How to Use InstaUp App to get Followers for Free

InstaUp is recently going viral for providing genuine Instagram followers for free. The application got some paid plans too. In this post, you will learn how to use InstaUp App to get Followers for free.

So, What is InstaUp App? Basically, InstaUp App is an android application that has a lot of users in it. All of them are Instagram users who want free or paid followers. As they all are looking for likes, follows, and comments. You will get genuine service as a response.

We can directly log into the app with our Instagram user ID and password and use the app as we please. This stamp guide will tell you how to use it to get likes, follows, and comments.

How to Use InstaUp App Full Guide

As we have already mentioned that the InstaUp App provides genuine Instagram Likes and followers. To do everything right, first, we will start this guide from the beginning.

How we can get Instagram Followers for free from InstaUp, then we will talk about the free one.

How to Get Instagram Followers from InstaUp for free

Instaup works on Follow for follow and like for like-based ideas. To get likes follows, and comments for free, first you will need coins. You can get Instaup coins by completing tasks like following other users.

Remember: You are logging in InstaUp with your real Instagram ID, So, following other accounts also reflects on your real Instagram account).

So, as you follow other accounts or give them like, you will receive coins. 2 coins for one account follow, 2 coins for 1 comment, and 1 coin for 1 like in any post listed on the app.

After you earned coins, you can use these coins to purchase followers, likes and comments from the app itself. In this below section, you can learn briefly about Instaup app.

How to Earn InstaUp Coins for free

To get free InstaUp Coins, we have to follow, give likes, or comment on other random accounts listed on the app. Follow these steps to earn InstaUp Coins for free-

Download and Install InstaUp App.

Open the app and log in with your Instagram ID and password.

Now look at the bottom and click on Get coins. In this section, you will see an interface like this. Accounts will show in the middle.

How to Earn InstaUp Coins for free

Simply Click on +2 Coins to follow and earn 2 coins. If you do not want to follow you can skip it by clicking on Next.

Now on the same tab, look at the Top, there will be 3 options. Like, follow, Comment. If you go to the like section, you will see photo posts. Like them by clicking on the +1 coin icon at the bottom to receive 1 InstaUp coin for free.

get free comments

If you go to the comment tab, you will receive commenting tab and you can do it just as we have explained.

So, this is how you can earn InstaUp Coins for free. Now that we know how to get coins now I will explain how you can use these coins to get followers, likes, or comments to your account.

How to use coins to get followers for free

After you have earned a decent amount of InstaUp coins, now you are ready to list your account on the promotion page. You just have to select how many coins you want to spend and then list your account in the promotion.

Follow these steps-

First of all, open your InstaUp Application.

Now go to Home(in the lower right corner).

There you will see three tabs(get Comments, Get Followers, Get Likes).
If you want followers in your account, go to get followers. There you will see an interface like shown below.

How to use coins to get followers for free

Your account with follower count will show. Now you need to click on Confirm and Send button.

In this next tab, you will see a bar. Select how many followers you want and you will see how many coins you need to have in your account.

instaup app full guide for instagram followers

Now after you have confirmed that you have enough coins, click on confirm and send. This will list your account in the promotion list and you will get followers sometimes.

So, this free trick will get you free Instagram followers. But this will also increase your follower count. If you do not want to follow other accounts then there is a paid trick in this app.

With some bucks, you can get real Instagram likes, follows, and comments.

How to get likes, follows, and comments with InstaUp App

If you want likes follows and comments in your account, you will need coins. Following other accounts is not the only way to earn coins. If you don’t want to follow other accounts, simply buy coins from the app. In the below steps, you will learn how to get likes follows, and comments-

To buy InstaUp Coins-

Open your App.

Now in the top right corner, you will see a plus icon. Tap on that icon.

How to get likes, follows, and comments with InstaUp App

It will show you some plans for buying InstaUp Coins. You can get details of the plan from

Now select any one plan and buy it with any online wallet or debit card. Paytm is also available to purchase.

Instaup app buy coin plans

After you have bought the required amount of InstaUp coins, you can now use them to get likes, comments, and followers.


Is the Instaup App genuine?

Yes, the app itself a genuine Like for Like platform. You can get free followers by completing some tasks or purchase coins and use them to increase Instagram followers with money.

Can we get banned by using InstaUp App?

No, there is no risk in using InstaUp app. As the app uses like for like tactics. Other people who need followers and likes are also working genuinely from the other end. So, there is no chance of cheating and getting banned by using InstaUp App.

How long does it take to gain followers?

It depends on your how many likes and follows you want. After you order your required amount of followers, your account will be featured on the app featured page. From the page, other users will like and follow your post in order to earn coins. and This is how you get follows and likes.

Final Words: InstaUP app is very easy and convenient to use for getting some extra followers. I do recommend to use to get followers but do not use it more because these followers won’t do any good. You can get 2k-3k followers for the showoff or personality but for the performance, you will have to gain followers organically from Instagram.

Learn these 12 tips to gain followers on Instagram.

So, this was the full guide for InstaUp users. Download and Install InstaUP today to get free followers and likes.

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