How to Make Beetroot Lip Balm at Home

Beetroot Lipbalm making is very easy and very useful. Amazing homemade things like this should be used by everyone. Making Lip balm using beetroot is very popular in Indian households. So, here is a full guide with pictures on how to make beetroot Lip Balm at home.

Tired of using unhealthy and chemical used lip balm? Many products are claimed to be the best but they always use chemicals to make their lip balm product everlasting. These chemicals may be not so harmful but when it comes to our lips’ protection, everyone wants a chemical-free lip balm. Today, I am here with the Beetroot lip balm recipe and it is not only good for your lips but also its dark cherry color is going to give you a shiny look to your lips.

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Sieve for cleaning




Cut and Grind beetroot and take out the clean juice with the help of the sieve.

Mix with an equal portion of Vaseline.

Refrigarate for 2 hours.

Let’s take a brief knowledge on how to make beetroot lip balm at home easily.

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How to Make Beetroot LipBalm at Home

How to Make Beetroot LipBalm at Home

Well to make Beetroot Lip Balm at home, first of all, you need to know that this Beetroot Lipbalm recipe is fully chemical-free and very easy to make.

Also, you can store it for many days and use it whenever you want. To make beetroot Lipbalm, we are going to need the basic items which are-

  1. Beetroot
  2. Slicer.
  3. Grinder.
  4. Sieve for cleaning
  5. Vaseline
  6. Refridgerator.

Easy Step by Step guide for making Beetroot Lip Balm at home-

First, we are going to peel, grate and extract all the juice from our beetroots. You can take as many beetroots as you can. For making a 10 gram of Beetroot Lip Balm at home, you can take 5-6 beetroot.

To Make Lip Balm at home-

Take all the beetroot and peel them.

Now cut them into small pieces and grind them in a grinder. (make a smooth paste out of your beetroot).

After that take the beetroot paste and take the clean liquid with the help of a sieve.

Take the liquid or juice of the beetroot(don’t add water) and boil it in a pan.

Keep boiling until it gets thick enough. The consistency of the juice must be a little less than vaseline.

Now take a small container and feel it with the thick beetroot juice.

Again take an equal amount of vaseline and mix it with the thickened beetroot juice. After mixing it well, keep it in a fridge for 30 minutes.

Take it out when it gets set and ready for use.

You can store this homemade lip balm for 3-6 months without any problems.

Benefits of Home-Made Beetroot Lip Balm

Benefits of Home-Made Beetroot Lip Balm

Homemade beetroot lip balms are very healthy for your lips. Beetroot contains anti-oxidants and vitamins which are really helpful for nourishing your skins and make them glowy.

Unlike market beetroot, our homemade beetroot lip balms are really healthy and chemical-free. So, if you are one who has an allergy to many unknown things, you might want to consider those market lip balms.

Also, the natural dark red color is not only beneficial for the look but also makes your lips pinkish over time.

Other amazing benefits of Homemade Beetroot Lipbalm are they are really easy to make and perfect for winter use. A homemade lip balm is always better than a market one for all-day use at home.

Final Words: With this beetroot lip balm-making guide, everyone will be able to make beetroot lip balm at home. Make your healthy lip balm today and share your experience with us in the comment. 

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