How to Save an Instagram Story with Music

There is always a trick for everything right? Today we are going to talk about an interesting Instagram Story with music Download Trick. Yes, a lot of people try to download stories with music. But according to Instagram policy, you can not download stories with music. So, this is where we come in to teach how to save an Instagram Story with Music.’

If you have tried to download stories from Instagram, you know that it won’t allow us to download stories with the music. There are many websites and other features to download our own content or other people’s content but Instagram simply does not allow us to download story videos with the music. So, is there any to make it possible? Yes, we have a couple of tricks to download and save Instagram stories with music.

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How to Download Instagram Story with Music?

Well, there are two kinds of stories everyone wants to download. The first one is your own story that you make. Many times, we make our video clip and put it on our stories by adding a piece of music. But when we try to download the Instagram story with music, it says we can only download it without the music. So, how do we download our own Instagram story with the music?

Download your own Instagram story with Music-

How to Download Instagram Story with Music?

This trick is for downloading Instagram story that is your own or uploaded by you. So, to download an Instagram story with music, follow these steps-

First of all, Go to Instagram and Create your story.

Now instead of uploading your video clip as a story, upload it as a reel. In this way, you can make a longer video clip while adding a piece of suitable music for it.

When the reel is successfully uploaded, go to your reels section and copy the link.

Now open your chrome browser and go to this Website Link called Instafista.

On the webpage, you will see a search option.

Simply paste the link there and search.

Once the video appears, simply hit the Download button below.

If it takes you to a page where the video appears then just click on the 3 dots at the bottom and click on download.

So, this is one way to download Instagram stories with music and save any Instagram video on your phone storage.

Now, stories of other people or other accounts are different. If you want to download directly story without adding them in your reels or other people’s stories one by one then there is another way to do it.

When you try to download stories by copying the story link, you will realize that it will only show you the first story of that link. You will not be able to view or download the rest of the stories from the link. So, how do we do it?

How to download Stories with Music(Best Way)

This is a very simple way to download every story from the story list. Whether it is your Instagram story or others. The only condition for this is the account has to be open or public. So, to download a story with music, follow these simple tricks-

Open your chrome browser.

How to download Stories with Music(Best Way)

Search Instafinsta or visit this Link.

Now look for search. When you find it, firstly look for the story tab. There are multiple tab options like video, reels, stories, etc.

choose open instagram account and open story to copy link

Choose stories and then paste the copied Instagram story link in the link bar.

go to instafinsta and select story tab and paste the link

Now Hit search. It will view a list of all the stories uploaded to that account in under 24 hours.

It will only show which stories now exist in the link or the public account.

Now all you need to do is choose the desired Instagram story from the list and Hit Download Button.

chose the story from the list and download

It will automatically start downloading the Instagram story with music in your phone storage.

So, these are 2 simple and best ways to Save Instagram Story with Music. Congratulations, now you know how to save an Instagram story with music.

Final Words: Instagram doesn’t allow users to save stories with music because of copyright. As the song clips are not Instagram’s own. So they do not hold the copyright and allow people to download it with their video.

So, the best way to save an Instagram story is simply by downloading it from

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please share and support.

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