How to Increase Eraser Size in MS Paint

Ms paint eraser size guide, how to change

You can easily change the size of the eraser in MS paint by simply clicking on the Size button right next to the eraser icon. MS Paint is a very popular painting software and kids really love to create their first painting on PC with MS Paint. But sometimes it gets tricky for beginners. Today … Read more

How to Connect Philips dsp475u Soundbar to TV

How to connect the Philips soundbar to a TV is a question that every buyer asks. This is because it actually gets complicated when your attempt to connect Philips DSP475u to any TV. This soundbar doesn’t feature an HDMI connection. However, it is not impossible to connect a Philips home theater to tv. So, Check … Read more

How to use PayTM First Games Bonus Balance

paytm first games bonus balance guide

PayTM is one of the most popular apps for online transactions in India. Recently, people are loving something new from PayTM. Yes, I am talking about the Paytm first games. With this new app from Paytm, you will be able to win a lot of cash prizes by playing games and participating in contests from … Read more

How to Remove Access From Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most important cloud storage we want these days. There are other drives too but Google is the most trusted cloud storage in 2021. Many of us already use Google Drive to upload/store, download, and share documents, files, etc. However, while sharing these important files, we must consider their security. … Read more

GTA 4 Lag Fix in Windows 7| How to fix lags in GTA 4 game

gta 4 lag fix in windows 7

Looking for GTA 4 Lag fix in Windows 7? Here are the details and fix guide you need. Windows 7 can be really annoying when it comes to playing modern games. An outdated windows 7 can get many errors in GTA 4 game. However, with some simple changes, we can get rid of these errors. … Read more

How to Clean a Plastic Bucket| 3 Easy Tricks for Cleaning

how to clean a plastic bucket

We can easily clean Plastic buckets and Mugs at home with commonly used materials. We can use binding agents as Soda, Lemon, Vinegar, etc to make soap solution to clean water strains in plastic buckets. Today we are here with a detailed guide on how to clean a plastic bucket easily at home. Withing the … Read more

2 Ways to Fix GTA San Andreas Mouse Not Working in Windows 8.1

GTA san andreas mouse not working foxed in windows 8.1

GTA San Andreas is a great game for a basic-level player. This game was released in 2004 and it became a hit game after that. Many of us getting a problem in GTA San Andreas. So, today we are going to fix the GTA San Andreas mouse not working in Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is … Read more

How to Disable Ctrl Key using Javascript

how to disable ctrl key using javA

How to Disable ctrl key using javascript and HTML code. Today we will learn how can we turn off the ctrl key or any other combination key with a ctrl key like Ctrl+V Ctrl+C and more. But first, we must know about the issue and what is the cause. Ctrl key combinations are important but … Read more

Akbar and Birbal drawing Guide: How to Draw Akbar and Birbal Easily

how to draw akbar and birbal

Today we are presenting a detailed Akbar and Birbal Drawing Guide for kids and beginners. With some of the easy-to-draw Akbar and Birbal images, help yourself to make a perfect drawing of Akbar and Birbal. How to draw Akbar and Birban easily? Well, the answer to this question lies in practice. But with some pro … Read more

MI Note 5 Pro Wifi Not Working| How to Fix Wifi in Mi phones

mi note 5 pro not working?

Many times we get disturbed with our tech problems but there is always a solution to every problem. This time I am going to show you how to solve issues while your Wifi is not working on your MI Note 5 Pro phone. So, if your MI Note 5 Pro wifi not working, then keep … Read more