How to Watch India Vs Pakistan Match Online for Free

If you are here to watch today’s Asia Cup T20 online then sit tight, because this short article is going to be your lifesaver. If you have a laptop or mobile phone, then all you need is good wifi to watch India Vs Pakistan match online for free. Here is how.


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How to Watch India Pakistan Match Online For free

How to Watch India Pakistan Match Online For free

To watch India Pakistan Match for free, you are going to need a laptop or mobile phone, a VPN app or VPN Extension for your laptop, and a good wifi connection because it will consume a lot of data to watch a full live match online. If you already have all these you are all ready to watch Asia Cup T20’s India vs Pakistan Match today.

To watch Asia Cup T20 India vs Pakistan Live Match online for free, simply follow these steps-

Watch India vs Pakistan Match online for free on PC or Laptop

Open the Laptop and connect to your Wifi.

Open your chrome browser and install a VPN Extension.(look below to know how to install vpn extension)

Now Activate the VPN and go to your search bar.

Search CrickHD on the search bar.

Click on any of the first two links or crickHD.Vip.(The links will not open without a VPN.)

Once the website opens, look for the channel on the list which is showing the live India vs Pakistan Match or simply look for Asia Cup T20 Live.

India vs Pakistan Match

Click on it to view the live match right away. It may open some ads. Simply close the ads and your live match will play without any problem.

Note: The video stays muted at first. To unmute the video, click on the top left corner button that says “Click Here to Unmute the video”.

How to Install VPN Extension?

To install a VPN Extension, follow these steps-

First of all, open your chrome Browser.

Search Webstore on the search bar and visit the Chrome Web Store.

Now on the next page search field, search VeePN or you can simply visit this LINK.

Click on Add to chrome then add chrome extension.

So this is how you can install VPN extension to your chrome browser. You can always click on the extension icon from the extension bar and click on connect to connect with any VPN server.

You can do the same to watch India Vs Pakistan matches online for free but the VPN you can get from the Play Store for free.

Simply download any free and light VPN on your android device and connect to any server after it gets installed,

Final Words: So this is how to watch India vs Pakistan match online for free. I hope you liked this article. Please share with your friends to let them know how to watch Asia Cup T20 India Vs Pakistan match online for free.

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