How to use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

PayTM is one of the most popular apps for online transactions in India. Recently, people have been loving something new from PayTM. Yes, I am talking about the Paytm first games. With this new app from Paytm, you will be able to win a lot of cash prizes by playing games and participating in contests from your home. However, the game itself has a lot of bonus offers. Today we will learn about how to use Paytm First Games Bonus Balance.

What is Paytm First Games?

PayTM First Games is a program where you can add or deposit money and play various games with your money. There are hundreds of games, rummy games, crickets, lottery, etc. Choose any of those games and participate with the required amount. Each winning game will get you a lot of cash prizes.

These PayTM first-game rewards can be easily withdrawn from your Paytm wallet. But what about the Bonus Balance?

In the deposit account, you can only add money and play games with it. All the winning prizes will go to your Winning Balance account. From there, you will be able to withdraw any amount to your bank or PayTM.

However, compiling game tasks, and rewards, will get you a free Bonus Balance.


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What is Bonus Balance

What is Bonus Balance

PayTM first game Bonus Balance is only for bonuses earned from game rewards or challenges. Paytm’s first game is full of free rewards. Only by signing up, every user gets a 50 bonus balance. Also, a bonus balance can be earned using other rewards in Paytm first games.

Also, if you use my referral code and download it from this link, then every user will get a 250 rupees bonus balance in their account.

How to use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

How to use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

PayTM first Games Bonus Balance can not be withdrawn or transferred to your bank or Paytm. Because this balance is only for participating in more games on PayTM first games.

Paytm’s first games have provided a useful opportunity for trying their games for free. Every game needs a fee to join. You can use money by adding from your bank or this bonus balance can be used to play these games.

After winning a game with a bonus balance, rewards will go to your winning balance, and you will be able to transfer it to your bank.

3 Ways to Use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

3 Ways to use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance


Rummy is a very popular game. Betting games like this are very famous in India and almost every Indian guy knows how to play Rummy. To participate in a Rummy game, you have to place your bet or as a small fee for the game.

Use your Paytm First Games Bonus Balance in these Rummy games and win real cash prizes after winning it. Letting you know that Many people have earned quite a lot of money from the Rummy game in Paytm First Games.


Just like lottery tickets, Paytm First Games also has a section where you can only find lottery tickets. You can find many lottery tickets with lots of different prizes. The higher price you pay to participate in the lottery, the bigger the prize is.

Each lottery has all the details in it. How many members are there, how many rounds will go, what is the fee etc. Just buy a 10 rupees lottery ticket using Paytm First Game bonus balance and wait for the result of the lottery.

The winning prize will be added to the winning balance account. You can withdraw any amount from there.

Fantasy Cricket:

Just go to more games, there you will see the Fantasy Cricket in on the first. Here you can participate and guess, which team will win for a fee. Yes, each time you participate and make your guess will cost you some amount of money.

And the winning prize is quite big too. All details are added to the contest. All you need to do is enter the fantasy cricket contest, and pay the fee amount and choose one side from the two.

After that just wait for the result. If your team is winning, then you will win the prize amount of the tournament.

How to earn Paytm First Game Bonus Balance-

To win Paytm First Game Bonus Balance, you will need to play some contests or complete some tasks. Also, there is a referral program for earning direct deposit money which is basically the same thing.

To earn Paytm First Game Bonus Balance, open your Paytm First Game app. Now look for the reward tab below.

After going to the reward, check available contests or tasks, each contest has unique rules and tastes to complete. Just choose any and complete it to earn Paytm First Game Bonus Balance.

Benefits of using PayTM First Games Bonus Balance:

Enjoy Free Gaming: PayTM First Games Bonus Balance provides an opportunity to play games without using real money, which makes gaming more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Boost your Winning Chances: With PayTM First Games Bonus Balance, you can increase your chances of winning in online games without risking your own money.

Test New Games: You can use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance to try out new games before investing real money, giving you a chance to test and explore different games without worrying about the cost.

Keep your Expenses in Check: Using PayTM First Games Bonus Balance helps you manage your gaming expenses as you are only using virtual funds to play games, preventing overspending.

Encourages Responsible Gaming: PayTM First Games Bonus Balance allows you to play games responsibly and without any financial pressure. This promotes a healthy gaming culture and ensures that you only spend within your means.

Final Words: So, here are all the details for using the Paytm First Games bonus balance. You can use the bonus balance only for participating in the game and win real cash prizes with it. Paytm First Games is a trusted app made by Paytm itself. So, there is no need to worry about any fraud.

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