busy, Please Try Again Later, Error Code- Restrict Area.

This problem occurs when we try to open the game from an unknown source, area, or platform. The emulator is not an unknown platform, however, sometimes it can send false information to the servers because of the stored cache files and confuse the servers leading to the error code restrict area.

There are several reasons why this problem may occur but before discussing them, I am going to give the easiest method to fix BGMI Server is Busy Error code restrict area problem.

How to Fix BGMI Error Code Restrict Area

Well, as I already have mentioned the Error code restrict area problem mostly occurs in emulators, so, this guide is for emulator users only. Follow these steps to fix Server is Busy error code restrict area in BGMI.

First of all, go to your recent apps or minimized apps in your emulator and remove BGMI and other apps from it.

How to Fix BGMI Error Code Restrict Area

Now go to settings in yours and find apps.

go to settings to fix the server busy in bgmi

In the apps section, Go to Chrome and Disable the app.

disable google chrome from emulator

Now Open the app again and see if it is fixed or not. Mostly it gets fixed by doing this trick. However, if the problem is showing up then do these next methods.

Clear Cache

Clearing Cache can also clear all the previous data your game received and cause a glitch in BGMI error code restrict area. You can simply clear your game cache to fix the problem.

Go to your Device or emulator.

Find settings, and Go to Apps in it.

Search the BGMI Game and Click on It.

In this page, Click on the Clear Cache icon at the bottom.

It will clear the cache of your game and most probably fix the server is busy error code restricted area. You can also try clear all data but remember that you will have to download maps, game data, and all from the beginning.

Turn off and On the Internet

Sometimes your Internet can also cause this error code restrict area. Even if your game problem still shows up after clearing your browser cache and game cache then what you can do is reboot your Internet.

Simply turn off your Internet for some time and then turn it on again and see if the problem is gone.

Turn Off VPN

Using a VPN connection can also be the culprit for this problem in BGMI. So, if you are using a VPN and your BGMI is showing the server is busy with an error code restrict area then turn your VPN off first.

Turn off your Internet and turn it back on after 1 minute.

Close all the programs and open your BGMI game from the start.

Reinstall BGMI App

This option is not quite the solution but if you have been facing this problem for a long time then you can surely try doing this too. Many people who were facing many types of server problems in BGMI got a solution by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

So, in this last method to fix the BGMI Error code restrict area, all you have to do is uninstall the BGMI game and reinstall it again.

You should remember that you will need more than 2GB of data to fully install the game again.

Final Words: BGMI may show certain types of Server is busy errors while you open the game. If you also see a server is busy error code restrict area then do not worry about it. It can be an issue from the BGMI official servers.

If the issue doesn’t go away even after 24 hours then simply try the first method and the following methods to fix server is busy error code restrict area in BGMI.

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