How to Set up controlled folder Access and Exclusions

Today we are going to learn about some Windows 10 security settings. Data says many of us are troubled by Windows Security and Virus protection. Controlled folder access and Exclusions are two of the main Windows security settings. In many cases, we need to set them according to our requirements, otherwise, it can harm our important files. So, in this article, we are going to learn how to set Controlled Folder Access and Exclusions.

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What is Controlled Folder Access

Control folder access is a feature of Windows Defender. In many cases, windows do not allow the unrecognized app in the system. In some other cases, Windows blocks the app or modifies its root folder because of which the particular app keeps crashing or doesn’t work at all.

Also, with this feature, we can make an exclusion or control a folder or application safe from Windows Defender. It means, with this feature we can tell our Windows system not to interfere or make any changes and keep the file safe without getting blocked or modified.

To use this feature, your windows system needs a security service. It will allow you to turn on real-time protection. To manage Controlled folder access, you need to have real-time protection.

Now, let’s see, what types of features are there in Controlled Folder access and how to use them.

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Controlled Folder Access Settings and Guide

Controlled Folder Access Settings and Guide

There are 3 main features to protect your third-party app or unknown files from getting modified or deleted by Security. These features are-

Protection History– Allows you to unblock any function that is already got blocked by Windows Security.

Protected Folders– This allows you to keep some of your folders in this feature to tell your system not to interfere.

Allow App through controlled folder access– Add any app to exclude from Virus protection.

How to Enable controlled Folder access

How to Enable controlled Folder access

To enable controlled folder access-

Go to settings, Search Virus and Threat Protection, and Open it.

Click on Manage settings under virus and threat protection settings.

Turn on real-time protection and then scroll down to the Controlled Folder access.

Click on Manage Controlled folder access. Turn on the first option on the next page.

Now, you will see the 3 features mentioned above-

Protection History-

If you have any file, folder, or program already blocked by the Windows threat protection. Then you can unblock them from the protection history. To give permission to a program that is already blocked-

OPen Protection History and Look for the program on the list.

Check every detail to match the program, click on the program and you will see an action button.

Click on it to remove your program from the protection history.

Protected Folders

Protected Folders

There are many malicious files or folders that can be on your PC. If your Windows do not recognize a file, it will flag it and move to the protection history. To avoid this, you can add your file to protected folders-

To add a folder, visit the folder and copy the location and paste it on the blank space.

Or you can also browse and select the folder from your PC.

Allow App through controlled folder access

Allow App through controlled folder access

This is pretty much the same. Instead of folders, you will be able to add applications to this list.

Simply open these features, click on the + icon, and select browse Apps.

Select an app you want to protect from getting modified and done.

With these ways, you can keep any file or app safe from Windows Security.

How to set up Exclusion in Windows 10

How to set up Exclusion in Windows 10

Now, let’s set up Exclusion in Windows 10. Before that, some explanation below-

What is Exclusion

Exclusion is the exact same thing as the features we just explained. From this feature, you can directly select any file, folder, or app and exclude them from getting modified by Windows Security. Remember, It is not necessary that it has to be a recognized file or app.

Go to Settings and Search Virus Threat and Protection and Open it.

There click on manage settings under the virus threat protection.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on Add or Remove Exclusion option right below to Exclusions.

There on the window, you can see a + icon. Click and select whether it is a file, folder, or app you want to add.

Then browse that location to add files to exclusion. After adding, windows security will not scan or do anything with the particular app or file.

You can also remove an app from exclusion by just clicking on the app and clicking on remove.

Final Words: There we have to full guide for setting up controlled folder access and adding exclusions to the Windows Security.

Many times we download games or other apps which are provided by a third party. These licenses are not recognized by windows. And because of that, Windows blocks them or delete them or delete some part of them which leads to an error on that program.

Windows will not delete or modify the program if you include your files to control access folder or add them to exclusions.

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