BGMI UC Refund Trick 2024: Get Money Back After Buying UC

BGMI UC Refund trick is getting viral on the Internet. Battleground Mobile India is a popular game in India and players like it very much. Besides playing the game, gamers introduce a lot of tricks for the game too. Today we are talking about the new trick of getting a refund after buying UC in BGMI. So, let’s learn how to get refund in BGMI after UC purchase.

Yes, you heard me right. Recently a player got his money back after buying UC on BGMI. This was a simple trick that he introduced to all the gamers. You can get a refund after buying UC in BGMI with this simple trick. However, this method is not fail-proof because there is a chance you might get rejected for a refund.

What is BGMI UC Refund?

BGMI UC Refund is not exactly a trick but the refund policy of the Google Play Store. In this refund policy, if you purchase any product, app, or in-game items through Google Play then you get an option for a refund.

With this option, only the kind of purchase that happened by mistake will get refunded by Google Play. In this simple guide, we will tell you how to get a refund from BGMI after purchasing UC through the Google Play Refund policy.

BGMI UC Refund Trick 2024

You can see this refund screenshot. According to the verified player, he bought 1900 rupees UC Pack, and his money got deducted from his bank account. Then he got his 1900 rupees back and also he didn’t lose the UC he purchased from BGMI App.

So, this is not any kind of unlimited UC trick but a simple Google Play refund policy. With this policy, you will accomplish the viral BGMI UC Refund trick today.

So, without wasting any more time, here is how to get a refund after purchasing UC in BGMI.

How to Get Refund after Buying UC in BGMI

How to Get Refund after Buying UC in BGMI

It is not exactly a foolproof trick and it may not work if you can not prove yourself right while asking for a refund. If you really want to get a refund, you have to prove to the customer support team that you have purchased the UC pack by mistake or it was purchased by a kid.

As the trick only happened with the 1900 rupees UC Pack, you also have to buy the same pack to make sure there are no mistakes. Otherwise, you may not get a refund for a small purchase.
Follow these steps to get a refund after a UC Purchase in the Battleground Mobile India game.

Buying 1900 Rs UC Pack

Buying 1900 Rs UC Pack

First of all, go to your BGMI APp, then go to the UC Purchase section.

Select the 1900 rupees pack.
Click on Buy.
Select the payment method and complete the with your UPI or Bank information.

After you have successfully made the payment and you have received the 1500 UC on your account, wait for 12 hours then perform the task mentioned below.

Applying for Refund in Google Play

We purchased the UC from Google Play Purchase. Now we simply have to apply for a refund to get our Money Back for the BGMI UC Refund.

First of all, you have to use the same email everywhere then Follow these steps to apply for a refund on Play Store

Go to Play Store and Log in with the same Gmail.

Applying for Refund in Google Play

Then go to the profile section and Click on Help and Feedback.

Then on the next page, click on Request for Google Play Refund.

BGMI UC Refund trick

Next answer the question by selecting Yes and NO.

submit refund request succesful

In the last, select the most recent Google Play purchase or the one you want to request. Do not select an old purchase when applying for a refund.

Now again Click on Continue and Answer all the questions along the way.

There will be a comment box where you have to write or explain what happened and what went wrong that made you apply for this refund. Just be honest and tell what is true for you.

bgmi uc refund request approved

And just like that you have successfully submitted the refund request for the UC BGMI. It will simply go to review and get the approval once the review is done. Here are some tips to remember while applying for refund for BGMI UC purchase.

Tips to Get Refund in BGMI UC Approved

Tips to Get Refund in BGMI UC Approved

If you want to get a successful refund after buying UC from BGMI then you should follow these tips while doing the trick-

  • Apply for BGMI UC refund only once. It won’t work if you do this again and again. You can only take 1-2 refund for any purchase on the Play Store.
  • Purchase UC packs only with UPI or direct Google Pay, Phone pay, or Paytm link from BGMI App to increase the possibility of a refund. Why? Because the support team will find that the purchase may have been made by a kid from the app.
  • Apply for a refund in 24 hours but do not wait so long. Submit your refund request within 1-2 hours after purchase.
  • Use the same Gmail while buying UC in BGMI and Submitting refund requests on the Google Play Store.
  • Only choose the correct answer while submitting a refund request. They will ask a lot of questions during the submission. You have to answer correctly so that they can verify your authenticity.
  • Choose the most recent transaction from the list.
  • Do not commit fraud with Google Play and ask for a refund for no reason, It may ban you from purchasing from Google Play in the future.
  • After the submission is done, the customer support team may contact you for some more information and screenshots. Wait for any query email or check the status of the refund process.

How to Check the Status of UC Refund

Go to your Play Store and log in with the same Gmail.

Visit Profile and Go to Help and Support.

Now Select the Check Your Google Play Refund Status.

This section will give you all information about your submitted refund request and show you if the request is approved or not.


Does the BGMI UC Refund trick work?

Yes, you actually can get refund for BGMI UC purchase but there are a lot of conditions to have a successful refund like giving customer service the right information.

Which UC pack I should buy to get a refund?

According to the trick source, you should buy a 1900 rupees pack or higher value UC pack to get a successful refund in BGMI.

Can I get refund after buying UC in BGMI?

Yes, by following these BGMI UC refund trick 2024, you may get a chance for a refund after buying UC.

Conclusion: The BGMI UC refund trick may not work every time for you but in this article, we have shared the correct method for How to get refund in BGMI UC. You can follow these simple steps and submit a refund request after a UC purchase from BGMI.

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