How to Make Rakhi at Home| Easy Guide for Kids

India’s one of the most loving occasions, Rakhi is everyone’s favorite. Every year when Rakhi comes, people get very excited to celebrate with their brothers and sisters. Rakhi is more like a hand band that every sister wishes to tie to their brother’s hand and it is believed that the Rakhi will protect brothers from the coming problems in their life. Many of us already know about rakhi but only some of us know about how to make Rakhi at home.

We can always buy Rakhi from any local store or online. But did you ever think that making a rakhi by yourself would be very special to your beloved brother? If you also think that your brother is so special to you that need to make a rakhi by yourself at home then today you are going to learn to make rakhi at home from this post.

Rakhi making is a very easy task. All we need is some material and glue to fix them in one place. In this article, we will tell you how to make a beautiful Rakhi easily with some paper, glitters, and rope. All these materials can be easily found in any local store or library. You can also check out the affiliate links to buy it from Amazon.


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How to Make Rakhi at Home

I suppose you have already made your mind to make a perfect, beautiful, and easy to make rakhi at home. First, we will let you know about the raw material we are going to need to make this easy Rakhi-making process. This easy-to-make rakhi will only need some color paper, glitters, plastic diamonds, rope, and glue.

Check List to Make Easy Handmade Rakhi-

  • Foam Sheet
  • Ball Chain
  • Stone Chain
  • Kundan
  • Beads
  • Wool
  • Fabric Glue
  • Golden Pearls

Now follow these steps one after another to make Rakhi at home easily

How to Make Rakhi at Home

Step One: Take the foam sheet and cut it into a square. The square size should be smaller than the size of the hand.

Check List to Make Easy Rakhi-

Step Two: Put Fabric Glue on one of the surfaces and paste some stone and beads. Paste them one after another and make them a round shape. Then again do the same but this time in a different color variation. It would make a beautiful round design on the surface of the Foam Sheet.

Make hand made rakhi with wool and cardboard

Step Three: Take wool and make a chain with the wool and some stone. The stones or round crystal balls have to have a hole in the middle to make a chain out of them.

Step Four: Remember to keep some space in the middle. Now take the chain and attach the middle part with the round design we made earlier for Rakhi.

take the chain and attach the middle part with the round design

Step Five: Simply glue it to the opposite side and let it rest for some time. Remember, do not use only glue. First, paste some glue, then paste the wool part in the glue and then take the same color paper and cover the complete glued are just like shown in the photo.

Just like that, you’re Homemade easy to make rakhi is ready. It looks very cool and filled with memories. A Home Made rakhi is the best thing you can give to your brother. We also have some card-making ideas. If you really consider someone special then these handmade cards are going to be great.

Raksha Bandhan 2021: All You Need To Know About The Festival Celebrating Brother-Sister Bond

On this day, sisters tie a thread, or the rakhi, on the wrist of their brothers.

What is the story of Raksha Bandhan?

This Raksha Bandhan Story is related to the great war of Mahabharata. In that time Lord Krishna once cut his own finger and started to bleed. Draupadi ran into him as soon as she noticed. She came to near and took a piece of cloth from her saree.

She took the piece of the cloth and tied it onto the hand of his brother Lord Krishna and it stopped bleeding. Since then the cloth became the sacred thread of bonding between a brother and a sister.

After that, because of the sacred thread, Krishna gave his sister a promise. A secret promise to keep her safe from all evils in the world.

When the Kauravas tried to disrobe Draupadi — after pulling her by her hair, dragging her to the court, and manhandling her — Krishna salvages her dignity by providing immeasurable reams of cloth to keep her covered.

Final words: Rakhi is the most celebrated occasion in India. It may be for the Hindu religion but also the other caste people like Muslims and Christian celebrate this Rakhi with their brothers too. In Rakhi every sister ties the knot of a Rakhi to their brother’s hand and after that brother gives some gift or money to their sister.

It says that the knot of the Rakhi protects brothers from upcoming troubles in their life. So, check our guide and also share it with your friends to let them learn how to make rakhi easily at home.

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