How to Remove Holi Color Easily

It is Holi again! The whole of India is going to get colored. People have already started celebrating the color festival with energy and love. On this day, good defeated evil. That is why people celebrate Holi by applying colors to each other. Many use safe powder color to play Holi but some others take it to a different level by using chemical colors. These colors are really hard to remove. So, if you also play Holi with different colors then you might want to know How to Remove Holi Colors from Face and Body. We will give you the 10 best tricks to remove Holi color easily in this article.

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What is Holi

Holi is a popular ancient festival celebrated by Hindus, also known as the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Colours, or the Festival of Love. The festival celebrates the divine love of Radha Krishna and It also signifies the triumph of good over evil. The celebration also means the victory of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha Narayana over Hiranyakashipu.

It originated and is predominantly celebrated in the Indian subcontinent but has also spread to other regions of Asia and parts of the Western world through the South Asian diaspora.

How to Remove Holi Colors from Body Skin

How to Remove Holi Colors from Body Skin

We have two main parts to take care of. If you are going to play hard in this Holi, then you should know that your Body Skin and face skin need different types of treatment to remove color without harming yourself.

For Holi lovers, one thing you must know is that never rub your skin too hard as it can lead to skin irritation and infections.

So, How do we remove Holi Color from Body Skin? As your body skin is a little tougher than your face skin, you can use these methods to remove Color from your Body-

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil is a good option to do the thing. It can be found at home easily that can be used during Holi. Whether you want to remove Holi from your Body or you want to take care of your skin before you start playing Holi. Coconut oil can save from both.

If you are going to play Holi then simply put a generous amount of Coconut Oil onto your body. It will create an oily layer that will protect your skin from chemicals and it won’t allow Holi to stick to your body easily.

If you already colored yourself so much and do not want to rub your soft skin then also Coconut oil can save your day. Just apply coconut oil where you think too much Holi is applied and wait for 5 minutes. Now use your favorite soap to wash off the colors. Coconut oil will melt down the sticky color and create an oil layer around colors.

After that, your soap can easily remove the Holi colors from your Body or face.

Natural Scrubber

You can also create a natural scrubber with oil and wheat flour. Simply take any normal oil and mix with wheat flour. Now take a small amount and apply it to your skin and wait for 5 minutes. It will soak all the colors and the colors will start to come off automatically.

Now you scrub your skin well with your hand and wash it off with soap or facewash.

Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti is also a great option to remove your dirty Holi Colored skin from your face and Hand. MultaniMitti is a natural skin scrubber. You can use it on your whole body but it can be expensive to use on your whole body.

It is recommended to use Multani Mitti only on your face and hand. Ready your mixture and apply nicely to your face and hand and let it be till it gets dried.

It will remove all the dirt and color, and chemicals from your skin during the drying time. Then you can wash it off with any soap.

Glycerine and Rosewater

Glycerine and Rosewater can be used big time too. But the use of these two is quite dedicated. If you are having rashes or itchy feelings due to your long time playing Holi then you can use Glycerine and Rosewater mixture on your body skin.

For the face, apply only rose water. For body use, take an equal amount of Rosewater and Glycerine. Mix them well then apply generously.

Amchur Powder

Amchur Powder is another alternative for removing permanent Holi colors from the body. Take some Amchur Powder and apply it little by little to your skin. It weakens the colors and helps to remove easily. Amchur powder will also help you to avoid excessive washing of your skin.

Our face skin is very soft and we do not want to use force while rubbing it. When we play Holi, colors get to our face too and it is really hard to remove if it chemical color. So, to remove Holi color from the face easily then use these tips-

How to Remove Holi from Face Skin-

How to Remove Holi from Face Skin-

First of all, it is recommended to use Face Scrubber to remove dirt and Holi from Face Skin. We have this guide to make Natural Face Scrubber or you can buy some from Here. After that, you can use any of these following methods to Remove Holi Color from your face without harming your face-

First of all, wash your face very gently and remove excess Holi, After that use a generous amount of Face scraber. Take some of it apply and rub very gently for a long time.

After rubbing and scrabbing for 10 minutes at least, slowly wash it off. After doing that apply some of your suitable facewash and wash all your face.

Even if there are some colors left on your skin, these colors are not easy to remove. One should know that we should not rub our face skin again and again. We all know that the light color will be removed by everyday bathing. So, we can do this alternative way which is a face mask.

Moisturize Skin with Facemask Towel

There are two types of facemasks. One is Multani Mitti or the same ones that get hardened in time. Firstly, it is recommended to use a hardened facemask like Multani Mitti. When Multani Mitti extracts some amount of color from skin, wash it off and rest of some time.

Multani Mitti facepack for Holi removal at home

Now, it is time to get your face mask towel or Facial Lotion Tissue Paper. This is especially for moisturizing your skin. When it adds some extra moisture, your face skin will remove those extra colors.

Stay with your mask for 15 minutes then you will see all the colors are gone from Skin.

Another important thing to be taken care of in our cloth. Apart from Skin, our clothes get really dirty with the color. Many people throw away their clothes after playing Holi or make their kitchen towels. But let me tell you, we can easily remove all the Holi colors from it.

How to Remove Holi Color from Cloths

Cloths can be multi-colored. If your clothes are made of cotton then they will be easy to remove. First of all, Soak them in Hot Water. Add some non-chlorine bleach and a small amount of detergent to the water. This will remove every bit of color from your clothes. Also, you need to wash each cloth separately. Otherwise, they can stick to other clothes.

Applying White vinegar and some detergent is another very useful remedy to remove colors from Cloth. Simply take a bucket of cold water and mix with 4-5 tablespoons of white vinegar and detergent powder in 2-4 liters of water. Soak your clothes well. After that, gently wash them one by one.

Another way to get rid of the colors is by using an ammonia-based Window Cleaner Spray. Take your clothes soak them separately in detergent mixed water. Then take them and spray with Ammonia Based Window Cleaner spray.

Let it rest for 5 minutes then the color will start to disappear from your clothes.

Also, it is very important to get started with the color removal process as soon as you finish playing with color. Because the colors will get even stickier.

Alternative Ways to Remove Holi Color Easily

This amazing video shows how you can use Items that are easily available at home and make Home remedy. These ideas will work just like we have explained in this post.

Watch the video and understand to learn how to remove Holi color easily at home.

Final Words: Holi is sacred to everyone. Every people in India celebrates Holi. But not everyone Plays with light colors. If you are also stuck with permanent Holi color then follow this guide to remove Permanent Holi Color easily.

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