Fix Input Not Supported in Windows Desktop Computer

How to Fix Input Not Supported showing in your Acer Monitor? Well, this problem is quite common and it occurs when you are using an old monitor like Acer. Today, I will tell you how to fix Acer Monitor showing Input Not Supported on the screen. I will also explain why it appears and how to avoid this problem on any desktop computer.

The monitor is not showing a display problem that occurs on windows PC when your Display output is not working well. Another reason for Acer Monitor not showing display is you might have selected a higher resolution for your monitor which your Acer monitor can not handle.

In this post, I will first talk about how you can fix this particular problem. So, yesterday I tried to select a high resolution for my Acer monitor. I went to the display setting and selected the 1080p display setting. After that my Acer Monitor just got blacked out completely with a floating massage that says, input was not supported.

Even after I tried to turn off and restart my PC, the Input Not Supported was still on the screen. We can not fix the problem by simply restarting our Computer. So, if you are facing the same issue and your monitor is showing input not supported then follow this guide to Fix Input not supported in Windows.


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How to Fix Input Not Supported in Acer Monitor

We can see many such cases where we see input not supported massage. In many cases, this problem gets solved automatically or by restarting the PC. If your Monitor still doesn’t show any display after restarting or replugging your display output, follow this trick to fix Input Not supported in Acer Monitor-

First of all, Enter the System Recovery Option. (Check 6 Ways to Enter System Recovery Option).

Now, select Advanced Setting Option.

How to Fix Input Not Supported in Acer Monitor

Select Startup settings.

go to start up settings

This will show a window where you can see some notes. Click on Next/restart.

On this next page, you will see a list of options. First, look for the resolution option that says to set a low resolution for your monitor.

In most cases, it is listed in Number 3. So, we have to press F3 to select this option.

After you have done the selection and press F3 key, your Windows will take a restart.

After this restart, you will be able to see the display but in a very low resolution.

Now you can simply log in to your Windows, Right Click on the desktop.

From the menu, select Display Settings and then select the recommended option(1366*768)mostly in the Display Resolution Section.

So, this is how to fix input not supported in Windows Desktop Computer. Display not showing problem mostly occurs in Old Acer Monitor. These monitors don’t have HDMI support. So, even for the smart Windows 10, it gets tricky to detect and imply the right resolution for the monitor. To get the best resolution, get a new gen monitor today.

Note: If you are trying to change display resolution from the settings and it shows input not supported then your selected display resolution is not supported by the monitor. In this case, do not press any key after you have selected display resolution.

Windows will detect display resolution change automatically and revert your display resolution settings to the previous resolution in the next 10 seconds after the time you selected the wrong resolution.

How to Open System Recovery When Display is not showing

Well, the confusion is not yet cleared, right? You may be thinking that if we are unable to see the screen then how to go to the system recovery settings? I have made a detailed article for this. However, for this particular problem, I am going to share a few ways to go to the system recovery settings without the Display.

To open system recovery settings without looking at the display, there are 2 methods.

  • Use the command prompt.
  • Use Shift+Restart.

1) Use Command Prompt to fix input not supported

So, this method works the best when you don’t know what is going on on your screen.

To enter the system recovery, when your monitor display is showing input not supported, follow these steps to fix input not supported in Windows-

Turn on or restart your PC.

Once it completely turns on, enter your password to log in to your desktop and give some time to fully load the system.

Once you know your PC has turned on, Simply press Windows Button and R(Windows+R).

use command prompt to fix input not supported

Now type ‘CMD’ on your keyboard and hit Enter. It will bring the Command prompt but you won’t be able to see it because your screen is not working. So, all these you have to do carefully step by step blindly.

use shutdown /r /o to enter in the system recovery settings

In this next step, simply type (“shutdown /r /o“) and hit Enter.

You will see a dialogue box that says, your windows will shut down in less than a minute. Close it and wait for a minute.

Windows will restart and go to the system recovery settings on its own. After that, you can do the process which I have explained in the first section of this post.


use shift+restart to enter system recovery and fix input not supported in acer monitor

Fix Input not supported in windows without display is not easy and pressing keys blindly is another hard task to do. But if you still want to know about the other trick, here is how you can go to system recover settings by pressing Shift+Restart Keys.

Just like before turn on your PC and log onto your desktop.

Once you are logged in completely. Imagine your screen and try to bring the mouse cursor to the start icon.

Without the visual, press the start option and click on the power which is just above the start option.

Now click on the power and it will open Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, etc.

Now, all you have to do, is press Shift on the keyboard and Click on the restart option at the same time.

Once you are done, your Windows PC will restart automatically and boot into system recovery settings. From there, you will be able to use the options I have explained in the first Subheading.

Please watch the video reference to learn more about fix input not supported in windows-

Final Words: In many situations, we do little mistakes that break our computer. But remember, Windows 10 is smarter than you think. It is easy and automatically fixable these days.

If you ever face the problem that your monitor doesn’t show display instead it shows input not supported, try this method to fix input not supported on Windows PC.

Also, you can comment in the comment section in case you need any help regarding this input not supported problem.

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